WARNING: The following stunts were performed by professional alcoholics, so for your safety  and the protection of those around you, I insist that neither you nor your dumb little buddies attempt any of what you're about to see
YeS HeS LeGaL.. uNlIkE sOmE oF YoU...
ang sarap i- crop para maging couples din  ang dating hehe
Special thanks 2:
Peaches and Keeish catering services
Melai Inn for the room and accomodation
Wengzzton and Bobby for transportation
The Young Guns for not bringing any "GUNS"            ..eheeeem
BARIK MYSTERY.... ???????
What time did Isah and Karen really sleep??
If they slept at
X and they woke up at X how many hours of sleep did they get??
Solve for X hehe
note:if you're stumped..ask ian for assistance
waah wag niyo silang i-crop
So all in all was the BARIK a succes and a party 2 rememBer??? "mamatay na ang nagtanong" HEHEHEHE
"kung ayaw nyong matulog, magpatulog kayo!!!!!"
"i was born for this  shit"