On the Right Hand of God
A Partial History of the Sacred Fungi




Part One
    The Fungus Among Us

Part Two
    The Written Word
    Tree of Life
    Pissed off Warriors
    Cults, Secret Societies & Hellfire
    Saints, Superheroes & Chimneysweeps

Part Three
    Naked in the Desert

In Part Two, we continue our probe into dangerous territory... besides more religion, drugs, and cannibalism we are going to talk about the roots of words and other forbidden subjects.

We'll find out how the dirty words he found on clay tablets thousands of years old cost John M. Allegro his career.

We'll learn about a village in France that overdosed on the ergot bread and had the ultimate bum trip.

We'll look for fungus connections to the Tree of Life, the Garden of Eden and other myths.

Then we probe the roots of popular tradition, exposing Santa Claus, Superman and Mary Poppins as thinly disguised mushroom deities.

We'll find out what the Zealots at Masada and Charlie Manson and his "family" have in common.

Hang on, it's a wild ride.

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©2005 jim cranford