Cedar Hollow Hollands (Previously HopAlong Gem State Rabbitry) is located in the South Eastern corner of Idaho and it is owned and operated by Aubree Winters with help from my mother April Winters. We currently breed Holland Lops with a few BEW Netherlands on the side. I mostly have the classic tort in my barn as it is my favorite, but I do also have sable points, orange, and black in my herd. My main lines are Ormond, Wardlow,Belekonny, Feld, and Zemny. I hope you enjoy the site and my herd photos!!
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2004 HL nationals results.
TF Nitro  was 11th in the BSB class.
My other placings were:
14th SSB
21st SSB
20th BSD
In the day after nationals show we had
9th SSB
You can contact me at reesworld@hotmail.com
News : My husband and I purchased a 7 acre hobby farm named Cedar Hollow Farms in Blackfoot Idaho. The new rabbitry name will be Cedar Hollow Hollands. The bunnies will be moving into a much larger barn at the new house and I will hopefully be increasing the number of holes to between 70-80.
Updated on 7-19-05
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Current News
Sorry for the long wait on updates for my website. I have been extremely busy with college (majoring in Biology) and my wedding which took place on June 11, 2005.
However, I am still breeding hollands and I always have show, breeding, and pet stock available.
I currently have 23 babies in the barn and so will have tons of awesome hollands for sale in the next month. Ormond, Feld, Wardlow, Belekonny lines.
HopAlong's Moxie- SSD - 6 GC legs