Bruce E. Burgoyne, a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, holds a master's degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. His military career was spent mostly in military intelligence, with service in the United States Air Force, Army and Navy. He lived for six years in Germany during which time he attended German language school in Oberammergau and two months of in-depth study, living in German households. His daily duties required interviewing and interrogating in German, which further developed his knowledge of the language. He has taught a seminar course on the Hessians at Delaware State University. He has translated more than 35 major Hessian documents. His wife Marie has a Doctor of Education Degree from the University of Southern California, is a helpful research companion and source of encouragement.

Bruce E. Burgoyne received the American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award for his work on translating Hessian documents.

Bruce E. Burgoyne Lectures

Bruce E. Burgoyne has spoken about the Hessian soldiers in the American Revolution before the American Revolution Round Table of New York, American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia, Delaware State University, the Sons of the American Revolution - Delaware State Chapter, Bayou Wars War Game Organization in New Orleans, La., and the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society.

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Bruce E. Burgoyne's Translations of Hessian Documents

These Were the Hessians - The ultimate outcome of the American Revolutionary War was foreordained when England turned to the European continent to obtain soldiers. Rulers of six small German states (Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau, Brunswick, Waldeck, Ansbach-Bayreuth and Anhalt-Zerbst) signed treaties with England whereby troop units were placed in English service. These Hessians represented one-third of all combatants serving the Crown during the American Revolutionary War. They were good soldiers; however, they may have been one of the primary reasons that England lost her American colonies. They came as enemies, but many became compatriots and fellow-fighters for freedom and the independence of the United States. This detailed account of the Hessian's contribution to this nation's growth includes the Waldeck Articles of War, 1775 (both the German and English versions); and examines the role of women with the Hessian units. Seven color plates and a bibliography enhance the text. 2008, 5 ½ x 8 ½", paper, 244 pp. $35.00 B4193 ISBN: 0788441930 It is available from Hertiage Books as product B4193

Aboard a Dutch Troop Transport: A Diary Written by Captain Ludwig Alberti of the Waldeck 5th Battalion - Bruce E. Burgoyne. Ludwig Alberti was born around 1767 or 1768 in Pyrmont, Germany. He sailed as captain commandant of the Colonel's Company of the 5th Waldeck Battalion in the service of the Batavian Republic (Holland). He then served at the Cape as commander of the Jaeger Company of the battalion, due to promotions and transfers resulting from the death of Colonel Friederich von Wilmowsky while en route to the Cape. The 5th Waldeck Battalion is a later designation of the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment, which fought for England against American colonists from 1776 to 1783. During the voyage of the 5th Waldeck Battalion from Alkmaar in North Holland to the Cape of Good Hope, and during the unit's stay there, Captain Ludwig Alberti kept a diary, which Bruce Burgoyne has translated from the original German. Captain Alberti shares the details of shipboard life, as well as descriptions of his visits to Lisbon and the Canary Islands, and marine life he witnessed along the way. 2008, 5x8", paper, 134 pp. $19.00 B4544 ISBN: 0788445448 It is available from Hertiage Books as product B4544

English Army and Navy Lists, Compiled During the American Revolutionary War by Ansbach-Bayreuth Lieutenant Johann Ernst Prechtel - Bruce E. Burgoyne. This book lists the English and ?Hessian? regiments which served in the colonies during the American Revolutionary War and the names of their officers. It also includes a list of all English ships in the Navy. 2007, 5x8", paper, index, 128 pp. $18.00 plus shipping. ISBN: 0788441485 It is available from Hertiage Books as product B4148

Journal of the Prince Charles Regiment - Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne; Edited by Dr. Marie E. Burgoyne. This fascinating journal begins 14 January 1776 when the illustrious Prince Charles Regiment receives orders to augment prior to marching out of the garrison at Hersfeld, Germany, to begin its march to America, and continues with an account of what transpired thereafter. 2007, 5x8", paper, index, 90 pp. $12.00 plus shipping. ISBN: 0788441493 It is available from Hertiage Books as product B4149

Hessian Letters and Journals and A Memoir - Bruce E. Burgoyne. In 1776, Johannes Maurer, a surgeon in the Treumbach Regiment, wrote a long multi-part letter describing the confusion during the boarding of transport ships at the mouth of the Weser River. Christian von Molitor's letter describes the land, animals, temperatures and other conditions experienced by the Hessian soldiers in and around New York in 1777. Molitor also kept a journal and told of the dangers and experiences of the ocean crossing the Hessians faced as they sailed to America to fight for the British. Johann Heinrich Henkelmann's letter describes something of his life in Nova Scotia after he married an American. The unauthenticated Recknagel diary gives a version of the Battle of Rhode Island. The memoir by Carl Steuernagel recalls his experiences in America in the Waldeck Regiment from 1776 until 1783. Curiously, this memoir also includes an interesting paper written by an Indian chief to the governor of Nova Scotia. 2006, 5x8", paper, index, 214 pp. $20.00 plus shipping. ISBN: 0788438425 It is available from Hertiage Books as product B3842 ISBN: 0788438425 for $20.00 plus shipping.

Revolutionary War Letters (Written by Hessian Officers: : Generals Wilhelm von Knyphausen, Carl Wilhelm Von Hachenberg, Friedrich Wilhelm von Lossberg, Johann Friedrich Cochenhausen, Friedrich Von Riedesel and Major Carl Leopold von Baurmeister - Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne and edited by Dr. Marie E. Burgoyne. This volume is a translation of letters in the archives of the Morristown National Historical Park in Morristown, New Jersey. Senior officers of Hesse-Cassel wrote the letters to the Count of Hanau, the ruler of Hesse-Hanau and the Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Cassel. A few letters are from General von Riedesel, commander of the Brunswick contingent of Hessian troops. Written during the later period of the American Revolution, the letters reveal the victories as well as the growing frustrations of the officers. Communication was slow in both directions; orders sometimes arrived too late and news of the results of battles might not be received for several weeks. After the war was over, there was extensive communication concerning the return of the Hessian troops to Europe. 2005, 5x8", paper, index, 202 pp. It is available from Hertiage Books as product B3541 ISBN: 0788435418 for $19.00 plus shipping.

Journal of the Hesse-Cassel Jaeger Corps - Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne and edited by Dr. Marie E. Burgoyne. By the late eighteenth century, continental armies had adopted a unit comprised of men who were familiar with nature, lightly armed, and able to move quickly. They were also excellent marksmen. To fill the ranks of these units, foresters-jaegers in German, chasseurs in French-were recruited and gave the name of their profession to the units: they were jaegers. Bruce Burgoyne's translation was made from a German language document in the archives of the Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, New Jersey. Where the information was readily available, Mr. Burgoyne added name and unit identification. This document is an excellent, brief summary of the war. Several of the entries, such as the Hessian intelligence concerning Washington's march from New York to Virginia to besiege Cornwallis, the Benedict Arnold-Major Andre affair, and the naval battle off the Chesapeake Bay, are of special interest. The same may be said of the journalist's comments on the steadily improving quality of the American fighting men. 2005, 5x8", paper, index, 218 pp. It is available from Hertiage Books as product B2565 ISBN: 078842565X for $27.00 plus shipping.

Mirbach Order Book: Order Book of the Hesse-Cassel von Mirbach Regiment - Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne and edited by Dr. Marie E. Burgoyne. . The order book is an excellent source of information on promotions and transfers throughout the Hessian army, and provides a picture of the daily life in an infantry regiment. It also reveals detailed accounts of battle plans, drill instructions, disciplinary actions, and general procedures, and follows the Revolutionary War from the Hessian perspective. Many well known British and Hessian commanders are named in the orders, in addition to the lesser officers who were the real backbone of this rugged, disciplined force. The Mirbach Regiment was part of the 1st Division of Hesse-Cassel troops which sailed for America in 1776, and it remained in America until the end of the war. Its most significant role in combat was during the attack on Fort Mercer in New Jersey in October 1777, when the regiment took serious losses. The Order Book ends in 1780 at which time the unit was redesignated the Jung von Lossberg Regiment. 2004, 5x8", paper, index, 302 pp. It is available from Hertiage Books as product B2530 ISBN: 0788425307 for $29.50 plus shipping.

Most Illustrious Hereditary Prince: Letters to Their Prince from Members of Hesse-Hanau Military Contingent in the Service of England During the American Revolution - Bruce E. Burgoyne. Letters (1776-1783) from 26 men, most of them officers of the Hesse-Hanau Hereditary Prince Regiment, have been translated from the German into English by Mr. Burgoyne. The prince of the title was the Count of Hanau. He ruled over Hesse-Hanau on the Rhine River and sent a total of 2,257 men to support the English war effort in North America. (He would later become Wilhelm IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, upon the death of his father.) Most of these letters serve as reports on the troops' activities and situations such as food supply problems, deserters and their punishments, illnesses, recommendations for commendation of exemplary service, deaths, the conditions at encampment locations, pay issues, and the like. Interesting for the direct information they contain, the letters also serve as a window into the correspondence conventions of the time; the letters are addressed to the Most Illustrious Hereditary Prince, Gracious Sovereign and Lord; are signed by each "Most humble servant;" and the writers generally "lay themselves as Your Highness' feet" in an effort to remain in their prince's good graces, especially if they must convey unwelcome news. 2003, 5x8", paper, index, 196 pp. It is available from Hertiage Books as product B2375 ISBN: 0-7884-2375-4 for $22.00 plus shipping.

Memoir of a Hessian Soldier by Carl Philipp Steuernagel. Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne and Assisted by Dr. Marie E. Burgoyne. Published in 2004 and is 106 pages spiral bound and available for $12.00 (shipping in the United Staes included) from Bruce E. Burgoyne. Also available in wholesale lots of ten or more copies.

Notes from a British Museum. About one-third of the soldiers employed by the British against the revolutionary American colonists in the late 1770s and early 1780s were Germans. The greatest number of these Germans were the auxiliaries from six minor states and they were collectively referred to as Hessians, even though not all were from Hesse. Many Germans also served in the ranks of the English army, or even in Loyalist units. The slant is more towards military activities in Canada than in the American colonies. The information is biased towards the Germans in Canada for two reasons; General Haldimand, who commanded primarily in Canada, kept voluminous records that went to England while the Americans, winning a battle, kept the surrendering unit's records and did not pass them on to England. Information discussed includes general background material, the order of battle, the acquisition of auxiliary soldiers, transportation issues, the campaign of 1777, postwar preparations to depart and German stay-behinds, desertions, women and children, and a list of ships. To compile this work, the author screened all of the pertinent material housed in The British Museum, London, England, regarding the German soldiers. This is the first work of this scope to date. 2004, 5x8", paper, index, 310 pp. It is available from Hertiage Books as product B2487 ISBN: 0-7884-2487-4 for $27.50 plus shipping.

Eighteenth Century America: A Hessian Report on the People, the Land, the War. As Noted in the Diary of Chaplain Philipp Waldeck (1776-1780) - Bruce E. Burgoyne. A largely unexploited source of information on life in colonial America is to be found in the diaries of those German soldiers who came to America as the so-called Hessians during the American Revolutionary War. Of all the diaries, that of Philipp Waldeck, chaplain of the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment, contains the most thorough and all-encompassing view of life in America. His descriptions are interesting, detailed, and on a wide variety of subjects: churches, costumes, customs, economics, fishing, farming, Indians, religion, schools, slavery, wildlife, and nature in general. (1995), 2004, index, paper, 191 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "B0252" for $21.50 plus shipping.

It is also available on a CD from Heritage Books as product Code: CD3876 for $15.95 plus shipping.

Hessian Chaplains: Their Diaries and Duties. Compiled and translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne. These ?church books? consist of birth, marriage, death, baptism, penance and confirmation records. They were recorded by the German chaplains who accompanied the Hessian troops serving in America during the Revolutionary War, 1776-1783. Six soldiers from each company were allowed to take their families with them on campaign, which explains the large number of baptisms in the records. Marriages performed in violation were not recognized in Germany, however, those who did so were allowed to remarry after returning to Germany. These valuable records are quite detailed and contain a wealth of family history. The book includes the Church Book of Hesse-Cassel Chaplain Georg C. Coester; Chaplain Braunsdorf's Anhalt-Zerbst Church Book, and Ansbach-Bayreuth Church Book compiled by Chaplain Stroelein. 2003, 5.5 x 8.5", index, paper, 144 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "B2359" for $20.00 plus shipping.

Hesse-Hanau Order Books A Diary and Roster: A Collection of Items Concerning the Hesse-Hanau Contingent of "Hessians" Fighting Against the American Colonists in the Revolutionary War. - Bruce E. Burgoyne. Mr. Burgoyne continues to add to our knowledge of the Germans' participation in the Revolutionary War. Although these auxiliary soldiers came from many different areas of Germany, they were generally lumped together under the term "Hessians." They fought as auxiliary soldiers on the side of the British and against the American colonists who were attempting to gain independence from the Mother Country. Four items are contained in this new collection. An anonymous diary that is believed to have been written by Paul Wilhelm Schefer, Auditor of the Hesse-Hanau Hereditary Prince Regiment. The Order Book of General von Gall, Colonel and Commandant of the Hesse-Hanau troops serving in Canada. The Order Book of the Hesse-Hanau (Hereditary Prince) Regiment. Rosters of the Hesse-Hanau Infantry Regiment and the Jaeger Corps prepared by Colonel Charles Rainsford, English Commissary Officer in Holland. Together these items provide additional views on the vagaries and difficulties of military life in a distant land in the eighteenth century, and identify hundreds of names of soldiers and officers. 2003, 5x8", index, paper, 305 pp. available from Heritage Books as product "B2461", $27.50 plus shipping and handling. Stock number: B2461 and ISBN: 0-7884-2461-0.

Ansbach-Bayreuth Diaries from the Revolutionary War - Bruce E. Burgoyne. A CD - These essential works will provide students of history access to comprehensive, first-person accounts of the American Revolution. These diaries were originally published as the following three books: 1.) The diary of Johann Conrad Dohla, private in the Bayreuth regiment's 4th company, 1777 to 1783 (1990); 2.) Diaries of Two Ansbach Jagers (1997); and 3.) Diary of Johann Ernst Prechtel, a first sergeant, later a lieutenant, in the Ansbach Regiment (1994). Includes Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows. CD-ROM, over 800 pages - available from Heritage Books product code "CD0862", $30.00 plus shipping and handling.

Battle of Bramdywine - published by Bruce E. Burgoyne - includes excerpts from 3 Hessian translations - $3.50 plus handling and shipping available from Bruce E. Burgoyne. Also available in wholesale lots of ten or more copies.

Battle of Guilford Courthouse - published by Bruce E. Burgoyne - includes a diary of a Hessian sergeant - $5.00 plus handling and shipping available from Bruce E. Burgoyne. Also available in wholesale lots of ten or more copies.

Diary of a Hessian Chaplain and Chaplain's Assistant edited and translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne. $4.00 plus $3.00 handling and shipping available from JOHANNES SCHWALM HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, INC., P.O. Box 416, State Line, PA 17263-0416.

Diary of a Hessian Grenadier of Colonel Rall's Regiment by Johannes Reuber (spiral bound) $12.00 plus handling and shipping available from Bruce E. Burgoyne. Also available in wholesale lots of ten or more copies.

The Diary of Lieutenant von Bardeleben and Other von Donop Regiment Documents - Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne. Contains the wartime diaries of Lieutenant Johann Heinrich von Bardeleben, the company Church Book of the von Donop Regiment compiled by Chaplain Georg Christoph Coester, and the regimental journal of Quartermaster Johann Georg Zinn. Contains lists of officers, vessels, camp sites and other particulars of the campaigns around New York City, Trenton and Philadelphia. 1998, c.200 pages, full name index, illus., paper - available from Heritage Books, $21.00 plus shipping and handling. Currently Out of Print at this time.

Diaries of Two Ansbach Jaegers - Bruce E. Burgoyne. The diary of Captain Heinrich Carl Philipp von Feilitsch, involved in the war from 1777 until 1780. His account covers Howe?s 1777 invasion of NJ, the Philadelphia Campaign, the Battle of Red Bank, the Battle of Monmouth, and the 1779 engagements at Stony and Verplanck?s Points. The second diary is that of 2nd Lieutenant Christian Friedrich Bartholomai who arrived in 1779. 1997, 166 pages, maps, bibl., index, paper - Currently only available on CD from Heritage Books as product "CD3917" at $15.95 plus shipping.

Enemy Views: The Revolutionary War As Recorded by the Hessian Participants - Compiled, edited, and with an Introduction by Bruce E. Burgoyne; and with a Foreword by John Gardner. This book presents in translation parts of the whole diaries, letters and regimental records from 34 individual sources from five of the six German states which rented their armies to Great Britain. The reader experiences the war in chronological order, from the Hessian departure from Germany, through the harrowing Atlantic crossing, through as many as eight years of military campaigns, and back to Germany. The information in this book is factual, detailed, often new (not previously published) and told with the immediacy of first-hand experience. 1996, 616 pages, map, index, paper - available from Heritage Books as product "B0563", $48.50 plus shipping and handling.

"The Hessian Collection, Volume 1, by Bruce E. Burgoyne" A CD - Four essential works focus on Hessian participants and their place in the Revolutionary era: *** 1)Canada during the American Revolutionary War: Lieutenant Friedrich Julius von Papet?s Journal of the Sea Voyage to North America and the Campaign Conducted There (1998). A Brunswick officer?s journal, May 1776 to October 1783. *** 2) Eighteenth Century America (A Hessian Report On the People, the Land, the War) As Noted in the Diary of Chaplain Philipp Waldeck (1776-1780) (1995). A thorough, all-encompassing view of life in the budding American nation. *** 3) Waldeck (Germany) Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War (1991). Brief biographies of every man who served in the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. *** 4) They Also Served: Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries (1999). This previously-unpublished work concentrates on the camp followers. ELECTRONIC TEXT CD-ROM 1999, c650 pages - available from Heritage Books as product "CD1123", $23.00 plus shipping and handling.

The Trenton Commanders: Johann Gottlieb Rall and George Washington as noted in Hessian Diaries - Compiled by Bruce E. Burgoyne. 1996 pamphlet, 16 pages, illus., paper - available from Heritage Books as product "B871", $4.00 plus shipping and handling.

CD: Canada During the America Revolutionary War Troops from Hesse-Cassel, Waldeck and Ansbach-Bayreuth were sent to Howe?s command, as well as some troops from Hesse-Hanau and Anhalt-Zerbst, while troops from Hesse-Hanau, Brunswick and Anhalt-Zerbst provided the forces sent to Canada, together with some troops from Hesse-Cassel which were sent from New York to Canada, later in the war. The Brunswick troops, numbering 4,300 men, sailed for America in two divisions, one departing in late March 1776, and the other, including Von Papet, departing 31 May 1776, two weeks after the start of the journal. Von Papet was one of the Hessians ( only 600+ officers and noncommissioned officers) who remained behind in Canada when John Burgoyne began his march against the American colonists in 1777. Though only 21 years old, Von Papet was assigned the important position of brigade major. Because he kept a diary throughout his English service (all the way up to his return march to Brunswick), we have a picture of the military, social and cultural life in Canada at that time. As a very young man in a very demanding position, Von Papet records the inner reactions among his superiors with a noteworthy caution and understanding not to let his position cause him harm. As there is a scarcity of information concerning military affairs in Canada during the American Revolution, Von Papet?s journal provides much-needed insight into why Canada never became a very large fourteenth American colony. 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC & MAC, 237 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "CD3877", $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CD: A Hessian Officer?s Diary of The American Revolution Prechtel was a first sergeant and a lieutenant in the Ansbach Regiment of the Ansbach-Bayreuth contingent. His diary, with entries dating from 1777 to 1783, offers descriptions of his experiences and insight into the war, the military and its procedures, and the places he toured in America. Mr. Burgoyne is a recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Revolution Roundtable of Philadelphia. 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC and MAC, 343 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "CD3918", $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CD: A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution "Johann Conrad D? was a private in the Fourth Company of the Bayreuth Regiment from Ansbach-Bayreuth. He had already served his prince for eight years before he was sent to America in 1777 in one of several German mercenary contingents hired by England to suppress the revolt in the American colonies, where he served five and one half years until 1783." This electronic reprint will provide students of history access to a first-person account of the American Revolution. Johann Conrad D? tells of his participation in the war, the routine of guard and fatigue duties, and comments on military leaders. He provides varied and interesting observations regarding everything that he participated in. Private D? records what he, and other private soldiers, thought was happening regarding the war and the reasons for the war. However, his accounts of events in which he was not personally involved are often filled with misinformation. The text includes introductory materials and editorial notes, plus maps and illustrations. A fullname and subject index adds to the value of this work. 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC and Mac, 301 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "CD3916", $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CD: They Also Served. Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries Names of women who accompanied the Hessians during the American Revolution have been compiled from diaries, archives, and chaplains, ?church books,? a rich source of weddings, births, baptisms and deaths. Most of the women came with the troops from Germany, but some were Americans married to Hessian soldiers. They were known as ?camp fellows,? a term which is often misunderstood to mean that they were women of low morals. They were in fact loving wives, devoted mothers, caring nurses and absolutely essential members of their husbands? military organizations. These names are grouped by military unit and listed alphabetically. Military units include Anhalt-Zerbst, Ansbach-Bayreuth, Brunswick, Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau and Waldeck. Each entry usually includes the husbands?s name and the woman?s maiden name or birthplace if known. 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC & MAC, 55 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "CD3875", $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

CD: Waldeck Soldiers of The American Revolutionary War Of all the Hessian units employed by England during the American Revolutionary War, none traveled more widely than the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. This contingent of men served in the New York-New Jersey area, West Florida, and the Mississippi River area. They were held prisoner at various times in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Some deserters joined the American army and served under George Rogers Clark in the Illinois country. In addition, the unit traveled to Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico, and Nova Scotia. This book contains brief biographies of every man who served from the eighteenth-century German principality of Waldeck as members of the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC & MAC, 217 pp. It is available from Heritage Books as product "CD3878", $15.95 plus shipping and handling.

Georg Pausch's Journal and Reports of the Campaign in America.

Georg Pausch's Journal and Reports of the Campaign in America, as Translated from the German Manuscript in the Lidgerwood Collection in the Morristown Historical Park Archives, Morristown, NJ - Bruce E. Burgoyne. "When England was faced with the necessity of trying to suppress the revolt in the American Colonies in 1775, there were not enough men in the kingdom to fulfill all the English military commitments. Therefore, England turned to the continent of Europe and, following a common practice of the time, engaged organized troop units from a number of minor German states. As a result, probably one third of the soldiers sent to America during the period of the Revolutionary War were German auxiliaries from Ansbach-Bayreuth, Anhalt-Zerbst, Brunswick, Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau, and Waldeck_the so-called 'Hessians.' "These men played a major role in every significant military action during the war....The journal and reports written by Captain, later Major, Georg Pausch, commanding the Hesse-Hanau Artillery Company, are among the documents which are absolutely necessary for a comprehensive understanding of what our enemies faced when they marched with General John Burgoyne in 1777." This volume contains Pausch's fascinating journal and war reports, in translation. Details of everyday life, relations with local inhabitants, equipment, uniforms, food supplies, finances, construction of fortifications and logistical problems are all described in these pages. In addition to recounting military campaigns and engagements, Pausch's journal reveals the hardships and risks of the ocean crossing (a trip which commonly took over a month, and often ended in disaster without reaching land). An everyname index simplifies locating individuals, and the introduction includes a roster of the Hesse-Hanau Artillery company. The Pausch journal has become a standard reference for anyone seriously studying the American Revolutionary War. This new translation contains additional material_the official correspondence in which Pausch submitted reports to his prince throughout the war until his return to Hanau_previously unavailable in English. For this reason, and because there are no other known accounts by any of the Hessian artillerists, this work sheds valuable light on a pivotal period in our history. It is 148 pp. and is available for $19.50 plus shipping from Heritage Books as product "B9531"


FELDJćER CORPS - Von Prueschenk's Company
Hesse Hanau Jager Battalion
Hessian Regiment Prinz Carl
Hessian Regiment von Bose
Hessian Regiment von Knyphausen
Brunswick Regiment von Riedesel
Brunswick Light Infantry Battalion von Barner

German Participation Bibliography from US Army Center of Military History

Society of Hessian Military- and Civil History

German Auxiliary Troops (Hessians) who remained in North America after the Revolutionary War. Registry at Johannes Schwalm Historical Association

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American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia

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