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These tapes are available for purchase! Just email (catwithafiddle@hotmail.com) to order. Tapes are $8.00 each, plus $3.00 shipping. Drop us a line! You can full-song downloads from each album at our Audio Samples Page!


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Ocarina Wind (Ancient Mayan Indian)
Angeline the Baker/Salt Creek/Mississippi Sawyer (DO-si-do)
The Golden Jubilee (Irish Polka)
Black Nag (Elizabethan Country Dance)
Wabash Cannonball
It's Nice to Get up in the Morning
Arkansas Traveller/Camptown Races
Larry O'Gaff/Road to Lisdoonvarna (Irish Jig)
Amazing Grace (Gospel)
Rock the Cradle Jo/Turkey in the Straw/Year of the Jubilo (Hoedown tunes)
Arapaho Ghost Dance (Prayer for Food)
Cheyenne Song of Healing
A-Modal Mountain Tune/Seneca Square Dance/West Fork Girls
Red River Valley
Star Above the Garter/Tenpenny Bit (Irish)
Growling Old Man, Cackling Old Woman/Devil in the Strawsack
The Sidewalks of New York
Choctaw Pleasure Dance
Redwing (Schumann)
Planxty Irwin
Buffalo Gals/Little Liza Jane/The Yellow Rose of Texas
Sioux Song of Thanksgiving

Better Hopes -- For Tomorrow

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Sally Gardens/Maid Behind the Bar (Irish)
Jacky Tar/Gilderoy (Scotts/Irish)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Scottish)
Planxty Maggie Brown (T.O'Carolan - Irish)
The Burning of the Piper's Hut (Scotts/Irish)
Cripple Creek (Appalachian/US)
Haste to the Wedding/Coleraine (Irish)
Liberty two-Step/Dinah/Susannah Gal (Appalachian US)
The Kirn (Scottish)
Simple Gifts (Shaker Hymn - US)
Barrelin' Thro' the Mountains (1991, Liza Woolever)/China Autumn (1991 Andrea Springer)
A World of Difference (1991 L&M Productions, Lyrics by Liza, Music by Mark)
Shady Grove/Cluck Old Hen (Appalachian US)
Gathering Peascods (English)
Better Hopes -- For Tomorrow (1991 Liza Woolever)
The Banshee/The Teetotaler/Come Dance & Sing (2 Irish Reels, 1 English Polka!)

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