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‘Silent’ among BJP set to take on RSS brass

New Delhi, January 9 (Pankaj Vohra)

Anguished and disillusioned with the constant attack on the
Vajpayee Government by some functionaries of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) and its allied organisations, several members of the Bharatiya Janata
Party have virtually made up their mind not to take it lying down anymore.

The issue of dual membership of the BJP and the RSS may get
raised for the first time within the Sangh Parivar shortly if these
functionaries who have been criticising the Central Government do not fall in line and
restrain themselves. The sentiment of the “silent majority” within the BJP on this
constant nagging by a handful of RSS functionaries was voiced by a few leaders
even at the recent National Executive meeting of the party at Bangalore.

These leaders who included Mr Madan Lal Khurana, Union
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mr Sunderlal Patwa, former Madhya
Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr T. N. Chaturvedi and Mr Arun Jaitley, spoke about the
repeated interference and criticism by the RSS functionaries in the day to day
affairs of both the BJP and the government. Out of these leaders, Mr Khurana was stopped
midway in his speech by BJP chief Kushabhau Thakre when he had barely referred
to the Nagpur meeting of the RSS where the Vajpayee Government was attacked.

Hurt that he was not permitted to express his sentiments,
the Union Minister is believed to have written a letter to all the central BJP
office-bearers delineating the main points of his undelivered speech.

While the exact ramifications of the frank expression of
resentment and hurt by Mr Khurana would be known in due course, it is evident that
the question of dual membership could get raised within the Sangh Parivar if the
RSS leaders who have been having a field day in criticising Mr Vajpayee and his
government do not stop from doing so. Mr Khurana’s views could also precipitate a
strong reaction from some of the coalition partners of the BJP which could lead
to rethinking and review of the open postures taken by these RSS functionaries.

It might also lead to certain re-alignments on the political front in the fast changing
political scenario of the country.

The RSS’ criticism is no doubt taking its toll on the
Vajpayee Government but some of the coalition leaders who may share Mr Khurana’s
views could be prepared to go to any length. Apparently conscious of the
consequences of giving vent to his views so publicly as they could be interpreted
as indications of dissent in some quarters of the Sangh Parivar, Mr Khurana has
stated in his unfinished speech, copies of which are now being circulated amongst
BJP office-bearers, that he was aware of the ramifications.

“I am going to state certain issues which are hard truths.
If I don’t say at this moment of time, then I would not be able to fulfil my
obligations. Perhaps I have to pay a price for this but I am ready to do so,” he has
stated. The Union Minister, while expressing his anguish at the role of these RSS
functionaries, has stated that by publicly declared a war against the policies of the
government, the parivar was ruining the image of not only the Centre but the entire

For instance, one of the senior members of the parivar had
criticised Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. He had stated that the prize money given to
Prof Sen was part of a conspiracy of the world Christian society and the amount
would be used to convert Hindus into Christians. The allegation was most ridiculous;
and there were many more such examples, he said.

Mr Khurana has also expressed anguish over the attacks on
Christians in the country, especially in Gujarat, and has questioned the
senseless statements being made by leaders of the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and other
outfits. The Gujarat attacks have put the party in a delicate position since it
was in power both at the Centre and in the State. “The meaning of Hindutva which we
were taught since childhood was not this,” he noted. While he has touched on
the interference of the parivar in the BJP affairs which was resulting in the
marginalisation of established leaders in the states and weakening of the organisation, Mr
Khurana appears to be totally disillusioned over what to expect from the RSS.

He has stated, “now who will sort out all these problems?
Sangh was a guide and philosopher. In the Jan Sangh and later BJP, Mr Vajpayee
and Mr L. K. Advani were top leaders and we used to take our problems and
grievances to them and were satisfied that they would be looked into. We used to
go to Jhandewalan to tell them about our problems. We were confident that our
grievances or problems would get solved and they used to get solved too.”

Mr Khurana observed that “the party at that time was running like a joint family. The
members of the Sangh and the top leaders of the BJP were always available for
advice. Today where do we go with our grievances and problems? Where would we
get these grievances and problems solved? Who are the persons who would solve
these problems? Today we are feeling the loss of a mentor.”

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