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Eeyore is my favorite character from Winnie the Pooh, and many people say that I have a similar personality to him.

Eeyore is a very laid back creature, who has a tendency towards depression. He does smile on occasion, especially when people notice him, and remember his birthday.

Eeyore also likes to be cheered up, and has cheered up his friends when he showed them 'cloud painting'. He is very happy and comfortable with himself, even if he is depressed and glumy. He's accepted what he has, and is realistic, but at other times he can be a pessimist.

To hear Eeyore speak, please press on one of the following:

"It's not much of a tail....."

"Thanks for noticing me"

Eeyore does seem to enjoy being by himself sometimes, but does like to be noticed as well, and wehn his friends through him a birthday party (after first forgetting his birthday), he seems happier than usual.....

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