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JCalendarCombo is a very small & simple to use Swing GUI component. It helps the programmers to add date selection functionality to their GUI applications quickly and easily. JCalendarCombo is a small drop down component with an embedded visual calendar. The Target user simply clicks a particular day to select the complete date. To download the latest version of JCalendarCombo Library and Documentation simply click here. If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, post 'em to charming_arpit@yahoo.co.in.

The Latest version JCalendarCombo library enables Java programmers to easily customize it according to their requirements. Earlier, the only motive of this library was to enable the Java programmers to incorporate date functionality into their applications in the simplest way possible. After achieving this motive, some of our users were very happy and have given a very positive feedback while others were again satisfied but wanted greater control over the customization of the component. For example many of you asked for a simple way to use it for various locales. Some other users questioned a way to set the date in JCalendarCombo. There were also some users who wanted a method that would enable them to set the beginning and the ending years of the component. Apart from these major request there were also number of minor request from lots of users.This version includes two most wanted features,Firstly, you may now set the date format and Secondly, it has an applet support. In this version, one of the most requested feature of returning and setting the selected date on the basis of java.util.Calendar object has also been incorporated. A minor feature to enable or disable the JCalendarCombo component has been introduced. Apart from these changes, bugs including the date format bug have also been fixed.

Now This version of JCalendarCombo gives you the power to customize JCalendarCombo to great extent and also keeps it very simple for those who just want to use the component in a single line of code. To download this latest version please click here. Below are some screenshots of JCalendarCombo under some of the best look and feels available for Java.

Metal Look And Feel
Windows Look And Feel
Kunststoff Look And Feel
Metouia Look And Feel
Skin Look And Feel
Compiere Look And Feel

Creative Commons License
JCalendarCombo is licensed under a Creative Commons License.  

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