Purple Haze
Graphic Utopia
My collection of anime for your viewing pleasure. Is currently down due to server crash.
Sailor Moon
My Sailor Moon and Sailor Cats Pages with anime pictures from the tv series and links to other pages
Rocky Horror
A collection of pictures, the script, and call lines to the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
The Maxx
A small collection of pictures from the comic book and the MTV series- soon to updated!
Drug Page
Essays and information about drugs for open minded people who don't mind reading.
Picture Pages
Pictures and short bios about me and all my good friends. Come on! I know you want to see them!
All about Emulation
Haven't heard about emulation yet? Find out how to play Nintendo games on your computer!
Justin's Illustrated Bible
My boyfriend's translation with pictures. Maybe offensive to the righteous religious types.
Super Cool Links
Some of the more interesting links that I've found and reference links to the information on these pages.
Friends Links
Check out the interesting variety of pages from my pals. You may even find one you like.
Gay in New Hampshire
Info on clubs, support groups, and events in a state that would rather you die than live free.
Jen Tilly & Joey Adams
Never heard of them?- well then check out the picture gallery of my two favorite babes.

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