A cleft occurs about once in every 700 births. It is the 4th most common birth defect and the most common craniofacial anomaly. Yet so many who deal with this birth defect feel alone...

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"From the heart" :-)

Hi! Thanks for visiting. This site is all about our son, Sheldon. He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

I started this site a few years ago mostly to show his pictures to friends. Since then it's evolved into my "resource center". I've collected quite a bit of information pertaining to clefts and wanted to have it available to others as well.

We were not aware of Sheldon's cleft until he was born. (We were also convinced that "he" was going to be a "she"!! Surprise!)

It was hard in the beginning. We had never even heard of clefts. But since then we've come so very, very far - in terms of medical knowledge, acceptance and emotional healing.

Sheldon in 1st Grade (Fall 2001)

We are not doctors nor do we wanna be one! We didn't create this site to give out medical advice, but instead just to share our story with others who are dealing with the same issues.

For most parents who are in the same situation - I'm sure they will agree that being educated on this condition is what EMPOWERS them to get the best care for their child.

We hope that somehow, someway we can make the road a little less bumpy for the next family that comes along this path.

I just want to say that ABOVE ALL, Sheldon is a very special little boy and we love him and are VERY PROUD that he is ours.

Aloha, Duane & Kat


Cute picture of Sheldon :) May 1997

This website was inspired by our love for our little guy, Sheldon. :-)


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