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Hopewell DD 681
Duke of Wonsan

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 1951 Recommissioning

'51 Combat Summary

2nd Captain & Ex

Our Officers

DesDiv 152

Our Chiefs

Korean Service Medals

All the Crew

Cruise Chart

Ship Departments

Our Korean Shipmate

Cruise Story

Snap shots various Crew members

1952 Crew Muster

Member Wonsan Yacht Club

“You just can’t beat the boys in [the] Division... 65 percent of them were re-activated veterans of World War II with destroyer experience, and the new men have adapted themselves excellently to life aboard a destroyer. We have men from 35 states and they have their little differences when it comes to bragging about their respective birthplaces, but when it comes to working together under battle conditions, they’re an unbeatable bunch.” says James B Hildreth, Captain

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