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# 1-1-379/172.Ashok Nagar Main Road,
Hyderabad-500 020.
we deal in all types of Tops,Uppers,& underwear garments of following brands: Pepe Jeans,Killer Jeans,Adidas,Reebok,Sprandy,Puma,Oxemburg,
Lawman,Carcon,Tulip,White house,Levis,Chromzone,Swicher,Jockey,Hena,
Sturdy,Converse,Dixy, Sports,Race Tshirts,Coper Store,Mentor,State Express, Mtv etc
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Dressing Tips
What should a shopper look for when buying a "bargain"? Check the merchandise carefully. Is it well constructed? Are the seams stitched properly? Are there loose threads? If there is a pattern, does it match at the seams? If a store is selling seconds that are slightly flawed or irregular, there should be a sign or a tag from the manufacturer telling you so. If merchandise is marked down, make sure you know why. Check for rips, tears, dirt or make-up smears. If you find a problem that's easily cleaned or repaired, check with the sales people to see if you can have the item at an even bigger discount. Your first step is to go shopping in your own closet so you can make a mental or written note of what you want to add to it. See what needs to be replaced or if there are any basics you're still missing like tops to go under blazers or shoes that go with everything. You know the drill. Then try to think of a few classic pieces that might help to stretch what you already have like a white shirt with a French cuff or a little black dress. .

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