I hope you enjoy it here. Sailor Moon herself might even drop by. I heard she was in the building.

We all know about Sailor Moon because of all the other Sailor Moon sights, but I will continue writing anyway. There might be some info that may be new to you.

On this page there will be plenty of pictures and her bio. And an interview with Sailor Moon herself (maybe).

Sailor Moon/Super Sailor Moon/Eternal Sailor Moon/Moon Princess/Tsukino Usagi

This page is about the leader of the sailor senshi and all time friend to all, Sailor Moon. It all started in Tokyo when a small black cat with a cresent moon on her forhead was stumbled onto be a young fourteen year old, named Tsukino Usagi (Serena in the DiC Version). At that time Sailor Venus over in England had already began her fighting as Sailor V, Usagi's idol. The small cat appered in front of Usagi in her room and started talking to her, saying that her name was Luna from the Moon Kingdom. She said that she was sent to awaken the person named Sailor Moon and that Usagi was her.

And So Sailor Moon was born. Sailor Moon was fighting an evil yoma (monster) one day, when she started to lose. The monster started to attack her when all of a sudden a single red rose appered out of nowhere. She looks up toward the window and spys a man in a tux and cape. He also had a mask on. He come down and helped weaken the monster so Sailor Moon could destroy it. He was found out to be the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen (mask).

As the series continued Sailor Moon meets up with Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. As the story progresses they end up meeting their biggest enemy, Queen Baryl. With the help of the other senshi, Sailor Moon defeted Baryl with all her strength. All the scouts ended up parashing, but with the silver crystal, they were all brought back.

After the battle with Baryl Usagi went on with her so called normal life. Back to just a normal girl. Then Ail(Alin) and Ann from the Doom Tree, later to be called the Tree of Life show up and try to destroy the Earth. Of course the senshi help and heal them, and they leave. Then the Wiseman and the Negamoon came and tryed to destroy the earth. Of course the the senshi distroed them too.

Well enough of the story and back to talking about Sailor Moon. One hundred years ago Sailor Moon was known as Princess Serenity(Princess Serena in the DiC version), Queen Serenity's daughter. Serenity taught her to be like her mother, a fair and gental ruler. Until one day when the Moon Kingdom was distroyed by Queen Baryl. Queen Serenity sacraficed herself to protect her daughter and her court who were called the sailor senshi. She ended up reincarnating them all one hundred years into the future on Earth so they could live in peace. Sailor Moon also known as Tsukino Usagi is a fourteen year old with super powers. She is not the best student or athletic or anything, but she is the most caring and sensitive senshi out of them all. That is why she is said to be the crybaby, because she is so sensitive. The other senshi can't really appreciate Usagi the way she is because she is so different to what she was like as a princess in the Moon Kingdom. On the Moon she had all the talents and agility a princess should pocess, but on Earth she is struggling to be the best she can. Her love is Prince Endymoyin (Prince Darien) of the Earth. She has sworn to love him in the past, present, and future. Only he can see the real Usagi.

Usagi lives with her mother-Ikuko, father-Kenji, and her younger brother-Shingo (Sammy) in a preaty big house. She goes to Juuban Junior High just like Ami and Makoto(Lita). At school her best friend is Osaka Naru (Molly Baker) and Gurio Umino(Melvin)(sort of). She is the only one to have friends before becoming a sailor senshi. She believes that everyone has some good and would do anything to prove it to them and anyone else. Her strongest point is her loyalty to all her friends and easily makes friends.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Serena
Japaniese Name: Tsukino Usagi
Birthday: June 30th
Astrological Sign: Cancer Blood Type: O
Favorite Colors: White and pink
Hobbies: Shopping, video games
Favorite Food: Ice cream, chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject: Mathematicts
Strong Points: Brownnosing, crying, loyalty to her friends
Weak Points: Dentists
Dream:To be a bride

Her Powers

Moon Eternal Make Up Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Moon Teara Magic

Now here is the moment you've probably been waiting for.

Sailor Moon has just walked in to the office. She even brought along one of her friends Sailor Venus.

Web Owner: Sailor Moon how nice to see you here. Same to you Venus.

Sailor Moon: It's good to be here.

Sailor Venus: Yea it is.

WO: So what brings you guys to this side of the world?

SM: Well, Sailor Mercury found some weird nega-vibes coming from way over here so she told us to go over this way while the others went other directions.

SV: Yea. She thinks that the evil is somewhere in this building.

WO: So Sailor Moon this is your interview. What can you tell us about yourself?

SM: Well I can't really tell you about my real identity but I can tell you about my senshi life. It all started on the Silver Millenium on the Moon. I lived there with my mother and my loyal and true friends the Sailor Senshi. We were-

SV: Sailor Moon, they already know about that. Take a look at the screen. They know about your true identity and the Moon Kingdom. Tell them something they don't know. Yesh. I am going to meet up with the others. See yea.

WO: Good bye Sailor Venus. Well Sailor Moon can you tell us about the feelings you have between you and the other senshi?

SM: Well, with me and Sailor Venus/Mina-chan for a start, are preaty close. She is like a sister. We have a lot in common. She even looks like me if I put my hair down. At least thats what I have been told. With Sailor Mercury/Ami-can, she is a really good friend. She was the first scout I met up with so I was able to spend more time with her. She is really a cool person to hang with even though all she ever does is study. She does have her cool times. Sailor Jupiter/Mako-chan is also preaty cool. I first met her at school just like Ami. Umino (Melvin), one of my 'friends' from school introduced me to her. She was known as the "martial-arts-phsyopath." I found her preatty cool though. She fought off some no good punks one day when I was on my way to school. She may be tough, but she is a sweety at heart.

WO: What about Sailor Mars? A lot of people think that Sailor Mars is like your worst enemy, and you feel the same about her. What is you true relation with Sailor Mars-Rai?

SM: Sailor Mars. Sure we may fight-a lot-but Rai-chan and I are true friends to the end. We have been through thick and thin together. Just like the other scouts I feel I have to watch out for her just as much as she does for me. As for the rumors that we are enimies, that's all it is, is rumors. Rai-chan and I my fight but I do care for her a lot and I am sure the feeling is mutual. Rai may pick on me a little-

WO: A little?

SM: Okay fine a lot, but I know that she does it because she cares about me. She knows that I understand that what she does is for a very good reason. I just don't know yet.

WO: On another topic, what is it like being a Moon Princess?

SM: I guess it has its ups and downs. The ups are that I get waited on hand and foot. Well not really, but I like to think it. Anyway, another up is that being the princess has brought me closer to my Sailor Senshis and close friends from the moon. Plus I was able to meet the hotest man around, Prince Endymoin (Darien) of the Earth. Also known as Tuxedo Kamen (mask). The downs are that I have a whole lot more responsibilities. Like in the future I become NeoQueen Serenity of the Earth. (Queen of the Earth). I have to rule the Earth with my king by my side, and take on a whole lot more responsibilities. I have to be able to follow in my mother, Queen Serenity's footprints which some people say I can't do it, but I know I can. Sure I can admit that it might take a little while but I can do it.

WO: When describing your feelings for the other senshi, you didn't say anything about the outer senshi. How do you feel about them?

SM: I will say just a couple words about Uranus and Neptune. They were never willing to fight as a team. They would act like the rest of us were nothing. Esspecialy when they were looking for the talismens. After the death and rebirth of Hotaru they wanted to beat me to a pulp. They tried, but of course I beat them. They thought they knew everything. The weird thing was that Haruka (Amara/Uranus) and Michiru (Michelle/Neptune) were nicer to us then their senshi forms. It was weird. They now have learned and we all now fight as a true dedicated team. With Sailor Pluto/ Maiou Setsuna (Trista). I really don't know her. She's the gaurdian of the Time Gates so we all bairly see her. She only really comes when there is serious trouble. Sailor Saturn/Tomoe Hotaru is a sweet child. Chibi-Usa loves her as a true serious friend, and Chibi-Usa has a great juge of character so she must be really great. That is why I protected her with all my strength when she was Mistress 9. I didn't want her hurt. I didn't want Chibi-Usa hurt. Plus Hotaru is a great friend and sailor senshi.

WO: Okay. One more question, can you explain your relationship with Mamuru? How you guys meet and how you became friends.

SM: Mamo-chan and I meet a long time ago in a hospital. I know that sounds odd but it is true. I didn't know at the time why he was in there, but I was visiting my mother who just had my younger brother, Shingo. I had brought a bouquet of red roses for her. I was walking by a room with a young boy inside, crying all alone. I went in being curious and asked him - "Why are you crying?" He told me, "Because my friend's leaving and I'll never see him again and he is the only friend I've got." I decided to be kind to this young upset little boy. "No he isn't, cause from now on, I'll be your friend too." I explained to him why I was there and I gave him one of my roses that were for my mother to him as a present. From then on our friendship grew. Well not including the time that he was insulting me because he couldn't remember who I was to him. His true love from the moon. We had our lovers quarls but we got over them and became true lovers. Mamo-chan and I may quarl but I love him with all my heart and I believe the feeling is mutual. [All quotes are from the Sailor Moon R movie.] I will risk my life to protect him. If any thing were to happen to him I don't know what I would do, because I believe that without Mamo-chan, there is nothing else in my life to live for.

WO: Well any way thank you Sailor Moon. Anything else you want to add or say to your fans over here in Canada an all over the Web?

SM: Well, just have faith and keep looking to the future. Maybe you'll find something interseting that you like. [Communicator goes off] Well I gotta go. Sailor Mercury found something. See ya round.

WO: See ya Sailor Moon.

Well there you go. The interview with Sailor Moon. Sure it may not be the best interview but its okay for having Sailor Moon on call from the other senshi. To see a Sailor Venus Interview visit Sailor Venus' sight. Same to Tuxedo Kamen if you want to see his interview.

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