Journey to Conception and Beyond...
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December 2004
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This is our story of trying for another baby, it includes loss and heartbreak and success!
After almost 4 years of secondary infertility, and losing 2 babies, we are pregnant again.
I find myself scared out of my mind, yet filled with hope at the same time!
Here is how we found out!
On April 13th, we went up into the mountains with a friend, to take some family photos. On the way back down, I started feeling real gaggy. Interesting, I thought.
Then on April 15th, Chuck, Charlie and I went out to eat brunch at Duffies Bluff, our favorite cafe.
When we walked in, I gagged from the smell of bacon and sausage frying, and commented to Chuck about it. We ordered. I ordered a breakfast without meat. And I didn't finish it, which was unusual.
Then we went to the bank to open a savings account for Charlie, while there, I just didn't feel right, my stomach felt quite queasy.
I started thinking about everything, the gaggyness, the late cycle, and my breasts were super sore.
So when we got home, I took out an Answer brand Home Pregnancy Test, and took it.
I set it on the bathroom counter and went and got online. About 5 minutes later, I remembered that I needed to read it.
So into the bathroom I went, fully expecting to see a negative.
I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!
So I took it into the bedroom to Chuck and asked him, "what do you see here?"
He said "I see 2 lines."
I looked at him.
He asked, "what does that mean?"
I said "it means YES"
And he just smiled the biggest smile ever and we just stared at each other!
It was such a happy moment!
So of course, I had to test again the next day, April 16th. Another positive.
I tested again on April 19th, another positive.
Ok, so most people would stop there and be confident they are pregnant.
Not me.
I did another test on April 27th, and this one turned pink and positive before I could even set the thing on the counter!
So I finally believe.
Our families are pretty excited for us, and lots of prayers are going up for this baby!
Praying that this is our sticky baby until December, and that when the time comes for delivery,
that the baby is perfect and healthy!

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