Chapter One

Have you ever been beyond hate? When cruelty and torture are too good for those who deserve it? Have you ever wanted to taste the sweet blood of death, release the anger you’ve held onto so long? Have you ever gotten to that point when you don’t care about the consequences, or what you may end up doing? Have you ever broken a promise to be kind, and wreck havoc on the innocent? There comes a time when we all feel such hate. For some, it’s only a momentary thought that crosses the mind. For others, it’s a one time commitment in which they regret the moment it’s over. And yet, there are the occasional few like myself, who only live to smile as people die at our hands.

My name is Malice. It’s not my true name, but it is well deserved. Over my long life, I’ve killed far too many to count, have tortured double that previous number, and have done so many other...interesting things to young women....
To some, I am the villain. To others, the savior. What you choose to believe, is up to you. I honestly couldn’t care less about the opinion of a mere mortal.
Besides my history of...well, the aforementioned brilliance’s, I shall tell you of a time before my name became that of which it is today.
I was nine years old. A charming young half-breed-demigorian who never did anything outside of the lines. I was a top student in my class of magic, and I had many friends who loved me dearly.
Years later, when I was nigh 15 years old, I became a vampire through the kiss of my first girlfriend. She, unfortunately, isn’t alive to back up that truth, but if she was, she would gladly inform you on the other types of ‘fun’ we had.
By the time I was 16, I had mastered the art of scythe wielding, hypnosis, and seduction, I had reached the pinnacle of my strength. I was a sight of glory. And still hadn’t done anything to harm my record of kindness.
My ‘record of kindness’, fortunately for me, ended shortly after my seventeenth birthday. I was out in a vacant field practicing a new move with my scythe that I had thought up the previous night. I was doing quite well until sunlight shined off of my blade and attracted a female phoenix.
She was a magnificent bird. She landed on a boulder next to me and I stopped to look at her. I reached my hand out to touch her and ran my fingers over her left wing.
Had I known that unwelcome contact with a phoenix would cause the loss of my left eye, I wouldn’t have touched it. And I quite regret the happenings.
The bird had scratched out my eye, not only leaving me with an empty socket, but a jagged X shaped scar that went from my eyebrow to my jaw. When it happened, it hurt like hell, as you can well imagine. So...scythe in move still coursing through my mind...I decapitated that damned bird.
It was then that my killing spree started.
I left the field with blood-lust behind my right, pupil-less eye. I used my scythe as a walking staff as I entered town.
I walked home at a deadly pace, with a sadistic grin reaching from ear to ear. Blood dripped into my mouth at spermatic moments as I pulled open the front door of my father’s cottage. I bounded inside to hear my mother gasp as her eyes graced over my wound. “Malion Cevick Shaden! What happened?!”
She never got an answer, as she fell over, her head one way, her body the other.
I ran my fingers over the blade of my bloody scythe and stained my hands with red. I licked the crimson away and closed my eye. “Da? Are you home?” I asked, trying to sound weak and defenseless.
“Yeah, I’ll be down momentarily, Mal.”
I rolled my eye and held my scythe behind my back.
My father came trampling down the stairs and into the living room in which I stood. The smile that was on his face turned to a sickening frown as his eyes fell to my mother’s body.
He looked at my scythe, then to my mother, then to me. He shook his head, probably hoping what he saw I hadn’t done.
My sadistic grin returned.
“Mal...You didn’t...”
I took a step towards him. “I did.”
He shook his head more, “No...You couldn’t...”
I laughed as I pulled him to me with the curve of my scythe. “I most certainly could.”
“Here, I’ll demonstrate.”
I pulled my handle all the way back.
For a brief moment, my father looked shocked. His mouth moved as a quiet gasp of air left his bodiless head, “Mali..Ce..”
And hence, my name. I left that cottage and headed out of town with my father’s last words spun through my mind. Malice. What a perfect name for me. Wouldn’t you agree? Not that it’d matter if you did or not. I’m a god compared to you, you weak, defenseless, foolish human.
Anyway...Now that you know where my cruelty began...Let me skip to a different time period.
After I left home, I used my new found power to create a world of my own. A second dimension.
A place called Hayte. A sanctuary for vampires, demons, demigorians, and monsters alike. I lived in a large castle located on Hayte’s northern border called the Palace of Aversion. It was there that I started an army, if you will.
Now, I do look down at mortals, unlike some I know... And I don’t care to ever treat creatures like yourself the way I would your betters. Vampires, one of the weakest of demons are your betters. Angels? I don’t know...They could be your betters, then again...they do tend to piss me off more then the average human...and their blood does taste sweeter then any you could supply.
However, there once was a time when Vampires assumed that they could control the killing of man and vampire. Their little group was known as the Twilight Mythics. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. I’m sure you think highly of them. I don’t. I’m the single most powerful enemy of the ‘almighty’ Twilight Mythics, however, I’m the only enemy of theirs that they don’t know about. So please, don’t ruin my master plan and go tell that idiotic Countess or Queen, or whoever she is, Vanessa that I’m out to kill her.
If you’re thinking that I have something to do with the Knights of Justice, you’re wrong. The Knights are basically human. I don’t associate with humans, I eat them.
My army is much stronger then the Knights could ever dream to be, and I will one day get my way with Vanessa Natalyn Draykon, so help me I will.
Oh my...I’m getting off track. I didn’t start telling you this story just to wonder off into future hopes. I’m telling you this story to let the world know that I am the supreme evil. Don’t believe me? Read on, young mortal.

This particular story began as I sat in the corner of a pub, talking to one of the people I had befriended in childhood. I hadn’t spoken to him since I had created Hayte, and he seemed more then anxious to speak to me.
His name was Armenious. An arc-angel. He was a kind-hearted young man with multiple personalities. I wasn’t ‘friends’ with Armenious, come to think of it... I was friends with his other self...Blaize.
Now, Armenious was an odd creature. When in supreme form, or god form, as he liked to call it, he and his ‘other self’ would split into two beings. Armenious claimed to be the god of Day, as Blaize claimed to be the god of Night.
As with all people with two personalities, one is good, the other evil. Take a guess at who was who with them?
“Why have you called me here, Malice?”
“I thought you wanted to talk to me, Armenious...Tut tut, you’re so rude.” I grinned. He knew very well what I wanted.
At that point in time, my most powerful fledgling had fallen in love with a vampiress under Armenious’s control.
Rumor had it that my fledgling, by the name of Amberon, would deny me his master, and claim Armenious instead. I could allow no such thing.
“You are foolish, Malice, to have called me here. I know what it is you seek, and I will not grant you permission. You have no blood-claim over Alexandriath, nor will I allow you to take her life.”
I hissed. I hated that bastard....
“Let me talk to Blaize....”
Armenious shook his head as his long white hair faded to black, “Our answer will not change.”
Soon, Blaize the Warlord of Blood sat before me with a malicious grin. “You want Alexandriath?”
I nodded as I pulled a scythe from out of no-where. I rested my arms on top of it as I spoke, “It is she that Mystic wants...I will not loose power over fool.”
Blaize nodded, “I see your point, Malice...However, Alexandriath is ours...She would not go under your wing if you gave her everything in the world. All she wants is the love of your fledgling.”
I glared and bared my fangs, “What do I care what she wants?! Either you give me her life, as a friend, or become my enemy.”
Blaize shook his head, “You can not have her. I forbid it.”
Without another word, he burst into black and red flames and vanished.
“Damn you, Blaize! I will have her....She will be mine, if I have to take her by force, so be it!!”
Later that night, I sat up in the corner of a room I stayed at in Harker Faustus’s Inn.
With pen and scroll in hand, I began plotting.
Alexandriath was a fine young woman indeed. With hair the color of crimson-brown, her eyes the color of nature, forever changing shades of blue, green and brown. She was nigh 5’6, and was a scrawny little thing...A perfect target for gentleman like myself.
A month of plotting passed, and with each passing day, I saw less and less of Amberon. the dawning of a new month, my plan was set into motion.
I had found out through a friend of Amberon’s that he and Alexandriath were to meet on Hayte’s border that night.
With scythe in hand, I followed them silently.
They stood before a dark, dense forest. The world around them was seemingly dull and gray, but their elegant black, green-tinted garments stood out like a single, bright star in the night.
The idiotic fledgling of mine pushed his shoulder length, dark brown hair out of his crystal blue eyes. His pink lips parted with a smile. “I love you, Alexandriath.”
A tear cascaded down her pale face as she pushed her red auburn braid off of her shoulder so it fell gently behind her back.
“I don’t care what happens. As long as I can be with you forever. You know that I can’t do that unless I become a servant of your master... All I want is to break this secrecy...That’s all I want.” He whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck lightly.
It was then that, out of the darkened forest, I came. My elongated wolf-like fangs hung over my bottom lip; as my solid white, pupil-less eye stood beside an empty socket. The mystery of my eyeless facial pit, was answered with the mark of a phoenix, delicately etched in a jagged, uneven ‘X’, as you should very well know about, as I have mentioned it many times before.
Amberon moved away from Alexandriath, stepping towards me. He kneeled and bowed his head, covering his vampiric fangs with his gentle rosy lips.
“You traitor.” I stepped nearer to the dark haired, blue-eyed weakling, my white, glass-like eye locking on the frightened, red-haired vampiress that stood behind my young servant. “For your stupidity and idiocy, Mystic, my foolish fledgling...She dies!”
I raised my scythe above my head and brought it down, slicing the woman’s chest open before anyone had any time to object.
I grinned as Alexandriath’s breath slowed, but my grin soon faded. She began to glow with an eerie white and gold light.
I looked up and glared at Armenious who stood behind her.
“I told you, Malice, you can not have her.”
I spat, “You can’t save her, Armenious, she is dead.”
“Dead or no, you can not claim her life. I hereby send her into the mortal realm. She will live another life in the body of a human. In a place, where you can not touch her.”
My jaw dropped as my eye narrowed, “You can’t...”
Armenious grinned, “Oh, but Malice...I just did.”
Before I could react, Alexandriath’s body vanished. I hissed as I raised my scythe again, and brought it down with a crash. It passed through Armenious’s body, not harming him, and sunk into the stone ground beneath him.
“You are the fool now, Malice Shaden.” Armenious laughed as he disappeared.
I turned my fierce gaze on Amberon, “Look what you’ve done!”
“I...I did nothing...Malice!”
“Malice, indeed! You’ve betrayed me and look what you’ve done!”
I pulled him off his feet, my un-naturally long fingernails sinking into his throat. “You’ve just pissed me off, Amberon...It’s you who will die now.”
Although he could not speak, he shook his head. I squeezed harder, crushing his neck in my grasp.
As he fell to the ground in death, I gave a wicked smile. But again, my smile faded.
With the sickening creaks and cracks of mending bones, Amberon pushed himself to his feet. “You are no longer my master, Malice...You can’t harm me.”
I could only glare as he too vanished.
My plan had failed, and horribly. Not only was the one person I needed to have ultimate power now in the mortal realm, but my most powerful fledgling had abandoned me.
With a quick tug, I pulled my scythe from the ground and rested it on my shoulder. I turned on my heal and headed back to the Palace of Aversion. Thoughts racing through my head.
I could no longer seek out Alexandriath...but...perhaps....I could bring her to me. But how? My magic was only enough to control in the demon realm...unless....
I ran the rest of the way home and hung my scythe on a hook as I headed down to the lowest chamber in the castle.
In the center of the room there was a large pool. It’s water a strange color, as it glowed steadily deep purple. I waved my arms as I stood at the water’s edge.
Mist erupted from it’s surface and formed a large screen-like looking-glass. “I will send her dreams and lead her to the demon world...” I muttered as my grin returned. I looked deep within the looking-glass of fog, “Show me Alexandriath.”
An image appeared in the mist. An image of Armenious and Blaize holding the dead body of my victim. Amberon stood nearby with his lead lowered, tears noticeably cascading down his face. What a weakling...
Armenious and Blaize lowered Alexandriath’s body into the ground and proceeded to put dirt over her.
“So...She had not yet passed into the mortal realm...” I chewed on my lip, tearing it with my fangs, “I can wait...”
I waved my arms once more and the mist fell back into the water. “You think you’ve defeated me, Armenious...but mark me... the lot of you...Alexandriath will be mine.”

© Alexa Danyelle Hendrickson. All rights reserved!

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