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The original purpose of this page was simply to publish my experience of taking the drug roaccutane. You don't have to look far to find out about the dreadful side effects of this drug, but no-one seemed to have anything good to say about it - at least not so you'd notice. This is perhaps a good example of the well known fact that if something bad happens, the whole world gets told about it, but if something good happens, we keep it to ourselves. This site was originally an attempt to redress the balance a little, and show it isn't all bad news. I know how easy it is to get discouraged by only hearing bad things, rather than "normal experience".
Once I started work on the site I decided to pad it out a bit with other information and a guestbook - which has grown to prodigious proportions! Then the email started to arrive - people from all over the world with comments and ideas. This major update is largely due to their encouragement and suggestions.
The content of this site is no more than suggestions and opinions. Please don't think it's a substitute for the knowledge and wisdom of a doctor, nutritionist or any other trained practitioner.
Finally, I would like to say two things, in the most emphatic typeface possible:
1. Roaccutane is a very nasty drug! It has many unpleasant side effects, and is not neccesary in every case. Try less drastic remedies first!
2. There is no such thing as a guaranteed acne cure! Different things work for different people, you just have to try them out!

Anything that is stated as fact comes from what I hope are reliable sources, which you can see for yourself by looking at the "useful links". If something is just my personal opinion, I've said so. I hope that considering my experience in this area, you will find these opinions helpful.

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