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Some Wonderful Gift Ideas:

Send a card to the rescue with your gift of $1.00, $5.00, 0r $10.00 enclosed. Every gift will be used to help rescue horses and most of all to fund the immediate surgery and extended care Benny needs.

01 Benny ( A colt that needs help)

02 Benny

03 Benny

04 Benny (All the Photographs. A Must See Page)

05 More Rescued Horses

06 Did You Know? (Equine Tivia for Beginners)

07 Poor Owners Equine Wound Care (Call a Vet When Possible!)

08 Upcoming

09 Upcoming

10 Upcoming

11 Upcoming

12 Upcoming

12 Upcoming

13 Upcoming

14 Upcoming

15 Upcoming

16 Upcoming

Animals in Distress

Animals in Distress, 24 hour animal rescue
Animals in Distress, 24 hour animal rescue

This equine (horse) rescue is a non-profit organization. We are a 501C corporation dedicated to our rescue projects and the continued welfare of our animals. We have been involved in equine rescue for a combined time period of 20 years.

Horse rescue is the only real hope for many unwanted, abused, and neglected horses.

Please support equine rescues and other quality animal rescue organizations.

The fate of these animals is in all of our hands. No one person or organization can fund everything that is desperately needed for these creatures without help from outside sources.

Please donate your gifts and/or funds responsibly.

If human beings united to aid animal rescues and other worthy causes: Do you know exactly how much of a potentially positive impact everyone could have in helping rescues like ours? According to the United States Census Bureau, updated on 05/23/2003, there are an estimated 291,039,834 people living in America today and another 6,294,441,693 estimated to be living in all countries combined! This number is astounding, especially to someone running a self-funded non-profit equine rescue. I can't help but contemplate what a miracle it would be if half of the United States population sent a gift card containing only $1.00 per person to my rescue. Then I wonder what would happen if 100% of the population picked out twelve of their favorite causes and sent each cause a gift card containing $1.00. The result could be that 12 different chosen charities, rescue organizations or research causes find themselves receiving a significant portion of the possible sum total of $291,039,834 EACH!!!!!!!! Moreover, these are likely primarily funds from a massive number of people who do not typically donate -- possibly because they believe they can't really do anything to help out. Then, I've even considered what would occur if close to 100% of the world wide population donated funds in this manner.
The individuals providing these $1.00 gifts to those twelve causes would have spent only a total of $12.00 a piece. Most of us can afford a $12.00 monetary loss or gift per year. A horse rescue such as mine does not require anything near $291,039,834. It also does not require 50% of this staggering sum. Truly, for $2,500 Benny could be saved. For $20,000 total per year many other horses could receive vital care. For $100,000 per year the capability of my rescue would absolutely sky rocket. Anything significantly greater than this dedicated to equine rescue solely would result in the rescue of hundreds of horses per year. However, so few realize the tremendously positive impact they could have on animal rescues, charities and research causes. Why is this?
Of coarse, I'm a dreamer and I don't really expect so many people to donate funds to any rescue organization! Still, it's important to realize that we can make a difference and we don't necessarily have to be wealthy to do so.

Please feel free to contact us at email:
Or postal mail at: Whigmaleerie Press (a small home based poetry press)
In Care of: Pamela Groot
P.O. Box 5441
Goodyear, Arizona 85338 USA
Phone number: (623) 393-0324.