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Welcome to the Unofficial Dragon Warriors Homepage. This was the first page devoted to the Dragon Warriors Role Playing Game but is today one of only several.

What Is Dragon Warriors?

Dragon Warriors is a Fantasy Role Playing Game designed by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson and published by Corgi from 1985 to 1986. It consisted of six paperback books and like so many FRPs died an early and undeserved death. Dragon Warriors had an extremely well thought out and logical combat system, excellent magic rules, a wide array of monsters for characters to encounter and was, above all, extremely easy to learn and to use. One of is greatest features was its price. The six books retailed for less than $4.00 (Australian) each, thus allowing people to buy a complete set of FRP rules for less than $25.00.

Why Did Dragon Warriors Die?

In my opinion a few factors lead to the demise of Dragon Warriors. They were:

What are the Rulebooks?

  1. Dragon Warriors: - is the key to a magic world. A land of cobwebbed forests and haunted castles. A land where dire monsters lurk in the shadows of night, where hobgoblins shriek across the bleak and misty moors, where wizards and armoured warriors roam dank dungeons in their quest for gold and glory. The realm of your imagination.

    This is the world of Dragon Warriors: a unique role-playing game in which you and your friends become the mighty heroes of fantasy.

    This first book gives you the essentials for combat, a complete armoury and a bestiary of bloodthirsty opponents. You choose the type of warrior you want to be: an armour-clad Knight, a muscle-bound Barbarian, a tough Dwarf or a crafty Elf. Take up your sword, your war-axe or your bow. Within ten minutes you will be battling with your first deadly foe in a perilous adventure.

  2. The Way of Wizardry: - Invoke the occult powers of another world . . . scatter your foes with searing Deathlight bolts, rend monsters limb from limb with the psionic Steel Claw or Banish them to a timeless limbo, pass though dungeon walls like a bodiless spectre, conjure the razor-sharp Vorpal Blade, hurl deadly Firestorm blasts . . .

    The Way of Wizardry expands the DRAGON WARRIORS role-playing game to include the magical arts. Take on the mantle of a Mystic or spell-casting Sorcerer: more than a hundred spells, potions and arcane magical devices await you and your friends.

  3. The Elven Crystals: - Battle through a monster-filled forest to a lonely well. Scale the ice-covered towers of a mountain fortress. Fight with hideous bat-winged foes. Struggle in the raging surf of a wreck bound reef. Grapple with horrors from the depths of the sea: Finally you will reach your goal, deep in a cavern beneath a haunted island: there an evil priest holds the final fragment of a thousand year old secret.

    What is the mystery behind the Elven Crystals?

    This third book of the DRAGON WARRIORS role-playing game presents three adventure scenarios along with new monsters, magic and treasure which extend the basic rules of the series. These adventures will take you and your friends to the limits of your skill and endurance.

  4. Out Of The Shadows: - stalk night's black agents: the Assassins. Armed with the secret lore of this new adventuring profession, players become the shadow warriors, the silent killers of the dark, who pass unseen and bring death by poison, knife of lethal throwing spike.

    Out of the Shadows presents the full rules for Assassins - techniques of stealth and the martial arts as well as arcane alchemy, mysterious trance-magic and the unstoppable power of the DEATH VOW. Also included in this book are more than fifty new terrifying monsters, special combat expertise and magic for high-ranking characters, and three enthralling adventure scenarios.

  5. The Power Of Darkness: - All around you lie the elemental forces ready to bend to your sorcerous skill: summon lightning from the sky, split the earth so it swallows up your foes, or spin them into the air with a typhoon. The spirits of the Air will serve you, the Earth gives up its dead to protect you, Water freezes at your touch, Fire-dwelling demons dart from your hands.

    You are an Elementalist with power over the Earth, the Air, Fire and Water. But you have not the power of Darkness that hold the world in thrall and which you quest to banish forever.

    This fifth book in the DRAGON WARRIORS series explains how you may become an Elementalist, drawing on the powers of nature. There are fifty new spells and a full-length epic adventure in search of the lost city of Fengil, Prince Of Darkness.

  6. The Lands Of Legend: - are glittering kingdoms full of adventure. Voyage from the haunted ruins of Spyte in the cold wasteland of Krarth to the mysterious pyramids of the blistering Kaikuhuru Desert. Sup with fierce warriors in their mead-halls, stroll through the luxurious gardens of Ferromaine, trade in exotic ports along the shores of the Coradian Sea. You can venture into the steaming swamps of Cosh Goyope or thee icy brine of the Rymchaeld Ocean, seek glory in the dwarven strongholds of Harogarn or in the sorcery-laden forests of Algandy. Risk untold peril for undreamed-of treasure, in a world fit for epic heroes!

    This sixth book in the bestselling Dragon Warriors series presents a complete fantasy world for your adventures. Also included are full rules for Warlocks, the masters of swords and sorcery, and a series of challenging adventure scenarios that will plunge you and your friends into the realms of utmost danger -

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