The Woodland Trail Map

Big Bear Lake, California

The stops on the trail are marked by 20 numbered posts that correspond with those on this map, which is on the back of the trail guide by the San Bernardino National Forest Service and made available at the Big Bear Discovery Center.  

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Start Trailhead
1 Western Juniper
2 Mountain Mahogany
3 Ecological Succession
4 150-Year Old Jeffrey Pine & Wintering American Bald Eagles
5 A Riparian Environment
6 Fire
7 Multiple Use of Forest Land
8 Wildlife
9 Serviceberry Bushes & Beavertail Cactus
10  California Black Oak
11 Jeffrey Pines
12 Canyon Live Oaks
13 Rubber Rabbitbrush
14 Snags
15 The Big Bear Valley
16 Granite
17 Yerba Santa Shrubs
18 Big Bear Lake
19 Junipers, Pinyon Pines & Limestone Rocks
20 Western Juniper
Bye! T'was Fun!

The various groups in the Big Bear Valley who maintain the markers and keep them in the right spots are to be commended. 

>>  Click here for a printable copy of the Forest Service's guide.
Click here for a topographical map of The Woodland Trail.

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Big Bear Lake

September Morn 2002