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2/10/2005 - NEW 1973 - A year in review was added to the storyline histories. This contribution was made by Mark Faulkner and was edited by me so it'd look like the other histories here. ENJOY! And THANK YOU MARK!

Denizens of Llanview
A crash course for new viewers on the history of the characters that currently inhabit OLTL's fictional town of Llanview
[Updated 4/16/2006]

Cathy & Jim Craig

Histories from 1988-1997 were written by SandyWeeks

Joe, Viki and Steve / Wanda and Vinnie / Karen, Larry and Merri / Brad, Jenny and Tim / Mark, Dorian and Victor / Ed and Carla / Pat and Tony

1973 - A closer look
Joe, Viki, Steve and Cathy / Meredith's death / Ed and Carla / Dorian arrives into town / Eileen's addiction / Julie, Mark and Dorian

Karen, Larry and Marco / Jenny and David / Dorian and Herb / Bo, Pat and Tony / Asa, Delila and Bo / Viki and Clint / Tina and Cord / Rafe, Samantha and Delila

The Old West / Max and Gabrielle / Tina and Cord / Wade and Mari Lynn / Bo, Didi and Patrick London / The Crown Jewels / Steve and Brenda

Eterna / Larry, Brenda and Dan / Max, Megan and Gabrielle / The copycat killer / The baby- switch / Tina and Cord / Viki, Roger and Clint

Mendorra / Gabrielle and Tony / Tina and Cord / Viki's stroke / Badderly / Bo and Sarah / Michael's death

Dan and Laura / Max and Gabrielle / Jake and Megan / Andy and Hunter / Sheila and Troy / Max and Luna / Cord's death, Sarah's return

Megan's death / Asa, Blair and Renee / Max, Luna and Suede / Andrew fights homophobia / Viki, Clint and Sloan / Kevin, LeeAnn and Jason

Viki, Clint and Sloan / Marty's rape / Bo and Nora / Todd, Rebecca and Powell / Tina and Cain / Cord's return

Suede's death / Viki and Sloan / Dorian's trial / Marty and Todd / Blair, Max and Luna / The serial rapist / The killer virus / Asa and Alex

Viki's multiple personalities / Dorian and Joey / Tina and David / Todd and Blair / Angel Square / Antonio and Andy / Patrick and Marty / Luna's death

Poseiden / Carlo's return / Blair, Patrick, Marty and Dylan / Kevin and Cassie / Rachel's drug problem / Cord, Joey and Camerolivia / Viki vs. Dorian

The Car Crash, Todd's revenge / Maggie, Max and Ian / Andy and Antonio / Mel and Dorian / Todd and Tea / Patrick and Marty / The Cramer family secret
ABC's "One Life to Live" website has additional histories for the years not covered here.

Cast Database
An ever-growing list of the actors and actresses who have appeared on OLTL since 1968.
[Updated 4/9/2006]

Family Tree
A complete family tree explaining the tangled ties of Llanview's families.
[Updated 4/2/2005]

Emmys & Other Facts
A hodge-podge of OLTL related information, including snippets of articles concerning the show's history.
[Updated 7/5/2008]

Bits and Pieces
Intresting facts about the actors who play your favorite characters on the show. Did you know...
[New 5/2/2005]

What has become of your favorite former OLTL stars? Tommy Lee Jones, Judith Light, Tom Berenger ... they're all here.
[Updated 7/11]

The Archives
A fun place to visit; old articles and other information on the history of OLTL.
[Updated 5/31/2002]

Photo Album
Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures. More than 60 pics covering OLTL's history from the begining.
[Updated 12/1/2001]

Sound Room
Blasts from the past of OLTL: Theme songs, memorable scenes and promos. (Wouldn't exist without Mark)
[NEW 7/3/2000]

Transcripts of memorable scenes from the show's past; new transcripts appear on a fitful basis.
[Updated 6/12/2004]

Duke, Kevin, Asa, Bo & Matthew

Discussion Board
Do you have a question about the show's past or just want to do some reminiscing? Post your message here and answer messages from other fans.
[NEW 6/2/2005]

Mystery Of The Week
Try to solve this week's mystery. Good Luck!.
[Updated 2/10/2002]

Help & Volunteering
See if you can make this site better and help me with the updates.
[Updated 7/10/2000]

Adriana, Kelly, Dorian, Starr & Blair

OLTL on ABC Website
The one, the only ... !

OLTL Links
OLTL galore!

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