On the Right Hand of God
A Partial History of the Sacred Fungi




Part One
    The Fungus Among Us

Part Two
    The Written Word

Part Three
    Naked in the Desert


jim cranford Written by jim cranford

OTRHOG was originally published by Highroad Publications in 1982.
OTRHOG was featured in a three part series on Public TV in Tucson, Arizona in 1985.

This web version has been revised and updated to include new information and links to other sites with more astounding fungi facts.

Trippy Fungi

In the spring of 1977 I had an extraordinary "magic mushroom" experience that turned my world upside down. The information presented to me during the experience shattered my world view and left me in a strange land without a map, compass or rudder. In self defense I was forced to study the experience itself and the species that caused it in great detail. I found that I wasn't alone. Many people throughout history have had similar experiences. I guess I had become a mushroom detective. I found I wasn't alone there either. Lots of folks have been digging into this business from different angles for years. The evidence uncovered will blow your mind. It seems that we humans have been involved with these trippy fungi for a long, long time. This is not just an interesting trivial factoid, but one of the most important discoveries of all time. The implications of such revelations are herein to be explored.

No Axe to Grind

Everything you have been taught in your life has been taught you for a reason... someone else's reason. Every scientific "fact", every handy health hint, every religious commandment, every political proclamation, has been taught to you because someone wanted you to believe it was true. That someone usually has had an axe to grind and no special reason to be truthful. I have NO axe to grind, no book nor video to sell, no speaking tours, no editor or sponsor to please, etc. I don't care if you believe this stuff or not. There's no organization to join or hat being passed.

I've pieced this tale together from many sources; books and magazines found in public libraries, at newsstands and donated by friends, and of course, my personal experiences. It was put here to get it off my chest, as well as jiggle your jello. I welcome comment.

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