by Pat (Sparks) Weier-Nighthawk Commando

Outside the V.A. hospital  9:00p.m.
The black van came to a halt behind the VA building.   Hannibal got out 
and looked around to make sure no one was nearby.  "Okay Murdock, it's 
safe to come out."

Murdock opened up the van's side door and stumbled out into the parking 
lot.  "Thanks guys, I'll catch you all later.  Unless  Billy is 
misbehaving, then I'll have to take him to obedience class.  He can get 
into sooo much trouble when I'm not around."

BA gave Murdock a sneer, than said, "You crazy foo, just how are you 
going to take an invisible dog to obedience school?"  After saying this, 
BA then felt he was going to regret the answer.

"Glad you asked that, big guy.  I'm just going to have to take him down 
the hall to Henry Garcia's room.  You see, that quy happens to train 
dogs.  He has his own school set up.  It's an invisible school for  
invisible dogs."  Murdock grinned from ear to ear.  He knew that BA 
wouldn't like that answer.

"Murdock, are you sure you're going to be all right?" Hannibal asked.  
He was quite concerned.  The job they had just finished didn't go very 
smoothly.  Murdock received a head injury, Face sprained his ankle, and 
Hannibal bruised some ribs.  Though they did get the client's son out of 
Mexico, Hannibal felt that the rescue could have gone smoother.

Murdock flapped his wings and pretended to be an airplane.  "I'm flying 
high, Colonel.  I'm five by five and coming in for a landing."  With 
that, he flapped his arms some more and pretended to fly. He went right 
into the front doors of the V.A. hospital.  It didn't take the night 
nurse on duty to call up some orderlies to subdue Murdock.
[It didn't take the night nurse on duty LONG to call up...]

Outside at the van, Hannibal and Face just stared at each other and 
shook their heads, "I don't know about that boy.  I hope he's going to 
be all right," Hannibal said.

"I don't know about that crazy foo, ever!"  BA said with disgust.  He 
started up the van and they were off.

Face put a hand on the Colonel's shoulder, "He'll be all right, 
Hannibal.  He's had lots of head injuries before and he's come out 

"But Face, on those other times he wasn't as bad off as he was 
yesterday, when we left Mexico.  Remember?"  Hannibal recanted their 

The team had been in Mexico for three days.  By the third day, Face had 
located the hideout for Mexico's top drug lord Sanchez.  They then made 
a  grab for Mckenna's son Michael.  That wasn't enough for the men of the 
A-Team though.  Ridding the country of Mexico's number one drug lord was 
also appealing to them. 

They sent Murdock to fetch a plane out at the 
airstrip, and to be ready for a hasty escape.  Murdock had taken the 
weakened Michael with him.  Michael had been a narcotic's officer, 
working undercover.  He was caught, tortured, and would have died if the 
A-Team didn't get there when they did.  The team knew Murdock's ability 
to scam a good plane was practically nil.  So of course he ended up with 
the only plane that belonged to the drug lord. 

The rest of the group, Hannibal, Face, and BA, took to the task of
 placing explosives in the 
gang's manufacturing plant.  That should put the group out of business 
for a while.  The timer was set to go off during Murdock's takeoff.  
BA, being worried about flying out of there, had set the timer to go off 
too early.  The team had just enough time to get in the jeep and head 
towards the airstrip.  The drug lord's gang set off after the A-Team 
just moments after the explosion.  The gang followed them to the airport 
and to the awaiting plane.  Murdock took off down the runway, after Face 
had hit a distracted BA on the back of the head with a two by four.  The 
drug lord just happened to have a stinger missile that was capable of 
shooting planes out of the sky.  Even with Murdock's flying ability, he 
wasn't able to fully escape the missile. It exploded near the tail of 
the plane. 

The results from that explosion damaged the tail rudder and 
Murdock had very little control over the plane.  Even with all the 
damage, Murdock did make a miraculous crash landing... if you can call it that
Hannibal and Face had been sitting in the back of the plane 
with BA.  After the crash landing, Hannibal climbed into the cockpit.  
He saw Murdock's face all bloody, ashen, and semi-conscious.  They 
pulled Murdock out of the plane and stopped a passing truck.  "We need a 
ride into town."  Hannibal had asked the driver.  Murdock had regained 
full consciousness and refused medical help at a nearby hospital.  He 
kept insisting that he was all right.

"Yeah, but he's fine now.  Look, he's even making like an airplane and  
he still has Billy.  That's a good sign," said Face encouragingly.

Hannibal still looked worried.  "Just the same, I'm still going over 
there tomorrow morning and check on him."  


To the orderlies handling Murdock, this was just another routine 'grab 
and escort to the room,' that they did with him every time he goes out 
on one of his jaunts.  As usual, Murdock was cooperative and wanted to  
desperately get back to his room.  

When Murdock was alone in his room, 
he clutched his aching head.  He didn't want to tell Hannibal about it, 
since he didn't want his leader to worry about him.  The guys had enough 
troubles staying one step ahead of the military.  

Murdock popped a couple of aspirin.  The doctor usually let him keep
things like aspirin, because he knew Murdock wasn't likely to overdose
on it.  The throbbing in his head was getting worse.  When the room
started to sway, he decided it was time to lie down.  The aspirin had
 no effect at all.  

Murdock's headache was getting worse.  'Maybe I should have one of the 
doc's here check me out' he thought.  That thought quickly left his 
mind.  The doctor's would want to know how he  got the head injury, and 
Murdock was not prepared to answer those questions.  He would just have 
to suffer through this alone. 

 Murdock was getting quite sleepy, but he 
remembered what Hannibal had told him.  'With a head injury, the patient 
needs to have a watch kept over him and to make sure he didn't go into a 
coma.'  He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.  He thought about 
calling Face or BA, but before he could get up to use the phone, he fell 
into unconsciousness.


Murdock was feeling pretty good.  Maybe the aspirin did take effect.  
The only problem, he wasn't in the V.A. hospital any longer.  He was in 
a shack that resembled the ones he saw in Vietnam.  'Good God!' he 
thought.  'Oh no!  I'm back in Vietnam!'  A wave of  panic set in.  

He heard muffled voices coming from the next room, but was unable to pick 
it up clearly enough to make out what they were saying.  He surveyed his 
surroundings.   A bare floor, a few blankets on the floor on top of what 
looked like a bed, a window.   Something was odd.  The window has no 
pane.  He walked over to it and peered outside into the courtyard.   The 
moonlight was bouncing off the landscape,  giving him a good view of his 
outside surroundings.  

'This isn't Vietnam!' he thought.  'It does look 
like part of the Asian countryside, but definitely not Vietnam.'  The 
courtyard outside looked very ancient.  Not something one would find 
still standing intact after years of war.  Murdock spied a stone statue 
with some writing on it.  He couldn't make it all out being this far 
away from it.  Murdock gasped as he  recognized the writing. It was in 


The VA hospital.  6:00 a.m.

Hannibal arrived early to the Veterans Administration hospital - having made
himself up to look like an elderly orderly - a mustache, goatee and long black
hair down to his shoulders. BA dropped him off at the service entrance to 
the hospital and  he proceeded towards Murdock room.  
BA parked the van behind the hospital, and was waiting near the electric 
box.  If anything was to go wrong, he would cut all electricity.  This 
would buy Hannibal and Face some time to escape.

Face arrived at the hospital a little after Hannibal.  He posed as a 
visiting doctor, wearing a white jacket and pants.  He pretended to be 
someone  who was suffering from a cold.  Hopefully this would keep 
everyone at a distance.  He walked up to the nurse's station.  "Excus me 
nurs.  Achoo!  I'm docta Whitman, I believe you ave a chart wit some 
notes on it for one H.M. Murdock ere for me?  Achoo!"

"Bless you.  My, you do have a nasty cold don't you?"  Nurse Chapel was 
the night nurse on duty and was just about to finish her shift.  She 
sorted through her files but couldn't find any notes on Murdock.  "Are 
you sure there was something here for you?  I can't find anything in Mr. 
Murdock's chart."

"Achoo!  Well, could you check in doctor Richter's office?  Maybe e left 
tem in dere.   Achoo!"  Face wiped his nose with a handkerchief  he had 
keep near his face.  When the nurse left to check in the doctor's 
office,  Face placed some fake notes, that was in his jacket pocket, 
into Murdocks file.  The nurse returned to her station and told Face 
that she couldn't find anything there either.

"Ah, nurs Chapel I believe?  Ould you check Mr. Murdock's chart one more 
time please?  Achoo!"  Face feigned impatience with the nurse.

Nurse Chapel sighed and checked Murdock's chart again.   "I don't 
believe this.  There is a note for you.  How could I have missed it the 
first time?  Oh my, I'm so sorry doctor.  Here you go.  Do you need help 
find Mr. Murdock's room?"

Face started walking towards the elevator.  "NoÖno, dats okay.  I 
believe I can find it.  Tanks anyway."  Face was glad that was over.  He 
wasn't fond of scams involving fake colds.  By the time he got to 
Murdocks room, Hannibal was already there.


China. AD 581-618

Murdock turned his head towards the door, when he heard the voices 
moving closer.  He looked around the room for a place to hide, but 
couldn't find any.  The door opened and a woman entered.  She was very 
beautiful.  Short black hair, brown eyes, small and thin, and a lovely 

"I'm glad to see you are feeling better.  We were worried about you.  
Her clothes looked like something one would find in ancient China.

"I...I'm...Murdock.  H.M. Murdock.  Where am I?  Everything I've seen 
here so far suggests I'm in China.  But...this can't be.  China is a 
very modern place now.  All of this," he indicated to the objects in the 
room with  his arms, "suggests otherwise.  If I didn't know better, I'd 
swear I was in ancient China. Of course, we both now that isn't 

Mulan looked confused, "Mr. H.M., you ARE in modern China.  Why...we are 
in the modern age.  It's the year 618.  The dawn of the Tang Dynasty."

"Mr. H.M.?  Oh yeah, I could I forgot.  You put the last name first.  
You can just call me Murdock.  All my friends do.  Wait a minute.  Did 
you say 618?  Like in AD 618?  That's crazy.  I must be insane, which I 
already am, or dreaming.  Hey, maybe this is a dream.  If it is, it sure 
is a beautiful one.   And you're a pretty lady.  By the way, what's your 

"Mulan.  I'm Fa Mulan.  Are you sure you're all right now?  You had a 
nasty fall.  We found you outside and brought you in."

"Found me outside?  What was I doing here?  Who's we?"  Murdock felt 
confusion coming on.  He couldn't believe this was a dream.  It seemed 
too real.  He pinched himself to see if it was a dream.  "Ouch!" he 

Mulan gave a little giggle.  "Why did you try and hurt yourself?  You 
are a very funny man, Murdock.  My father and I brought you in the 
house.  You had fallen off of your horse.  You must have been traveling 
a long time to get here from the imperial city.  Are you going back to 
the war soon?  I think if you do, you should travel with me.  I don't 
think you can make it on your own.  Your not a very good horseman."

"What war?  You said this was 618?  The Vietnam war was or will be in 
the twentieth century.  They didn't ride horses either.  More like 
tanks, and huey's."  Murdock felt that he was going to have a lot to 
talk about when he got back to see doctor Richter at the V.A.  "Wait a 
minute.  I happen to know a little something about Chinese history.  In 
ancient times women weren't allowed to fight in the army."

Mulan gave Murdock a sly smile, "Murdock, I changed all that.  The 
emperor was so impresses with my performance in the army that I was 
allowed to stay if I choose.  My boyfriend is already at the wall 
waiting for me to return.  I am going to be leaving tonight.  We 
defeated the Huns once and we can do it again."


V.A. hospital. 6:30 a.m.

When Face arrived at Murdock's room, he found Hannibal sitting next to  
Murdock's bed.  Doctor Richter was on the other side of the bed 
examining Murdock.  "Hey, what's going on?  Isn't Murdock okay?"  

Hannibal looked up at Face, "We don't know yet.  When I got here, 
Murdock was on the floor unconscious.  I called doctor Richter and we 
got him into bed."

Doctor Richter finished his exam with Murdock.  He put the stethoscope 
back into his bag and shook his head.  "I don't know what to tell you.  
He's in a coma.  It appears to be the result of the head injury you said 
he incurred.  As to when and whether he recovers is anyone's guess.  For 
now, there's not much we can do except wait and see if there's any 
change.  He's in no immediate danger. I'll check back here in a couple 
of hours.  If there's no change then, we'll have to admit him to the 
hospital for tests.  I would like to do that now, but there's a 
possibility he'll come out of it on his own.  If you notice any change 
at all, color, anything, notify me immediately."

"Thank you, doctor." Hannibal said.  "How are we going to keep Murdock's 
condition from being broadcast to the staff and to the military?  I'm 
sure someone will be coming by and they're sure to notice us."

"Let me worry about that, and you just concentrate on Murdock.  I can 
buy you some time.  Now I must get on with my rounds before someone gets 
suspicious."  Richter looked carefully up and down the hall before he 
slipped out of Murdock's room.  

"Hannibal, I'm sorry.  This is all my fault.  I should have insisted he 
get medical help.  He kept insisting he was fine, and usually Murdock 
is.  He always seems to bounce back."  Face's face was full of worry for 
his friend.

"Don't blame yourself, Face.  I'm as much at fault as you are.  This is 
my team and I'm the leader.  I should have ordered him to go to the  
hospital.  Stay here with Murdock.  I'm going to go outside and let BA 
know what's going on."  Hannibal said.


China. 618 AD.

After a lot of coaxing, Mulan was finally able to convince Murdock to 
come out of the bedroom.  He was still apprehensive as Mulan steered him 
toward the dining room.  Murdock sat down on the pillow cross-legged as 
was typical in China at that period in time.  Already seated at the 
table were Mulan's parents.  

Mulan introduced him to her parents. "Papa, this is Murdock H.M.. 
Murdock, this is my father Fa Zhou and my mother Fa Li."  Mulan poured 
the tea for everyone.  Her parents began asking questions of Murdock and 
shortly he started to feel a little more at ease.

"Murdock, you have just come back from the front.  Is it true the Huns 
have attacked again?  Can you please talk some sense into my stubborn 
daughter?  She wants to go back there and it's a place to dangerous for 
a girl," asked Mulan's mother.

"Mama, I am no longer a child.  I did this once before and I can do it 
again.  Itís my destiny and itís something Iím good at." Mulan pleaded.  
"Murdock, please tell her that I am very good in the army and I can 
fight just as good or better than any man."  

"Mulan!  It is not your place to talk to Murdock that way.   It is also 
dishonorable to talk to your parents in this manner."  Mulanís father 
was getting agitated with his daughterís insistence.   He knew she was 
right, but he couldnít discount the tradition of several dynasties.  

Mulan bowed to her father.  "I am very sorry father.  I do plan to 
return and Murdock is going with me, so itís not like I will be on my 
own for the journey.  

"Murdock, are you up for the journey?  It is a long one and you were 
injured."  Mulanís father said inquiringly. 

Murdock got up from the table and began jumping up and down, then doing 
jumping jacks. "Yes, I feel great.  Letís go kick some Huns buns."

Mulan and her parents looked at him quizzically, then looked at each 
other.  This man, they thought, does talk strangely.  

After dinner, they prepared themselves for the journey.  Mulan gave 
Murdock  the extra uniform that  her fathers used to wear.   She also 
helped him pack some supplies that were needed for the journey.  When 
they were both dressed, Murdock  was amazed.   Mulan took on a whole new 
transformation when she  put on her uniform, and did her hair up on top 
as was tradition of the Emperorís army.  Mulan then took Murdock 
outside, behind the house, and up to their family's temple to pray for a 
safe journey.   She lit the incense and knelt in front of the idols.  
After a minute or two she arose.

Murdock was busying himself looking the temple over.  "Wow," said 
Murdock in awe.  "Man, this is great.  Are ALL your ancestors buried 
here?  And what do those animals on the top represent?"

"Yes, Murdock.  These are the burial spots for my ancestors spirits.  
The Ďanimals on topí as you called them are our familyís guardians.  I 
just prayed for them to protect us on  our journey.  Come on, we should 
be going.  We canít waste any time."  Mulan said, pulling Murdock down 
toward the stables.

Murdock halted and wouldnít go toward the stables.

"Murdock, whatís wrong?  We have to get going."  Mulan was concerned 
because Murdock suddenly turned white as a ghost.


V.A. hospital medical wing. 9:05 a.m.

After Dr. Richter had checked on  Murdock two hours later he found no 
change and ordered him transferred  to the medical wing for tests.   
Hannibal and Face left hospital temporarily.  Just long enough to change 
disguises, so they could get into the medical wing without being 
detected.   They knew that the staff would have to contact the military 
and Decker was sure to be swarming around.  When Hannibal got to the van 
he told BA to head to the studio lot.  On the way there, they would work 
out the plan to get in to see Murdock. 

The staff doctor, doctor Hams,  was running x-rays on Murdock.  All was 
going well for the first couple of minutes, but then Murdock convulsed 
slightly.  The doctor stopped the tests and checked his vitals.   He was 
shocked!  Murdocks blood pressure and temperature had risen.  He called 
for some specialists on head injuries to come in and have a look at this 


Studio Lot 9:10 a.m.

As luck would have it, and the A-Team was definitely lucky, the studio 
had just what Hannibal needed. His plan was to get the three of them  
into the hospital to keep an eye on Murdock.  When they drove onto the 
lot, no one paid much attention to them.  Hannibal was working on a 
current film at this studio, so it made sense for him to come and go as 
he pleased.  

"Face, you come with me and we'll get the uniforms.  BA, you go around 
the corner, to the right there," he said pointing his finger to the road 
leading behind some fake buildings,  "And get us the ambulance that's 
parked there."

"Say what?  You want me to steal an ambulance?  We'll get caught for 
sure."  BA was beginning to think Hannibal was as nuts as Murdock.  Then 
he started thinking about Murdock, lying there unconscious, and he 
realized just how much he missed the 'crazy foo,' as he liked to call 

"BA, it's just on loan to the studio for a film.  I canít have Face get 
it, because youíre much better at hot wiring  than he is.  Besides, 
we're just going to borrow it for a little while."  Hannibal moved 
closer to BA and put his hand on BAís shoulder.  "Look, I know youíre 
worried about Murdock.   We all are.  So the quicker we get on with 
this, the  quicker we can see Murdock."

"Yea, I guess youíre right, Hannibal.  Iíll get right on it."  BA headed 
for the ambulance.  First he stopped by the van and picked up a few 
tools necessary for his task.

Hannibal and Face made their way to wardrobe.  "Face, letís get us some 
EMS uniforms.  No one should suspect anything wrong with EMS techs 
bringing in an injured man.  Weíll just be bring in BA on a stretcher.  
You create a distraction with the nurses, Iíll look up Murdockís records 
at the nurses station.  Piece of cake."

Face looked at Hannibal with a worried look on his face.  "Arenít you 
forgetting one small detail, Hannibal?  Decker?  Heís not going to be 
slouching around the hospital you know.  Heís going to be on the lookout 
for us.  Iím sure heís going to check out everyone coming in or out of 
there, whether theyíre EMS personnel or not!"

"Oh relax, Lieutenant.  Iíve got an idea for that too.  I havenít spent 
all these years in the film industry without picking up some makeup 
pointers.  Iíll just fix us up with some disguises and Decker wonít know 
the difference.  Thatís why BAís going to be the patient.  Weíll wrap 
his head and face in bandages and cover up the rest of his body."  
Hannibal turned away and began rummaging through the uniforms hanging on 
the racks.  "Hereís one just your size, Face.  Put this one and after 
Iím dressed, weíll step over to the makeup center."

Face took the uniform out of Hannibalís hand.  "I just hope you know 
what youíre doing, Hannibal," Face grumbled under his breath. 

It took Hannibal only twenty minutes to make up Face and himself, so 
Decker wouldnít recognize them.  They met up with BA, who had already 
procured the ambulance.  It only  ten minutes to coax BA into wearing 
the bandages,  lie down in the back,  and to be a PATIENT patient.  Soon 
they were on their way to the hospital to find out how their friend 
Murdock was doing.  The trip to the hospital was a quiet one.  Everyone 
in the ambulance had thoughts on Murdock and didnít feel much like 


V.A. hospital medical wing.  10:45 a.m.

The neurologist arrived at the hospital to check out Murdock.  Murdockís 
vitals were stabilized by the time doctor Drummond got to his room.  How 
long was he convulsing?" he asked.  Doctor Drummond was a tall man, with 
graying hair.  He was in his late sixties and was considered one of the 
best in his field.

Doctor Hams was a middle aged man.  He was a seasoned doctor on staff 
here at the hospital.  In all his years here, he had never run across 
this.  "It was a few minutes.  After I turned off the machine, he blood 
pressure was very high.  His body temperature was also.  This man is in 
a coma, yet is reacting as though there was something going on.  As if 
he brain was very active, but when we did tests on his brain, it showed 
a dormant status."

Doctor Drummond stroked his graying beard.  "Well, lets have a look here 
and see whatís happening to this young man."



China A.D. 581-610.

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed like eternity for Mulan.  
Murdock's face had become completely white and he clutched at his head. 
He dropped down to his knees in pain. "Murdock, was wrong?" she asked 
concerned. She knelt down to him and wrapped her arms around him. 
Cradling him until the pain subsided.

He finally regained his composure and color in his face. "I...I don't 
know.  I felt like my head was burning, but now the feeling is passed 
and I'm feeling much better. In fact a lot of things that were dancing 
around in my head are gone. When I woke up in your home I had thought 
that this was a dream.  Now I'm not so sure."

"All right. If you're sure you're better, then lets get the horses and 
be on our way.  We've got a long way to go, and the longer it takes, the 
stronger the Huns become."

Murdock and Mulan packed up the horses and rode off.  The night air was 
cold on their faces.  They rode up into the mountains and the snow began 
falling.  Murdock couldn't remember being this cold.  He glanced over at 
Mulan.  She didn't appear bothered by the cold.  If she was, then she 
was hiding it very well.  "How much farther is it, Mulan?"  He hollered.  
The wind started to blow and he didnít know if she would hear him.

She moved her horse closer to his and gave him a quizzical look; "If you 
just came back from the front, how could you forget the way already?  
Your fall must have been worse than I thought.  We should be there by 
tonight.  I just hope weíre not too late.  Murdock, I'm so glad weíre 
making this journey together."

"Me too," he said with a smile.

They made the rest of the journey in silence.  Mulan had her mind on her 
boyfriend Shang.  She couldnít wait to see him and fight side by side 
with him again.  Murdock spent the time wondering what was going on with 
his mind.  First he thought this was all a dream, now he was thinking 
that this was all real.  ĎMaybe that fall did do more damage to me than 
I realize,í Murdock mused.  ĎThat doesnít explain the clothes Iím 
wearing.í  They took short breaks and periodically walked the horses.  
By nightfall they were getting close.   "Look!" Murdock shouted to 
Mulan.  "I see the wall.  It appears to be on fire!"

Quickly they rode towards the fighting.  Their adrenaline was flowing 


V.A. hospital.  11:05 a.m.

The A-Team scammed ambulance, was nearing the hospital.  Face was doing 
the driving.  Hannibal was in the back trying to bandage an irate BA
"Get that stuff off me Hannibal, or youíre gonna need it fo yourself."  
BA said, fighting off Hannibalís attempts to wrap up his face.

"Now BA," Hannibal said frustrated.  "How are we going to sneak you 
inside if youíre not covered up?  You're not exactly easy to hide, and 
Decker is sure to be looking for us to make an appearance.  Now come on, 
weíre almost there.  Do you want to see Murdock or donít you?"

"Of course I do.  What kinda fool question is that?  But youíre on the 
jazz, Hannibal and when youíre on the jazz, youíre not safe!"  BA 
started to calm down a bit.

"Now BA, is that any way to talk to your commanding officer?  Lay back 
down and let me wrap you up.  Just think of it this way, at least youíre 
not flying."  Hannibal said with a wry smile.  BA finally laid down, and 
Hannibal was able to get the bandages on.

"Okay Hannibal, weíre just two blocks away.  Iím going to turn on the 
siren now," Face yelled from the front.  

A few minutes later the ambulance pulled up in front of the emergency 
doors.  Face jumped out and opened up the back doors.  He was dressed in 
EMT fatigues, wore a mustache, had on a black hairpiece, and wearing 
sunglasses.  He then helped Hannibal get the bandaged BA out.  Hannibal 
had EMT fatigues on also, along with a black wig with inch think hair 
sticking up wildly all over, and brown contact lenses.  Makeup was 
applied to give him the appearance of being of Hispanic ethnicity.  When 
he spoke, he used an accent reminiscent of South America.   

Hannibal spotted two hospital orderlies standing outside near the doors 
and called out to them.  "Ey, you two muchachos.  You come help us ere.  
Dis man is burned all over is body."

The two men came over and helped Hannibal and Face wheel BA into one of 
the empty rooms in the emergency area.   "Quick, you two muchachos, go 
get de doctor."  Hannibal said as he pointed out into the corridor.  The 
orderlies rushed out.

Hannibal drew a great big smile, "Ah, I love it when a plan comes 
together.  Let's go, but before we do, let's take these pillows and put 
them under the blanket.  Maybe we can make it look as though BA passed 
away."    There was a skeleton hanging on the wall.  Hannibal took the 
feet off and then made BA take off his socks, which BA did with a LOT of 
grumbling.  He then put the socks on the feet and placed them at one end 
of the gurney.  This way it looked as though BA's feet were sticking 
out.  Next, he placed a toe tag on the left toe.  When they were 
finished, Hannibal bowed his head to the table. "May ye rest in peace."  

Face stuck his head out to see if anyone was looking in his direction.  
"Coast is clear, Hannibal.  We can make it to the stairs, which by the 
way, happen to be right next to us."

The three men then quietly exited the room and entered the stairwell. 
They were halfway between the second and third floor when Hannibal 
stopped in front of them. "Face, go out on the third floor and see if 
you can get some information about Murdock.  We'll wait here for you."  
Hannibal stated. 

"Hannibal, why me?" Face whined. "I'm not exactly dressed my best for 
this sort of thing right now.  Just look at me!  I'm just in this getup 
and you expect me to woo the nurses?"  

Hannibal put his hand on Face's shoulder.  "No, lieutenant, I expect you 
to go and page Dr. Richter for us."

"Oh."  Face straightened his shirt and proceeded through the third floor 
door.  He spotted a couple of nurses talking at the main desk.  "Excuse 
me ladies, but I seem to have a problem.  I just brought a patient in 
that was dying but the great doctors at this hospital saved him.  He 
didn't have any family with him.  The only thing he had was a phone 
number for his sweet, dear, old mother.  The emergency rooms are so 
crowded right now and I was wondering if I could use your phone to call 
her.  She'll be so pleased to know that he's going to be all right."

The shorter nurse with the blond hair and a nameplate that said Baker on 
it gave Face the phone.  "We'll just step back here and give you a 
little privacy."

"Oh thank you.  Thank you so very much."  Face smiled at them as they 
left.  He got a hold of Richter and found out that Murdock was on the 
floor above them.  "Thanks doc."

He met Hannibal and BA back in the stairwell.  They proceeded up to 
Murdock's room.  When they got there, only a nurse was in the room.  She 
was monitoring some machines that were hooked up to Murdock.   She 
glanced up as the three men walked into the room.  "Can I help you 

"Yes.  We just brought in this patient and heard that a friend of his 
was here," Hannibal pointed to BA.

The nurse noticed his bandaged face.  "Oh dear.  What happened to you?"

Face interjected, "It's a long and painful story that we really can't go 
into now.  This man here is waiting to see his friend.  Alone if you 
don't mind, MissÖ?"

"Allen, Joyce Allen."

"Miss Allen.  So if you'll excuse us he'd like to talk to his friend for 
a little while."  Face put his arm around Joyce and tried to lead her to 
the door.

"That might be good for Mr. Murdock.  You see, he's in a coma and we 
don't know how long he'll be like that.  Sometimes having loved ones 
around helps the patient snap out of it.  It's believed that they can 
hear you when you talk and feel you when you touch them."  She said just 
before Face rushed her out and closed the door.

"Oh, man.  What does she expect us to do?  Sit here and hold Murdock's 
hand?"  BA said disgustedly. 

Hannibal smiled like a Cheshire cat.  "That's exactly what we're going 
to do BA.  If Murdock knows we're here, it just might help."


China A.D. 581-610.

Mulan and Murdock arrived at Captain Shang's encampment.  "Shang I'm 
back!"  She shouted and climbed down from her horse.  "What's happening 
now?  Did the Huns get through the wall?"  

"Yes," said Shang.  "Who's your friend?" he pointed to Murdock who was 
also climbing down from his horse.

"Murdock at your service."  Murdock did a little bow, then a jig for the 
captain.  "I'm ready to take on these invaders and send them running 
back home like the little doggies that they are.  Just lead me to your 
choppers and I'll have them running scared."

Both Shang and Mulan looked at Murdock like he was loony.  Then they 
looked at each other and shrugged.  Shang whispered in Mulan's ear.  "I 
hope he fights better than he talks."

"Yes, Iím sure he does.  He had a fall from his horse and fell on his 
head.  I'm sure he'll bring honor to himself in battle though."

Murdock was busy studying the cannons.  He noticed some kite material in 
one of the tents.  "Shang, why do you have kites in a war?"  he asked.

"For our victory celebration when we are finished.  Come, let's go fight 
now."  Shang said to Murdock and Mulan.

"No wait!"  Murdock was studying the kites and the cannons.  "If I can 
combine these two together I can fashion a glider.  I can then go atop 
that hill over yonder, fly overhead the Huns and drop the cannons on 

"You are a complete lunatic!  No more wasted time, we fight now!"  Shang 
got on his horse and commanded everyone to follow.

"Mulan?  You must help me.  I can do this.  I know it.  Please help me 
and I know we'll win the war."  Murdock looked pleadingly into Mulan's 

"I suppose it couldn't hurt things.  I know exactly what you're going 
through.  I too took matters into my own hands during the last war.  I 
will help you Murdock.  What shall I do?"

Murdock took Mulan by the hand and showed her the kites.  "I want you to 
strip the wood off these kites.  Tie them together like this."  He drew 
a picture for her in the snow.  It would be the basis for his glider.  
"I'm going to find something sturdy to tie it to.  I'll be right back.

Mulan began fastening the kites as Murdock instructed.  Murdock found 
some wood from the wagon that looked sturdy enough to hold him.  After 
an hour or so, the glider was ready.  Mulan helped Murdock carry the 
weapons to the top of the hill.  Murdock couldn't believe that even HE 
could come up with such a crazy plan such as this.  He wasn't even sure 
anymore where he even got the notion that he could fly.

"Let's hope this works.  You better pray real hard to your ancestors for 
me."  Murdock got the glider situated on him.  He then grabbed a couple 
of cannons, which during this period in history were quite light and 
small.  He got a running start and jump off the hill's cliff.  Mulan 
closed her eyes, she couldn't bear to see Murdock if he fell to earth 
and crashed like a kite.  Murdock had great flying ability and with the 
night's wind was able to stay aloft long enough to fly over the Hun's 
heads.  They didn't see Murdock since they had no idea that man could 
fly.  Murdock lit the fuses on the cannons and dropped them on the 
unsuspecting Huns.  The surviving Huns were startled and scattered as 
fast as they could back to their home.  They thought the demons had 
fallen out of the sky and any army that could call up the demons were a 
force to be reckoned with.  Shang's army chased after them.  

Murdock meanwhile had landed safely on the snow.  He just had the wind 
knocked out of him and was otherwise all right.  Mulan ran up to him and 
bowed to him.  

"Oh Murdock.  You are a hero to us all."  Mulan then hugged him and gave 
him a peck on the cheek

"Ah shucks, ma'am.  Weren't nothin."  Murdock did his best John Wayne 
imitation.  Shang and the rest of the army came up and congratulated 
Murdock also.  They were all talking to Murdock, but he didn't hear any 
of their words.  He was hearing voices in his head.  They were not his 
voice, but the voices of people he had forgotten.

Mulan looked at Murdock and had concern on her face.  Murdock looked as 
though he was in a trance.  She called to him, but he didn't hear her.  
"IÖI must go Mulan.  I have to go back." He said dazed.

"Go back?  Back where?  To your village, Murdock?" she asked.

"IÖI don't know for sure.  I have to go back to my friends.  Yes, that's 
it.  My friends are calling my name.  They sound concerned."  Murdock 
looked down at his hands.  "I can even feel them touching my hands.  
Mulan, Iím sorry I can't stay.  I must go.  I must go."


V.A. hospital.  11:05 a.m.

Hannibal was on one side of Murdock holding his hand and BA was on the 
other side of him.  They were all calling his name and trying to 
convince him to come back from where ever he was.  Face kept a lookout 
at the door.  

"Murdock, come on.  Come back to us."  Hannibal kept repeating over and 
over to Murdock.

"Yeah, you crazy fool.  Get back here before I get real angry with ya."  
BA had the look of worry in his eyes.  He most of all missed Murdock.  
Though he would never admit as much.

Suddenly Murdock opened his eyes.  "Ah, you guys missed me?"  Murdock 
smiled widely.

"No way you crazy fool.  What happened to you anyway?  BA dropped 
Murdock's hand and stood up.

"You don't fool me, big guy.  Nope, not at all."  Murdock tried to sit 
up, but laid back down feeling dizzy.  
"Guess I must have hit my head on impact."

Hannibal had also let go of Murdock's hand and Face came over to welcome 
him back too.  "Murdock, you do remember the accident then?"  Face 

"Of course I do.  It just happened an hour ago.  I crashed my kite."

Hannibal, BA, and Face just looked at him dumbfounded.  "I think you 
better lay here just a little bit longer."  Hannibal stated.  He looked 
concerned at Murdock.  "I still think you haven't fully recovered.  Now 
that we know you're all right, we better get going before Decker finds 
out we're here."

"Hannibal, I have a lot to tell you.  I was in China fighting the Huns.  
It wasn't a dream I was really there!"  Murdock tried convincingly to 
tell them.

"Shut up, fool!"  You ain't been anywhere except in you're crazy mind."  
BA started to leave.  "Come on, Hannibal.  Let's get out of here before 
he makes us all crazy like him."

Hannibal too got up to leave.  "He's right.  We should leave and let you 
get your rest.  We'll be back tomorrow to see how you are.  

As they were leaving, Murdock called out to them.  "It wasn't a dream.  
I was really there.  WaitÖColonel?  Well you believe me don't you Billy?  
Yeah, good boy.  I knew you would.  I wish you could have been there."  
Murdock closed his eyes and hoped his dreams would take him to another 
far away place.

The End 

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