Murder One - Season One

This page will only be devoted to the first season.
You won't find anything on the new cast or the new
show here. You'll have to look elsewhere for that
information. But you will find lots of things here on
the original Murder One.

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ABC - TV Murder One Page
(The official web site has expired.)

Angela Batiste's Murder One Summaries
(Summaries and info for most of the chapters.)

Paul A. Coates' Murder One Page
(From the UK, very good episode guide plus lots of other guides available too.)

Kim Devereux's Complete Murder One Page
(Chapter summaries and much, much more.)

Danny Hammond's Murder One Page
(Good roundup of information plus the Murder One theme music. See below.)

Jason Hutchinson's Murder One Page
(A Murder One alternative page -- check it out.)

Kris Keller's Murder One Page
(A very nice collection of chapter summaries.)

Geoff Roberts' Murder One Page
(Just went up but there's more to come soon.)

Television Program Episode Guide Master Index
(Lots of episode guides. 5 separate guides for Murder One alone. Recommended.)


The Jason Gedrick Fan Club Homepage
(Jason Gedrick (Neil Avedon) fan page by Jennifer Lyon)

Murder One Fanfiction Homepage
(Murder One original fan fiction by Jennifer Lyon)

Download the Murder One theme - (8 KB MID)
(Courtesy of The Ultimate TV & Movie MIDI Page)

Download the Murder One theme - (505 KB WAV - Zipped)
(Courtesy of Danny Hammond's Page of .Wavs)

Download the Murder One main theme - (613 KB WAV)
(Courtesy of Paul Coates' TV Guides pages)

Download the Murder One closing theme - (311 KB WAV)
(Courtesy of Paul Coates' TV Guides pages)

Download the Murder One Win95 Plus! Desktop Theme - (1.2 M - Zipped)
(Courtesy of Gionet's Win95 Plus Themes Page)

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