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On this website you can find information about the European royal families.
There are two main sections:
Royal Families in Europe and Genealogies of European Royal Families. The former section will bring you to information pages about the European royal families with a lot of information and links, the latter section will bring you to the genealogies of the European royal families. All those genealogies are made by me.
Furthermore there is another page on this website:
Updates. This page will show you when each page last has been updated.

About myself

My name is Henri van Oene. I'm born on July 3rd, 1968 in Apeldoorn, a city in the Netherlands. I still live there.
I went to school in my hometown and graduated in 1987 at the Royal Comprehensive School "Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands". A year later I started to work as editor for the publishing company I still work for:

In my leisure time I like to read (especially history and science) and listen to music.

I'm a member of the PvdA, the Dutch social-democratic party. For that party I'm active in my hometown as editor of the local publication. The PvdA in Apeldoorn has its own website.
I'm also an active member of
FNV KIEM, a trade union.

But my main hobby is collecting genealogical material of Royal Families. On this site you can find those genealogies.

Netty Leistra - a friend of mine - and I are writing a book with the complete genealogy of the House of Nassau (the Royal Family of the Netherlands and the Grand-Ducal Family of Luxembourg). To do some research we visited the Land of Nassau in the Summer of 1996. You can read a description of the places we visited made by Netty.
In 1999 and 2000 Netty and I met two other royalty watchers we already knew from the Internet:
Hein Bruins and Verena Denzer. We spent two weekends together in my place. Netty has made a photo report of those two weekends.
In the Summer of 2000 Netty and I went on holiday to Denmark. Netty made a
report of our holiday with some pictures. During that trip we met Martin Iversen Christensen who we already knew from the Internet. Martin has a site about Women in Leadership.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to my site. If you have questions, if you have additional information or if you find corrections, feel free to mail me.


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