Welcome to the Acne and Roaccutane website.

These pages have been written for people who want find out about acne, in particular the drug roaccutane (accutane/isotretinoin). They include my own experiences, information and links to recommended sites.

What you can find on this site
Introduction to the site
My experience of acne
My experience with Roaccutane
About contraception
A collection of "Acne cures"
Help! - Dealing with the psychological effects of acne, for young people.
Other Peoples Acne Experiences Plus Discussion Archive
Archives of the old guestbook
Useful links and books

Amazon.com has lots of books about skin care and some on acne. Have a quick search to see what you can find! (UK visitors may prefer to try Amazon.co.uk).

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Thanks go to Alastair Soles for his help with this site.
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