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About Acne

The New Zealand Dermatological Society's information page on acne.
A page specifically aimed at teenagers, with more links.

About Roaccutane

Technical information about isotretinoin. This is not light reading, but tells you about side effects etc.
Try the newsgroup

About Other Treatments

Technical information on:
See also my own information page,
or the New Zealand Dermatological Society's page.

Personal Homepages

Richard's acne page.
Larry Thiele controlled his acne with a strict diet.

About Contraception

Information about different methods of contraception

Books from

The Good Skin Doctor : A Dermatologist's Survival Guide to Acne. Dispelling myths and introducing many useful treatments in an easy to read style.
The Beauty Bible : From Acne to Wrinkles and Everything in Between. Tackles many skin care issues including many related to acne.
Overcoming Acne : The How and Why of Healthy Skin Care. Describes how pimples form, discusses the causes of acne, self-treatments, when to see a doctor, and outlines of strategies to limit or prevent acne.
The Good News About Women's Hormones by Geoffrey Redmond,M.D. Comprehensively explores the relationship between hormones and adult acne. Full review on this site!
Acne Try Nature's Remedy

If you read any of these books, or any other books on acne, please let me know how you rate them!

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Please let me know if you know of other useful links, or have a page of your own that could go on this list.

If you don't feel up to all this serious acne research at the moment, why not bookmark this page, read some funny stuff then come back later!

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