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Version 1.02, January 25th 1998

I. What Is The Purpose of the List?

This list has been primarily set up for discussion and exchange of ideas between players and GMs of the Dragon Warriors FRPG by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, published by Corgi books during the 1980s. Anything covered by this game is a reasonable field for discussion whether it be rules aspect, role playing, or the geography, politics, and history of the Land of Legend (this list is not all inclusive).

To a lesser extent it is also for the discussion of other related products - the Blood Sword solo and multi player gamebooks also by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson with Jamie Thomson as an additional author, the fiction of Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, as well as any other games related projects they have undertaken. There is no restriction on any of these subjects (subject to the rules below), but the list is primarily Dragon Warriors based and that should be the predominant field of discussion.

Limited discussion of other products and topics is permissible, provided it has occurred logically and has not been contrived.

II. Rules of the List

There are very few rules on the list. Please follow them.
  1. No commercial advertising - by this I do not mean that you can't advertise that you have books for sale. Provided the products are related to the Dragon Warriors game, that is not a problem. But do not post commercial or personal ads that have nothing to do with the Dragon Warriors game. You will notice an advertisement at the bottom of most messages sent to this list. This is a product of the coollist server and is the price we pay for their providing us with a free list service. Because I can't afford to pay for a commercial list, this is something we have to accept.
  2. No chain letters. These have no place on e-mail lists whatever their purpose.
  3. No virus warnings. Nearly all such warnings distributed by e-mail are fake and, regardless, have no place on a list for discussing FRPGs.
  4. No abusive or indecent language. Both of these just lead to massive arguments and flame wars in my experience, which brings me to point 5:
  5. No flaming. Criticism is fine - especially constructive criticism. But do not get personal and do not use inflammatory language - it is possible to say you don't like something without getting abusive.
  6. No attachments to mail. All messages should be plain text only. Do not add attachments to mail.
  7. No violation of Copyright. There is some confusion here. Even though the DW books are out of print, they are still subject to Copyright law. Limited quoting is permissible for purposes of review or discussion - wholesale reproduction is not, unless you have the permission of the Copyright holders.

Anyone who violates these rules may be subject to removal from the list. I don't anticipate that happening, though. You would have to deliberately violate a rule with full understanding of it for that to occur - and you would probably have to do it more than once. The sanction of removal exists but it would definitely be a last resort.

III. Housekeeping

The administrator of this list is Shaun Hately AKA Dreadnought ( You should contact him with any questions, complaints or queries about the list.

This list is unmoderated - that is, all posts go directly from your mail to the list without any human interference. The facility does exist to moderate the list which would mean all posts would require approval by the administrator before being posted but the use of that facility is not anticipated.

Please preface the subject of all new messages on the list with the letters DW followed by a colon, ie:

Subject: DW: Sir Balin, fact or fiction?

This enables people to more easily identify and sort mail from the list. After a message has been replied to, the subject will read something like:

Subject: Re: DW: Sir Balin, fact or fiction?
which is also acceptable. Please do not overquote - only quote enough of the previous message so people know what you are talking about. In particular be sure to remove signature lines and advertisements (unless you are explicitly commenting on them). does have periods when it goes down or does not post messages. Normally messages will still be posted when the list is back up, but if a message you have posted does not appear in 24 hours and you are confident that the problem is not caused by your mail system, please repost.

If you find that or the Dragon Warriors e-mail discussion list are not functioning, please let Shaun Hately ( know as soon as possible, so he can try and deal with the problem.

Shaun Hately (
List Administrator Dragon Warriors e-mail discussion list (

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