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I first met Cristy on February 24th 2002. We met on a Sailor Moon Web page called Grep* Sailor Moon. (Which is now shut down) We met on a place there called Central Control. She had been posting there for quite some time and one day (Feb. 24th) i decided to go to CC (central control) and i saw hey name KawaiiMichiruka. She appeared to be stressed out so i posted to her. To my shock she posted back and e-mailed me. We began to talk on Msn Messanger and grew closer together very quickly. A few days after we first talked we were already confessing our love to eachother. She was so perfect...sure she has flaws..i mean who doesn't..but thats what makes her so perfect.

So after a while we decided that we could not do without seeing eachother so we set up a week where she could come to Canada to see me. By the way..I live in Manitoba Canada while she lives in Leesburg, Georgea. Long distance relationship-not going to say. Well thats what you think. We have become so close that we have been talking about marrige, but that involves a long upsetting story that i wish to not get into right now.

On a really good note...On August 2nd..i proposed to Cristy..making her my fiancee. If you wish to know how it all went and how it was done just ask me and i will tell ya exactly. I am so happy and excited as is she. ^_^ And to top it all off same-sex marriges are now legal in Ontario which is the province right next to mine. YEAAAA!!! For the past month we have been living staying at Chris' house and next month we are driving up to Canada, comeing up through Ontario and getting marrried and then going to visit my family and friends and then depending on if same-sex marrige legalizes in Manitoba or not is what desides if we stay in Manitoba or Ontario ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

And here is a pic of the two of us. I am the one with the short blond hair and chris is the other...obviously ^_~ The angle was really bad making chris' face look bigger...when its acctually not. Enjoy!!

Alright well you guys wanted to see a story I wrote regarding Chris and I so here it is. Enjoy.
The Star

I have this story to tell you all....Its a story about a star that used to belong in the sky. This is a true story that I am recapping....

"One day I was walking down a path watching the clear sky...I was watching this one bright star that was brighter then the rest when began to fall. I think it was a falling star and I just happened to find it as it fell and i caught. It was very magnificant and it still is, but I will get to that.

"I took it into my hands and nursed it back to health since I believed that this fallen star was a gift from the gods to me....I believed that all of the other stars were jealous of its beauty and knocked it out of the sky.....and i just happened to be right where it fell. It fell into my arms that night..... and I have not let go of it since.....its beauty radiats strong...even the people here on earth are jealous....jealous of me being able to hold and touch this gift from the gods....this ever beautiful star...this goddess, this princess.

"One day while I was walking down by a shore line with this beautiful fell into the ocean and became one with the water as a mermaid.....its beauty made the waters around it wonderful and rich with beauty....but of course not as beautiful as the mermaid herself.

"Time passed and I was lost without my star....I tried to live on but I felt as if something was missing. A time that felt like many lifetimes over, this mermaid decided to move to the surface and we both happened to find eachother again....I took this goddess and princess into my arms and I have not let go since in fear of her becomeing one with something my happyness and shock she became one with me.....

"I one day finally annouced my love for her and she anounced her love to me. We have come together finally with her filling that void that was within me that i had for all enternity and even longer.

"So now if you look closely into the night you can see a faint spot in the sky that used to shine with beauty now nothing but an empty void....cause that beauty that was in the sky is now the beauty on the earth making me the happiest human to ever life."

I hope you enjoy this story....if you do not believe it so be it..but for those who believe in dreams and falling stars becomeing wishes and dreams becomeing reality then i hope you can see truth in this story.....cause the beauty that I speak the beauty that I am in truly in love with. For those of you who don't know, this lovely stars name is Cristy. She has made me the happiest woman ever around. Thank you Chris and I love you.
-by Courtney Chubey *copyright* *my name is not legally bryant-chubey.......yet XP*

Now here is a poem i wrote for chris back on August 26th 2002 two days after our 6 month anniversary of being together. ^_^ Enjoy!!
My Love To You

You know how you met me
We don't really know why.
But we both know that we can't say bai.

I love you with all my heart
Which beats right along with yours
So between us, lets not have closed doors.

I promise all my love to you,
But saying it once just won't do.

Your beauty reminds me of the rocky mountains.
Our love reminds you of the twin fountains.

Even though life apart if tough.
A lifetime together just isn't enough.

So this is to you
Since saying it once will not do

I love you so.

I hope every tiff we have will mend.
So once again.
I love you
But needless to say
This poem has come to an end.
But thus I must say again
I love you
And yes....
I do.

By Courtney Chubey *copywrite*

So thats a bit about us....more to come later. As well as some more pics once i get some more on the comp. Click here to go to her webiste. I will update this as much as possible. AISHITERU MY MICHI!!!!!!!! -Courts

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