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Welcome to my site!

I have dedicated my site to the best team in the west, The Seattle Mariners. I have posted pictures, news articles, an up-to-date calendar, quotes, and individual pages dedicated to each player. Also be looking for a new page containing the brief 25 year history of the Seattle Mariners. I hope you enjoy visiting my site. I would love to hear any feedback that you have, you can reach me at or you can sign my guestbook. Sit back, grab your coffee, and have fun cruising through a site wholly dedicated to the Seattle Mariners!

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Where will these four men end up come 2003?

For more free agent news just click the above picture!

Lou Pinnila signed with Tampa Bay leaving the Mariners on a Skipper search! Now the Mariners have picked up Bob Melvin! E-mail me your opinions and solutions and I will post them on my site!

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Click on Melvin to read his interveiw!

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