clipart of man scratching his headHow can I comfortably care for the dying patient?

Practical Ideas and Interventions

Listening with all 5 senses
Respect the patient and family wishes
Assist in Life Review
Follow their lead
Share that death is natural
Consider religious and cultural preferences
Understand rather than be understood
Focus on the "now"
Explore family issues
Give permission to "let go"
Encourage "good-byes"
Assess for guilt


Five Stages of Grief
(for patient's and loved ones)
(for patient's and loved ones)


Remember that these stages do not necessarily happen in 
the order listed and are often repeated.  This is normal!


Ways to Encourage People to Open Up

Believe what your patient/family tell you
Acts of kindness and compassion
Reflect that you HEAR how they feel
"What would you do?"
"Big Talk" starts with "Small Talk"
Difficult Topics
Specific and direct questioning
Scary questions
Avoid changing the subject
Life review
Neutral Questioning


Taking Care of Yourself

Pat yourself on the back
Engage in stress release activities
You don't have to know it all
Avoid second guessing
Be real - be yourself
You can not take away their pain
"Do Nothing"
You made a difference



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