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 Indian fascism

              Introduction :Roots & Character 
HINDUTVA OFFENSIVE:Social Roots & Characterisation   - R.R. Puniyani
The Fascism of the Sangh Parivar - Sumit Sarkar
In the Belly of the Beast-The Hindu Supremacist RSS and BJP of India
An Insiderís story - by Partha Banerjee
Communalism : A General Perspective - [Based on a Talk by] K.N.Panikkar
The BJP's ideology  - Bipan Chandra
Jan Sangh: The BJP's Predecessor -By Bipan Chandra
RSS - The "Sangh" What is it, and what is it not?  by Partha Banerjee
Communalism and History-[Based on a Lecture by]  Romila Thapar
Criminalisation of Politics    -   Madhu Kishwar
Communalism and its impact on India- K.N.Panikkar
Towards a Hindu nation
Assault on Culture and Democracy 
Past & Present - Dina Abbott
Cultures of Cruelty - Aijaz Ahmad
On the Road of fascism- K.N.Panikkar
Hostile Intentions-Achin Vanaik
Facilitating Genocides -Niraj Pant
Extermination-Ashis Nandy
Fundamentalism -AsgharAli Engineer
Communalism Guide -A. G. Noorani
Agenda for Secularism- K.N.Panikkar
Fighting For secularism
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  [ Myths ] Myths are integral to communal propaganda. 
This guide picks up some of these myths and presents facts to counter them
Appeasement of minorities 
Population of minorities
The Partition 
Personal Law
Myths of Ancient History (Aryans were the original inhabitants, The Indus Script is Vedic script)
    BJP ] [RSS ] VHP ] Bajrang Dal ] Shivsena ] Sangh ]
   Cultural Fascism
     History Manipulation 
Communal interpretation of history-By Asghar Ali Engineer ] 
[ Communalism and problems of historiography in India-IRFAN HABIB]
In Defense of History-Romila Thapar ]
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    In Education ] [ In  media ] [ In Millitery ] Diplomacy ][ In Sports ] [In Judiciary ]  
   Riots and attacks 
    [ Murder of Ghandi 
    Babri Masjid
video icon"BABRI MASJID The Story Retold " 60 Min  Live Streaming Real Video
    Bombay Riots

Jyoti Punwani's Reports on the Riots

Bal Thackeray's Proposal
Biased Report?
The BJP's Role
The Hari Masjid Firing
Interview with Justice Srikrishna:1
Interview with Justice Srikrishna:2
Kushwant Singh on Bal Thackeray
Missing Persons of the Riots
"People Have Forgotten"
The Worst Riot Case


Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 1
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 2
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 3
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 4
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 5
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 6
Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 7

    [Srikrishna Commission full Report ][Bombay Police ] Amnesty report on Bombay police ] [Who's afraid of report ] [Court Verdict ]
    Coimbatore  Dada Hayat  Bhagalpur Riot  Ahmedabad Riot  Anti Christian  Tactics   Hidden Agenda 
   Role of Govt. & Police 

[census ] Amnesty Reports ] Police Torture ] Deporting Muslims ] Diplomacy ]Punjab : Extra-judicial killings ] [ PRISON CONDITIONS IN INDIA ]

    [  Oh! You Hindu Awake : by Dr. Kamal Chatterjee, M.A., PH.D (U.S.A)] Images ] Why I am Not a Hindu ] Pseudo Hindus ] Manusmriti ] Belief ] Bride Burning and Dowry Deaths ] Hindu Myths ] Beef Eating ] Devadasi ] Meenakshipuram ] Matts of Crime ]
   Dalit- Untouchables 
    Atrocities ] Cast Violence ] Forgotten freedom ] Politics of Caste ] Adivasi ] State of Mobilization ] Dr.Ambedkar ] Jehanabad Killings ] Why Conversion ?  ][ More Articles ]
   Indian Muslims
    Myth of Appeasement ] The Prejudice ] Hindu Muslim ]  Muslim Education ] Muslim Women ] The Children ] Muslims & Mainstream ] Islam Today ] Modern Muslim Agenda ]  Islam & Secularism ]  'Rab is also Ram' ] Islamic State ] [ Human Rights in Islam ]  Hindu Scholars on Islam ] Islam in Hindu Scriptures ] Islam & Revolution ]



People ] [ History ] [ Poverty ] [Children Rights ] [ Dams  ]

Enviornment ] [ Politics ] [ IndoPak Relation ] [ Kashmir ]


  [ Why & How to look ] Essence of Fascism ] Fascist Doctrine ] Propeganda ] Myth and Reality ]
    Hitler  ] Brahmanic Origin ] 25 Points ] Chronology ] Who is Who ] World Fascist Images ] Concentration Camps ] Mussolini ] Muslim Heroine ]
    UN Resolution 260- On Genocide , Armenia 1914 , East Timor 1975 , Cambodia 1978 , Rwanda 1996
    chechniya ] Bosnia ] KOSOVO ] Iraq ]
   Human rights 
     Martin Luther King ] Malcolm X ] Runoko Rashidi ] Mumia Abu - Jamal]
    Police Brutality ] ARMS RACE ] Land Mines ] [ Articles ] [ HUMAN RIGHTS LINKS ]


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