Brenda Barrett

(Summary, up to Oct. 96, from Port Charles Online)

Young, half-sister of Julia Barrett (same dad, different moms) now living in London. Brenda, a willful, spoiled rich girl, is the model for Deception Perfume. She's also a partner in L&B Records with Lois Cerullo Ashton and Sonny Corinthos. Brenda attends PC University once in a while. She used to live with the Quartermaines but in Dec 94 convinced Sonny Corinthos that they should live together. Turned 21 in April 95.

**Sept 96 -- Brenda discovered the partnership between Jax and Tracy and she told Ned and Lois about it. Later on, Jax admitted that he planned a hostile take-over of ELQ but claimed it shouldn't affect their relationship. He tried to explain to Brenda that business was business and it didn't have to slop over into their "real" lives. She said, "duh!"

**Oct 96 -- Brenda went on a national tour for Jax Cosmetics. During a brief pit stop in Port Chuck she broke up a fight between Sonny and Jax in the living room. Seems that Sonny believed the trash Tracy talked about Brenda and Jax's plans for her. Brenda and Jax made plans to get re-married with all their friends/family in Port Charles. Ned will give Brenda away, the Jax family will be there, the Quartermaines, and Sonny will undoubtedly lurk in the shadows playing the pint-sided psycho. Lila convinced Brenda to have her wedding at the Q mansion.

**Nov 96 -- Brenda and Jax prepare to marry for a second time. Just before they enter the room with the wedding guests, Sonny walks in with Miranda, Jax's first wife. The wedding comes to a halt. Jax and Miranda reunite as Brenda watches.

**Dec 96 -- General Hospital's first prime time episode, "Twist of Fate" has Sonny and Brenda come together when he is drugged. Sonny admits that he loves Brenda and she almost says the same.

Dec 96 - Feb 96 -- Brenda's stalking story begins. She recieves annoymous gifts such as perfume and flowers with threatening notes attached.

**Feb 96 -- Jax and Miranda divorce, although she tears up the divorce papers (it's uncertain if that makes them still married or not). Brenda and Jax prepare to go to New Orleans to marry again. Brenda tells Sonny that she doesn't love him.

Brenda is kidnapped by her stalker, Harry, who takes her to the basement of the catacombs and lures Sonny to them. After being shot in a fight for the gun with Sonny, Harry sets off the explosives that he had lining the cave. He dies and they are trapped in the cave. Brenda is going through withdrawls from her pain medication, which used to be for her hip, but turned into addiction, while Sonny faces Deke and his claustophobicness.

**March 97 -- Brenda and Sonny admit their love and make love in the cave. As they prepare to die, Jason is above them, plotting out the exact location of where they can dig to save them. Jax pulls Brenda and Sonny out of the cave. Brenda fears that she may be pregant. She tells Jax about her addiction, but has not yet told him about her and Sonny.

**March - May 97 -- Brenda decides that she needs time for herself to recover from her pill addiction and to decide who she wants to be with- Sonny, Jax or neither. Slowly, she grows stronger, but is still confused about who she should be with.

**May 97 -- Brenda goes to Jax and tells him the truth - that she made love to Sonny in the cave. She then goes to Sonny and they finally reunite and are happy.

**June 97 -- Sonny buys a farmhouse and land in the country area in/outside of (not quite sure *G*) Port Charles for them. Later, at the hospital, Brenda tells Rebecca Chase about Dorman and threatens him in public shortly before his death. Brenda is one of the people suspected of killing Dorman because of this. The police discover planted evidence and arrest her...almost. Before being official taken into custody, Sonny devises a plan that allows her to escape. Their plan is almost foiled when Brenda and Jason are nearly cornered in an alley by the cops. Mac helps them out and lets them escape, for Robin's sake, he said.

**July 97 -- Sonny meets Brenda at the safehouse on the Fourth of July. She had been freaking out at every little sound...for good reason. The "Tin Man" as he was known as, was nearby ready to strike. He calls the police in and they throw tear gas into the house. S&B escape through an underground passage to the woods. They are soon aboard a ship headed to Flordia thanks to Luke. In Flordia, where they believe the Tin Man's boss is located, they don disguises and get into many close...and sometimes comical...calls. They find Tiger Keys and the bar and then at last the Tin Man, who leads them with further clues to the man who has been terrorizing them...

**August 97 -- Rivera is alive. He blames them for Lily's death when in fact it was his own fault. And he wants to see them suffer. S&B manage to escape, only to fall into another one of Rivera's traps. They are brought back to the house and appear to be doomed. In what appeared to be their final minutes, a handcuffed Sonny proposes to Brenda. She accepts. To be continued later...

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