A word about 'Birth control'

I'm sure all women considering accutane are getting sick of being told this, but accutane and pregnancy DO NOT MIX!! Before you are given your medicine, you are required to sign a form stating that you are not pregnant, and will use a reliable form of contraception during and for one month after treatment.

Even if you're a virgin, you are quite likely to be prescribed the pill, even if you have no intention of becoming sexually active. I certainly had no luck pursuading my consultant! In the UK, contraceptives prescribed by a doctor are free, so at least you don't have to worry about extra expense!

I think the pill is generally the preferred method, so you may have to start taking it even if you already use a different method.

I was first prescribed the dianette contraceptive pill to try and control my acne, and at the time thought nothing of it. I was, in fact, completely unaware of the various concerns, myths, dangers, call tham what you will, associated with the pill.

It was not until I had to make a decision about roaccutane that I came across these stories, and only then because they were pointed out to me by my boyfriend! I became very concerned about the possible damage these pills were doing, and determined to come off them as soon as possible. As I was about to begin a new acne treatment, I didn't think there would be a problem with this. I was not relying on the pill for contraceptive purposes - as I hinted above, I intend to save myself for my wedding night! My dermatologist was, perhaps understandably in view of the possible consequences, unconvinced, so despite my misgivings I continued with the pill for the sake of my skin.

There are arguments for and against the pill all over the web, some rational and scientific, others over emotional, obviously trying to sell you something, or even downright barmy! I would suggest you check them out for yourself - there are some links to get you started on my useful links page as well as information about other forms of contraception.

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