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Fun Mariner Things!

Guess the player!

Look at the pieces of the pictures and guess who it is!

1.AurtherRhoads.jpg (1712 bytes)  2.BretBoone.jpg (2338 bytes)   3.CharelsGipson.jpg (1810 bytes)  4.DanWilson.jpg (1947 bytes)

5.DeziReliford.jpg (3792 bytes)  6.EdgarMartinez.jpg (3842 bytes)   7.FreddyGarcia.jpg (2246 bytes)  8.IchiroSuzuki.jpg (2272 bytes)

9.JamieMoyer.jpg (2178 bytes)  10.JeffCirillo.jpg (1692 bytes)  11.JohnOlerud.jpg (1797 bytes)  12.MikeCameron.jpg (2656 bytes)

answers: 1.Rhoads, 2.Boone, 3.Gipson, 4.Wilson, 5.Reliford, 6.Martinez, 7.Garcia, 8.Suzuki, 9.Moyer, 10.Cirillo, 11.Olerud, 12.Cameron

Mariner Trivia

1.What is the name of the Mariner masscot?

2.Who was the first Manager of the Seattle Mariners?

3.Who was the only Hall of Famer to play with the Mariners?

4.Who was the first Mariner to win 20 games in a season?

5. In 1982, what Pitcher won his 300th carrer game in the Kingdome?

6. Name the two pitchers to hav no hitters in Seattle.

7. Nme the only Father/Son to hit back to back homerun?


answers: 1. Mariner Moose, 2.Darrell Johnson, 3. Gaylord Perry, 4.Randy Johnson, 5. Gaylord Perry, 6. Randy Johnson and Chris Bosio, 7. Ken Griffy SR. & Jr.

Caption Game

Look at the pictures and send me a caption that you think would go best. I will put some up here on my site. E-mail to please put 'caption game' in the subject line.

Picture #1

BretWeirdPosition.jpg (18024 bytes)

Picture #2

Cammy-umbrella.jpg (34971 bytes)

Picture #3

ichi sleep.jpg (10547 bytes)