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Pseudo Hindus



A Call to Pseudo-Hindus


Rationalists in India view Hindu religion as the brahminical religion. The Hindu society comprises 97% of non-brahmins and a microscopic strength of 3% brahmins. The peculiar feature of Hinduism is that the minority rules the majority - not by brain power. The brains of the majority have been conditioned to remain slaves for so many generations. The conditioning goes one step further to the glorification of slavery by the slaves themselves. If Hinduism is termed as brahminical religion, the orthodox non-brahmins will oppose the view more vehemently than the brahmins. To such an extent their brains are conditioned. Imitation glitters more brightly than the real. So is the reaction of the pseudo Hindus viz. non brahmins.

Swamy Vivekananda a great monk of Hindustan, criticised the inequalities and disparities created by the exploiting forces in Hindu religion. The incomparable contribution of Swamy Vivekananda is being glorified by the Hindus but not by the brahmins. If we probe the situation, it will become crystal clear that the Hindu religion is nothing but brahminical religion. Swamy Vivekananda plastered the eroded parts of Hindu religion by minimising the importance of the brahmins. The superstructure without any gain. If pillars become aware of the superstructure without any gain. If the pillars become aware of their right they will no longer accept the brahminical dominance. Swamy Vivekananda fought for the causes of the working people viz. the non-brahmins to overcome the disabilities awarded to them by the brahminical supremacy in educational front for so many generations. The mission of Swamy Vivekananda is as follows.

“The working people, who had long been neglected and had no access to education, should now receive special attention so that they could quickly overcome their initial drawbacks. He wanted education to reach out to them rather than they come to education. He had rightly diagnosed that making education free was not enough. A further incentive was necessary; education should be available to them at their doorstep, and not only teachers as against one provided for a child should have five enlightened family. This is what he said to the ruler of Mysore when the later was planning to introduce free education within his state. Swamiji laid great stress on education. He considered it the panacea of all the ills India was suffering from.

But what kind of education? Surely not merely book learning, passing examinations, getting degrees and certificates! Education to him was not information but something more meaningful; it was man-making, life-giving and character-building; it was assimilation of ideas. It included also acquisition of skills so that it could b productive. He thought it a pity that the existing system of education did not enable a man to stand on his own feet, nor did it teach him self-respect and self confidence. He wanted an education for India which would combine her idealism with western efficiency. India had produced high thoughts but few of those thoughts had ever been put into practice. He attributed all her social evils to this lacuna. He pointed to the caste system as an example. Based on the principle of division of labour, it was an ideal institution. It was intended to give each individual a chance to grow as best as he could according to he genius. but when it became stratified and hereditary, it became most stultifying and therefore self defeating. No one has condemned the caste practices in more scathing terms than Swami Vivekananda. But what is the remedy for this? Again, Swamiji would say, ‘Education’. Given good education, those who are backward would come into their own.” (Courtesy : “MY INDIA - THE INDIA ETERNAL” (Page No : 3 & 4) by Swami Vivekananda published by the Ramakrishna Mission, Institute of Culture, Calcutta - 700 029).

The non brahmins who are the working class of the Varnashra Dharma ridden Hindu society must think over atleast the views of the great monk. Is there a single Sankaracharya of any Hindu mutt (either approved or unapproved) who has praised the mission of Swamy Vivekananda. The reason is very simple i.e. the monk did not hail from that microscopic minorities. The Hindu religion as advocated by the monk is not that one as has been preached and practised by the monk is not that one as has been preached and practised by Sankaracharayas. The Sankaracharayas are not prepared to accept him as a Hindu monk, by the reason of sanctified values that a true Hindu should not travel over the sea. The monk proscribed sacred prescriptions by his participation in the World Religious Conference held at Chicago. This is the secret being the refusal of the Sankaracharayas to go abroad from India. The Sankaracharayas of Kanchi Mutt, Jayendra Saraswathi went one step forward(?) stating that he was above Vivekananda (This statement was uttered by Jayendra Saraswathi when he returned from his undeclared hide-out a decade ago.

Is there a single brahmin who can be 100% loyal both to Swamy Vivekananda and Sankara-charaya ? If he is given an option to choose between these tow, his preference will be in favour of the latter. Such is the committed loyalty of the brahmins. But the non-brahmins who have all the respect and praise for Swamy Vivekananda bend their knees before Sankaracharya shamelessly. Is it proper in their side ? Will not be denigration to Swamy Vivekananda?

The missions of Swamy Vivekananda and Sankaracharayas are different and infact fundamentally contradictory tough the both use the same terminology i.e. Hindu. When Sanathana Dharma Hindu mutt leaders are not prepared to accept the ideals of Swamy Vivekananda, what is the meaning of the followers of Self-respect is the essence of Hindu religion. Can we expect a change in their behaviour? The followers of Vivekananda need not quit the religion rationally. At least to start with they can subject themselves to a mental exercise over the issue. Will they do so ?

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