Complete Transcripts for Season One

I hope you enjoy these transcripts. They were made directly from personal videotape copies of Murder One. I've tried to make them as complete as possible from repeated viewings. Thanks to the kind help of several people, these transcripts are now complete. The only items missing are the following: some actors need to be identified in four chapters and I need verification that the "Previously on... " portion for Chapter 8.5 is complete. Apart from that, this task is done. As always, if you spot any inconsistencies or errors, please send me a note. I'll post the revised versions when they are completed. NOTE: All the files have been Zipped.

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Chapter 7:Chapter 9:Chapter 10:
Bradford Tatum as ???Lisa Banes as ???Harry J. Lennix as ???
Robin Gammell as ???Lynn Wanlass as ???Ned Luke as ???
Chris Ellis as ???

Chapter 12:Chapter 14:Chapter 15:
Catherine MacNeil as ???Lorinne Vozoff as ???Romy Walthall as ???
Dennis Howard as ???Stan Ivar as ???
Nick Toth as ???

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Chapter One-- [18 KB]
Chapter Two-- [21 KB]
Chapter Three-- [21 KB]
Chapter Four-- [18 KB]
Chapter Five-- [19 KB]
Chapter Six-- [20 KB]
Chapter Seven-- [20 KB]
Chapter Eight-- [21 KB]
Chapter Eight.Five-- [20 KB]
Chapter Nine-- [21 KB]
Chapter Ten-- [20 KB]
Chapter Eleven-- [20 KB]
Chapter Twelve-- [20 KB]
Chapter Thirteen-- [20 KB]
Chapter Fourteen-- [23 KB]
Chapter Fifteen-- [20 KB]
Chapter Sixteen-- [21 KB]
Chapter Seventeen-- [20 KB]
Chapter Eighteen-- [20 KB]
Chapter Nineteen-- [21 KB]
Chapter Twenty-- [35 KB]
Chapter Twenty-One-- [19 KB]

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Disclaimer: These transcripts are presented for Fair Use only to Murder One fans. All characters and these scripts are the properties of Steven Bocho Productions, Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson, ABC television and their respective authors. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied by the distribution of these documents. It is solely meant for entertainment purposes only.

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