Part of our vision for the future of the Republic of Maldives

Under the leadership of the Maldivian National Congress, the future generations of Maldivians will achieve Progress, Peace and Prosperity.

We believe all Maldivians are ready to reap the rewards of the new global economic opportunity. We need to think innovatively.

We believe that we must continue to improve our fiscal discipline; impose the right kind of taxes to increase equity, so that the gap between haves and have-nots can be alleviated; pay off debts and meet our other obligations.

We must give unprecedented attention to create and secure a social security system, medical care and health insurance. This is the way towards prosperity and security for future generations.

We wish to see more investment in our most precious resource - the skills and innovative abilities of the Maldive people - and we want to see new markets opened to Maldive products.

To ensure that the basic requirements of Maldive life are met, and to reward the people's hard work, Maldivians must have the opportunity to participate in key decisions at work, and in their island communities.

The road to prosperity starts by embracing fiscal discipline. We have to eliminate our national debt, without neglecting to establish social security and a medicare system.

And above all, we must not forget the need to invest more in education. This is the fuel needed to give the engines of Maldive children a kick-start, and will equip them for the challenges ahead and earn them respect.

It is our desire to see a steady improvement in the skills of Maldive children and workers. If we are permitted and given reasonable opportunity, we can build a new consensus for more open trading and developing the right tools needed to compete in the global economy and protect Maldive interests.

Regarding human rights issues, protection of the environment, and protection of pensions

Our dream is to see foreign investments promote the domestic economy and our basic Maldive values.

We believe that decentralizing our government bureaucracy is a necessity that will make it function better and cost less. Administration can be made more flexible and responsive to island communities, and will be able to focus towards empowering individual Maldivians to take charge of their own lives.

Our fundamental dream is to expand prosperity, not just for the government, but for the people. We believe we can all envision many changes that would improve the standards of living in the Maldives. Changes that will stifle crime, teen births and other irresponsibility.

Our motto is 'It can always be better, if you give room for growth.' We wish Maldivians would not resist the opportunity to make things better, and give us the opportunity to bring even more progress to Maldives and make it safer, healthier and more secure.

Maldivians need the right kind of skills in foreign investment, education and lifelong learning and skill development. To be ahead in this information age, and to take full advantage of the vast opportunities it offers, direct action is necessary.

We believe that every Maldivian, regardless of their class, the geography of their atoll, or whatever other disability, should be able to do their studies using a computer. Our hope is to see net services accessed nationwide. Small businesses and entrepreneurs will make the economy move ahead. Small businesses must have a chance to use cyberspace as a free zone for Maldivians to sell and negotiate business dealings and expand around the world.

It is also our dream to strengthen activities and programs to combat discrimination against our own people - men and women.

Home ownership is the foundation for building wealth and financial security for the family, and providing the vital anchor needed for neighborhoods to thrive. To own a home is often considered an unaffordable dream. We would very much like to work on this problem and overcome it, so that every family owns their own home, paid for over a period of time.

We dream of seeing the day when the skilled workers of the Maldives have more freedom - freedom to choose a representative at work. This should be a fundamental Maldive right that must never be threatened, obstructed or taken away by anyone. Unions should be formed, giving working people the chance to improve their living standards and have a voice in their work.

Law and order must be enforced, so all Maldivians are safe from crime. Crime must not be allowed to become rampant, with families forced off the streets and having to live behind closed doors. Children and adults, living in paranoia, will never attain their goals or dreams, when people are afraid to walk or talk in their own country, their neighborhoods or communities, and are robbed of their basic sense of decency, togetherness, and justice. How can decent parents teach their children the difference between good and bad, or how to discern right from wrong. Tough punishments will be implemented, including harsh penalties for those who dare to terrorize the innocent. It will be nipped in the bud before it can even start!

We dream of seeing an increase in the minimum wage, so that thousands of people and families can find a way out of poverty. It would be part of the reformed labor laws, designed to protect the workers. The Maldive unemployment problem must be met head on, with a sustainable compensation system. Contracts must be honored,and the benefits and profits earned by the workers must be spent on improved equipment. Workers grievances are to be heard, and unnecessary expenditure eliminated.

That is part of our vision for the future of the Maldives. We believe we need to make sure our loved ones know and feel our love. We need to help and think in terms of mankind, not just country, race, religion, creed, and ethnicity... We need to teach and learn as much about others as possible.

Ignorance is what builds the walls of inhumanity..

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