The Tents of History

Part 20. Collections or sites (1st century to the 15th century)

Edited by Stephen Francis Wyley

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Aachen Cathedral, Germany
Art and History Trust Collection
Biblioteca Apotolica,Vatican, Rome
Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Paris
Bibioteca Estenso, Moderna
Biblioteca Marciana, Venice
Biblioteca Nationale, Madrid
Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Genèva - Cologny
Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Bibliothèque Royal Albert, Brussels
Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
British Library, London
British Museum, London
Burgerbibliothek, Bern
Cappella di San Martino of San Francesco, Assisi
Capella di S.Felice, Santo, Padua
Château de Grandson
Church of Notre Dame de Nantilly, Saumur
Edinburgh University Library
Exerter College, England
Galleria degli Uffizi
Gallerie dell’ Accademia, Venice
Granger Collection
Hôpital Saint Jean, Bruges
John Rylands Library, Manchester
Kraus Collection
Kunstmuseum, Kupferstichkabinett, Basle
Leiden University Library
Mansell Collection
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Monastery of the Escorial, Madrid
Musee de Beaux Arts, Algiers
Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo, Florence
Museum of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell
Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences, Leningrad
Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek,Vienna
Petit Palais, Paris
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
Palazzo Pubblico, Siena
Royal Armouries, Leeds
S. Francesco, Arezzo
Synagogue of Dura-Europos
Topkapi Sarayi, Istanbul, Turkey
Trinity College, Cambridge
Türk ve Islam Eserleri Müzesi, Istanbul
Universiteitsbibliotheek, Rijks Universiteit, Leiden
Venice Hellenic Institute
 Zamora Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral, Germany.

1200-1207 A.D. (The Silver Shrine of Charlemagne)

Art and History Trust Collection.

1486 A.D.(Golestãn of Sa’di, The Traveler and the Dervish)

Biblioteca Apotolica,Vatican, Rome.

11th century (Bury Psalter, Canterbury, Christchurch, Bury St. Edmunds)
12th century (Pietro da Eboli, De balneis Puteolanis)
14th century (Lucan, ‘De bello civili’)
1477 A.D. (Master of the Vatican Homer, ‘Iliad’)
15th century (Homer, Works (C15))

Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal, Paris.

15th century (Boccaccio’s Decameron)

Bibioteca Estenso, Moderna.

1450-1460s A.D. (De Sphera, The Planet Mars)

Biblioteca Marciana, Venice.

11th century (Birdcatcher, from pseudo-Oppian, Kynegetica)

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence.

1480's (Bible of Matthias Corvinus (King of Hungry))

Biblioteca Nationale, Madrid.

12th century (John Skylitzes Chronicle)
1350s (Historia destructionis Troiae)

Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Genèva - Cologny.

About 1370 A.D. (Historia destructionis Troiae)

Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis.

First quarter of the 15th century (Book of Hours, "Sanctae Annae Domnum" (Saint Anne's house)) Link to picture

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.

9th century (Ashburnham Pentateuch)
11th century (Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzos)
1227 A.D. (Genoese Annals of Events)
13th century (‘Roman de Troie’)
1270 A.D. (Psautier de St.Louis)
13th century (Henry III landing in Aquitaine with his retinue)
13th century ( Jenghis Khan; the warlord’s tent was always pitched to give him an unobscured view of the horizon)
13th century (Robert de Borron, Historie du Graal)
13th century (Chevalier au Cygne)
Early 14th century (The Siege of Jerusalem) ?
1340 A.D. (Luttrell Psalter)
1400 A.D. (Grandes Chroniques de France)  Link to pictures
14th century (Mongol Court) Link to picture
14th century (Pontifical de Sens)
14th century (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. ms verandas 12559)
14th century (William of Tyr, Saintes Chroniques d’Outremer, The Battle of Dorylaeum)
14th century (The Catalan Atlas)  Link to picture
1418-19 A.D. (Vigiles de Charles VII)
1450 - 1490 A.D. (Loyset Lyedet, Hortoire du Graand Alexandre)  Link to picture
1455 A.D. (The Siege of Constantinople)
1456-1459 A.D. (Avis Directif pour faire la passage d’Outremer)
1490 A.D. (Guillaume Caoursin, Siege of Rhodes, Descriptio Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis)
1490 A.D. (The Siege of Jerusalem. ‘Les Passages faits Outremer’)
15th century (The Adventures of Agravain, from a fifteenth century copy of Lancelot)
15th century (A battery of cannons)
15th century (Jean de Courcy, ‘La Bouquechardière’)
15th century (Jean Froissart, Chroniques de Froissart) Link to pictures
15th century (The capture of Ascalon (Chroniques  de Outremer))
15th century (Chroniques de Charles VII)
15th century (Siege of Arras by King of France (Chroniques de Monstrelet))
15th century (Philippe de Bon, The Crusader siege of Constantinople)

Bibliothèque Royal Albert, Brussels.

10th century (Prudentius, Psychomachia, Physiologus bound with other texts)
Early 14th century (Cassydorus, Siege of Constantinople)

Bodleian Library, Oxford, England.

14th century (Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodl. 264, fol 22r)
14th century (Warriors scale the walls of a besieged city with ladders)
1460 A.D. (Giovanni Bettini, MS Canon. Class lat. 81) Link to picture
1470-80 A.D.( Book of Hours, ‘Priest at death bed’)

British Library, London.

10th - 11th century (Psychomachia of Prudentius))
11th century (Ælfric Pentateuch)
11th century (The Harley Psalter)
1250 - 1260 A.D. (William of Tyre, Historia reruum in partibus transmarinis gestarum (History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea)
13th century (Chanson de Roland)
Early 14th century (Le Roman de Lancelot de Lac et La Mort de Arthur)
Early 14th century (The Siege of Jerusalem) ?
1340 A.D. (Luttrell Psalter)
1400 A.D. (Grandes Chroniques de France)  Link to pictures
1400 A.D. (Bible History of the Jews)
1450 A.D. (Hussite War-wagons)
1453 A.D. (Hundred Year War)
1470 A.D. (The King of Hungary holding a council in his tent on a battlefield)
1470's (Chroniques de Angleterre)
1475 A.D. (The English heralds arrive at the gates of Troyes in 1380 to make a formal request for surrender)
1475 A.D. (The assault on Ribodane, "Life and Times of Henry V ")
1480 A.D. (The Beauchamp Pageant, The Life of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick)
Late 1470's (Jean de Courcy; ‘Chemin de Vaillance’)
1483 A.D. (British Library, Add. ms. 17440, f 13v; Missal, Ghent, 1483”)
1485 A.D. (Beauchamp Chronicles, The Siege of Caen)
1485 A.D. (Historie van Jason (Dutch translation of Raoul Lefevre ‘L’Historire de Jason))
1497 A.D. (The Isabella Breviary, Advent1: Twelve Sibyls foretell the Coming of Christ)
15th century (An early cannon using stone shot ammunition)
15th century (William of Tyre, Emperor Manuel Comnemus and Baldwin II)

British Museum, London.

Mid 14th century (Histoire ancienne)
14th century (Chroniques de St. Denis)   Link to picture
14th century (Crusaders attacking Saracens)
1425-1450 A.D. (Veronese ‘Camp Scene’)
1450 A.D. (Book of Hours of Alfonso V of Aragon)
About 1475 A.D.(The wagenburg of the Hussite Wars from Das Mittelateriche Hausbuch)Link to picture
1487 A.D. (The Siege of Montagu Castle)
15th century (A fifteenth century impression of siege warfare in the Holy Land)
15th century (Besieging a fortress with longbows and cavalry)

Burgerbibliothek, Bern.

1100 - 1197 A.D. (Petrus de Ebolo, De Rebus Sicuulis Carmen)
Mid 15th century (Besieging a fortified city)
1480 A.D. (Diebold Schilling’s ‘Amtliche Chronicle’)
1483 A.D. (Anon., ‘A woman feeds, then mourns her soldier lover) ?

Cappella di San Martino of San Francesco, Assisi

1312 - 1317 A.D. (Scenes from the Life of St Marrtin (St. Martin Renounces his Weapons)  Link to picture

Capella di S.Felice, Santo, Padua.

1396 A.D. (Altichiero, The Battle of Clavijo)

Château de Grandson.

1460 A.D. (Burgundian camp scene)

Church of Notre Dame de Nantilly, Saumur.

15th century (The Savages’ Ball,  a 15th century tapestry)

Edinburgh University Library, Edinburgh, Scotland.

1314 A.D. (Rashid al-Din’s Jami al-Tawaikh)   Link to picture

Exerter College, England.

About 1370 A.D. (Psalter of Humphrey de Bohun)

Galleria degli Uffizi.

1490 A.D. (Jacopo del Sellaio, Ahasuerus’s Banquet) Link to picture

Gallerie dell’ Accademia, Venice.

1493 A.D. (Vittore Carpaccio, Arrival in Cologne)

Granger Collection.

1429 A.D. (Scaling ladders are used to storm the English defences Orleans)

Hôpital Saint Jean, Bruges.

1489 A.D. (Hans Memling, The Shrine of Saint Ursula)

John Rylands Library, Manchester.

1485 A.D. (Camp scene, attributed here to Shãh-Mozaffar, from a Layla and Majnun by Amir ‘Ali-Shir Navã’i)

Kraus Collection.

1493 - 1494 A.D. (Salek b. Sadi, Shahname of Ferrdowsi)

Kunstmuseum, Kupferstichkabinett, Basle.

1499 A.D. (Dorneck 1499)

Leiden University Library

9th century (Concordia ordering the standards into camp)

Mansell Collection.

1480 A.D. (The Turks, having landed on Rhodes, attack from land and sea)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

1455-1465 A.D. (Judith Taking Holoferne’s Head)
1460-1470 A.D. (‘The Story of the Vengeance of Our Lord’)
1470-90 A.D. (The Story of the Trojan War, The Battle with Sagittary and the Conference at Achilles’ Tent)
15th century (Wedding chest)

Monastery of the Escorial, Madrid.

13th century (Cantigas de Santa Maria)
1350 A.D. (Roman de Troie)

Musee de Beaux Arts, Algiers.

15th century (King Minos' retreat after his unsuccessful siege of Athens)

Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo, Florence.

1425-1452 A.D. (Lorenzo Ghiberti, ‘Gates of Paradise’ (East Doors)) Link to picture

Museum of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell.

1496 A.D. (Guilielmus Caoursin, ‘Turris divi Nicolai: et Ecclefia Sancri Antono’, Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio)

National Gallery, Dublin.

1443 A.D. (Anon., The Conquest of Pisa)

Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences, Leningrad.

1225 - 1235 A.D. (Assemblies (Maqâmâ;t) of al Harîrî: The Case of the Lost Mount)

Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek,Vienna.

1450 A.D. (Girart Master, ‘The Storming of Jerusalem’, Chronique de Jerusalem)
1460 A.D. (Bible of Evert Zoudenbalch)
1465 A.D.(King Rene of Anjou, Le Cueur d' Amours Espris (The book of the Heart Possessed by Love)) Link to pictures

Petit Palais, Paris.

1450 - 1490 A.D. (Loyset Lyedet, Hortoire du Graand Alexandre)  Link to picture

Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

1155 - 1160 A.D. (Eadwine Psalter)
1250 A.D. ( Maciejowsky Bible)
15th century ('Lo.s. Conte de turzo')

Palazzo Pubblico, Siena.

1328 A.D. (Simone Martinis fresco of Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the Siege of Monte Massi)

Royal Armouries, Leeds.

Late 15th century (“Die shweizer Bilderchronfen”)

S. Francesco, Arezzo.

1454-1458 A.D. (Piero Della Francesca, The Vision of Constantine)  Link to picture

Synagogue of Dura-Europos.

245 - 256 A.D. (Wall painting from the Synagoguue in Dura-Europos, Moses Striking water from the rock)

Topkapi Sarayi, Istanbul, Turkey.

1370 A.D. (Hanging scene, Hazine 2153)

Trinity College, Cambridge.

10th century (Canterbury Psalter)

Türk ve Islam Eserleri Müzesi, Istanbul.

1494 A.D (Mirak, Teymur Enthroned)

Universiteitsbibliotheek, Rijks Universiteit, Leiden.

924 A.D. (Book of Maccabees)


14th century (The Tree of Battles: the Hundreds Year’s War)
14th century (Titus Livy, Ab urbe condita)
1460 A.D. (Justinus, “Epitoma historiarum Philippicarum Pompei Trogi”)
1469 A.D. (Coronation of Soltãn Hosayn Mirzã Bãyqarã)
1471 A.D. (Frontin, Livre des Stratagemes)
1472 A.D. (La Savlt de Beavvais)
1486 A.D.(Golestãn of Sa’di, The Traveler and the Dervish)
1495 A.D. (Anonymous, The Battle of Fornovo)
15th century (Tending the wounded outside the city walls during the Battle of Jacob on Bir)
15th century (French army of the 15th century)
15th century (15th century tapestry, Tournai Workshops)
15th century (Titus Livy, “Ab urbe condita”)

Venice Hellenic Institute.

Late 14th century (Mythistorima Tou Alexandrou (The Alexander Romance))

Zamora Cathedral.

Last Quarter 15th Century (The Tent of Achilles)

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