This is a shrine dedicated to Officer Jenny and her many incarnates. Why? Because she's cool. Because she's got awesome blue hair. Because she's devoted to Pokemon justice. Because she's under appreciated, and there aren't any other shrines to her, to the best of my knowledge. Because I had nothing better to do one day than to make one myself. Here are your choices for things related to my homeslice, Jenny...

Images - pictures of Jenny and her many twins doing cool stuff

Jenny's Profile - although I don't know that much about her besides that she's cool, you can come here if you want

YKYLOJTMW - You know you like Officer Jenny too much when...

Quotes - some cool things said by Jenny and her incarnates

Nurse Joy - the shrine to her sort of 'significant other' in Pokemon justice, if you could say that

Links - links to other cool Pokemon 'single-character shrines' besides the ones here at The Girls of Pokemon

Mail Me - self-explanatory

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