The History of Tents

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Extant  Period Tents

Replica Tents

Tents and Encampments
From the 2001 Australian Medieval Conference

The Tents of History

A Collation of Manuscripts and Other Item Depicting Tents From the 1st Century to the 18th Century.

Part 1.  1st Century to the 6th Century
Part 2. 7th century
Part 3. 8th century
Part 4. 9th century
Part 5. 10th century
Part 6. 11th century
Part 7. 12th century
Part 8. 13th century
Part 9. 14th century
Part 10. 15th century
Part 11. 16th century
1501 - 1525
1526 - 1550
1551 - 1575
1576 - 1600
Part 12. 17th century
Part 13. 18th century
Part 14. Unknowns
Part 15. Index by Tent Types (e.g. bell, cone, marquee, yurt, etc)
Part 16. Conclusions
Part 17. Links
Part 18. News
Part 19. Under Investigation
Part 20. Collections (1st century to the 15th century)
Part 21. Bibliography
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