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About Us:

We love all sorts of sex: swinging, internet chat (IRC, AIM or Y!), webcam chat, voyeurism, skinnydipping, outdoor sex, sexy photography and exhibitionism. Watching and being watched by another couple is a big turn on for us BOTH. We have no interest in entertaining solo singles for this in person, so please don't ask!

We met for the first time on December 27, 1998. To most of you that means we were in the same place at the same time. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. We met in a cybersex video chat conference room on the internet. Yes, we are two of those weirdoes. We spent a LONG time just being friends. We shared our thoughts and dreams and one of us (or both of us) avoided the obvious and wouldn't say YES to meeting in person. On June 9, 2001 at the restored Revolutionary War Village at Waterloo New Jersey we finally met. It was kismet and we have been inseparable ever since. We were married in May 2002.

Hoople: Straight, 6 feet, 235 pounds, 7 inch and circumsized;
hotdi: bisexual, 5 foot 6 inches, BBW, 38DD and shaved.

An apology of sorts --- We're sorry if some parts of this site seems a bit harsh. We've been 'on the scene' for a while and have had to answer TOO MANY inquiries from a LOT of people. After much communications they discover that we weren't the persons they were seeking.

We're looking for:

Fun times 'out on the town' (dinner, drinks, sexy play and more) with other like minded couples ONLY! Solo single guys PLEASE do NOT contact us for 3somes as we will only turn you away. When we swing we prefer that the woman is bisexual as hotdi and I both love the play that results of it. When required hotdi can be straight for ladies that find bisexual action unpleasant. Some of our best swinging experiences have been as a sixsome (3 couples together - MMM/FFF) at a swing club/party with friends. We enjoy some lighter kinks too like: sexy photography (non-close-ups), sex in the great outdoors and nights out where the 'action' is in view, loving and playful (not x rated) at local eateries.

We want to try at some point in the future hotel room exhibitionism. Pee play and or pee voyeurism is a strong interest of ours we might like to include our trusted swinging friends in on. We want to try 'Same room' (or blanket outdoors) sex again with other couples that doesn't necessarily end up in swinging play. hotdi wants to try to do this again at our local nude beach this fall. We tried it once in Vermont at the nude beach there and it was hot!

What we've done in the past or still do:

Webcamming: CU-SeeMe and IRC is where we met! Lately we've been hanging out in various jmeeting.com video chat rooms. In Jmeeting we hang out in the MarriedAndFlirting and/or OutlawRadio 'R' rated room. In PalTalk we used to go into the 'Group' called Adultry Bar On The Bay Open 24 Hours or Perv to Please Meeting House. Web Browser Cam Occasionally while chatting on the internet we have our webcam on for all to see! This one doesn't require a direct connection to you, allowing upload of the image to a web site of your choice.

Newsgroups: We take many nude pictures of ourselves and then post them to the alt.binaries.pictures.personal.moderated newsgroup and a few other places.

Skinny dipping aka Nude Swimming: We love the inland nude swimming holes and the shade they provide, both for health and sexy fun.

Adult Book Stores: We have explored a few in upstate New York and some locally in southern New Jersey. We have a listing of New Jersey and a new one for the Philly area ABS's. In one hotdi's first experienced a "Buddy Pane" that allowed the person in the next booth to see into ours but not allowing for touch. Some booths have "Glory holes" or "buddy doors" or buddy booths. Other play that can happen is leaving one's booth door unlocked and waiting for a playmate to arrive. Most guys hope this is on the other side of the hole, but reality is most are male. Be sure to read the Glory Hole FAQ. Hoople moderates in moviethonp0rnobility, NJ_DE_PHILLY_COUPLES_ONLY, NJ_DE_PHILLY_NO_STRINGS_FUN and owns GeminiAdultBookStore Yahoo! groups and we regularly paticipate in many others. A first pass on a MovieThon Adult Books Store (Union NJ) Frequently Asked Questions.

Strip Clubs: We have gone together to several in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Canada. Right off we let the dancers know that hotdi is kewl with them paying attention to us, to the point that hotdi does all the tipping and she gets touches and naughty little words whispered to her by them. In Canada there are some unusual methods of tipping: one lays on their back onstage with the tip folded in your mouth. The dancer extracts the tip with her body (not her hands) from you. Hoople prior to meeting hotdi had gone to some in New York State, NYC and in quite a few in Pensylvania. Another good website for these clubs is TUSCL, The Ultimate Strip Club List. It had been free but now is pay, sorta. If you provide a club review they let you in for 30 days.

Amtrak: We try to get at least one Blow Job in per trip. Yes, other people are in the same car nearby, sometimes only two seats away! Here's di just after the BJ in her famouse Amtrak phonebooth flash.

Outdoor play: Sex, light play and photo shoots in the great outdoors in remote areas of local parks. Another Yahoo group also covers this subject.

Flashing: A lot of truckers and railroad freight train crews on the NJ have probably seen hotdi flash. Here's a short story with pictures about a flash at CVS. Bar fun: Lately we've been spending Saturday nights at a local mid level eatery (chain) playing trivia while chatting with each other (I know, an odd thing for a married couple to do!) and occasionally groping hotdi in a PG-13 rated manner.

Swinging: Like you didn't know by now? LOL!!! We have this site and an ad on http://www.swinglifestyle.com/ as hooplenhotdi. We'll be posting more of our favorite swinging kinks like this one of Hoople's (two women sucking him).

swinger 'orientation' meetings: We have on occasion done "G" rated meetings with couples about to explore swinging when they need questions answered by experienced 'real' people.

OUR definitions and a rule or two:
What we don't want:

To most that have read fully the above this section may seems redundant, but there are some solo single guys that somehow feel that they still have a chance of sorts as they feel they still 'fit' our requiremnts.

Threesomes - NO!

Gang Bangs - NO!

Drugs - NO!

BDSM - nope, wrong couple!

Heavy smokers - NO!

Heavy Drinkers - NO! as it's kinda difficult to get a hardon when your trashed! We are social drinkers but do socialize with non-drinkers as well.

No Transvestites, Cross Dressers or Transsexuals - Sorry, you're just not our thing!

Links: Here's a few that didn't seem to fit anywhere else, although we admit the above paragraphs are packed with them!

Yahoo Groups Many Yahoo! sex related groups exist, unfortunately many are not included in their index. Resources such as Adult Group Finder and GroupOS and Adult eGroups Café all of which are free, bridge this gap nicely. Avoid any pay 'group finder' services as they are just not worth it. Once you find a few Y! Groups to your liking asking in these groups will yield help from others with like interests. A list of our places and Y! Groups that we follow is here.

We just started a jokes page too.

Using Yahoo! for your sexy mails and wish you could use the same program as the rest of your e-mail??? We found a great program for this called YahooPOPs! that works pretty good.

Swinging Information: More information on swinging can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions and our Reading Room page.


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