written for the Institute for Applied Consciousness Science


by Iona Miller 
Asklepia Foundation, ©2001


Let us use as a definition of reality: reality is that which can be conceptually and mathematically modeled and fitted to the phenomena existing in one or more minds.  Physical reality is that which can be modeled and fitted to the phenomena in one mind.  Mental and physical realities comprise "normal" reality.  Complex or "paranormal" reality is that which can be conceptually and mathematically modeled and fitted to phenomena which exist in more than one mind, but not in all minds.
From pure nothing--empty vacuum, absence of thing--one can generate everything, the presence of thing.  Here is direct proof that ultimately opposites are identical.  [There is] identity of opposites on their common boundary.
                                                                        Thomas E. Beardon, Nuclear Engineer
The conventional interpretation of relativity considers only a single observer at a time (monocular).  Change as seen by multiple simultaneous observers (multiocular) leads to an infinite dimensional, multiworld or multiuniverse similar to that postulated by Hugh Everett (1973).
In the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics essentially all possibilities exist and are.  Each world splits into multiple possibilities after each and every event.  Though consistent with the entire experimental basis of quantum physics today, this is a reality where all possibilities are physically real in their own dimension, though virtual entities to an observer in another dimension.
Physical reality is not absolute.  This can be shown experimentally.  Two colliding protons pass right through each other in total violation of all physical rules, if their spins are exactly parallel. [In vector equilibrium, waves pass through waves without interference].  Protons are the central building blocks of all matter, the fundamental constituents of everything solid and concrete.  Yet, they go right through one another, without any effect whatsoever when their spins are aligned properly, simply cancelling physical reality.
There is no independent existence to mental phenomena; there is a perception operation involved when we think.  There is no independent existence to physical phenomena; there is a perception operation involved when we observe physical phenomena.  Furthermore, it takes a finite piece of time forboundary of exact opposites, all that is necessary to identify opposites is to lose all perceptual distinction between them.  And that is accomplished by multiocular perception--perceiving the presence of both at once unseparated, hence the absence of either exclusively present.
NOTHING SIMPLY CONSISTS OF THE PRESENCE  the perception process to occur.
At the OF THE TOTALITY OF ALL OPPOSITES.  It is a contemporary form of the alchemical union of the opposites, Alpha and Omega literally, or the psychological notion of "holding the tension of the opposites."  But, separate time intervals are required for finite monocular perceptions.
The laws of logic are simply the laws of the operation of perception--nothing more, nothing less.  The ordinary laws of logic apply only away from a boundary.  The boundary, threshold, or liminal area invokes the law of paradox.
Identifying opposites simply consists of "packing together" two previously separated perceptions into a single third unseparated perception.  Every single perceived thing has a boundary, where it both begins and ends its exclusive presence in perception output.  In any perception ordinary logic and paradox are applied.  Ordinary logic is explicit and paradox implicit, or conversely ordinary logic is implicit and paradox explicit.


To a monocular perception process, multiple presence constitutes absence of the exclusive presence of any particular one.  Therefore such a multiple presence is monocularly unperceivable, and hence becomes a zero to a monocular detection process.  This allows new definitions of zero, and a solution to the problem of nothing.
Consider that a monocular detection process asks the question, "Is there a single exclusive thing present in my input?"  If the answer is yes, an output is generated and perception occurs.  If the answer is no, no output is generated and perception does not occur.  The answer "no" occurs in two fashions: either total absence, or presence of two or more simultaneously.  For either of these cases, monocular perception gives no output, and perception does not occur, i.e., the absence of perception occurs.
Now note that the monocular perception cannot tell any difference in the two input conditions.  To it, there is no distinction between the two conditions.  The lack of any difference at all constitutes identity.  Thus to a monocular perception process, condition one is identical to condition two when they are infolded together in condition three.  So, TOTAL ABSENCE AND MULTIPLE, UNSEPARATED PRESENCE ARE IDENTICAL INSOFAR AS A MONOCULAR DETECTION PROCESS IS CONCERNED.
Einstein's postulates of special relativity conclude that "every photon is moving at the same speed relative to every particle" in the laboratory frame of reference.  The laboratory frame is the static reference frame of the observer/measurement.  But higher dimensions (unobservable) may be enfolded in hyperspace and orthogonally rotated (90 degrees) to the laboratory frame.
The Cube of Space, Diamond Body, and Vector Equilibrium Matrix are such hyperdimensional frames of reference.  They allow us to conceptualize and engineer such realms.  A frame of reference is a spatial, organized, measured lattice placed in emptiness (space, spacetime).  Normally this refers to a 3-dimensional, spatial frame.
All objects and points in the "universe" or spatial frame are considered to simultaneously coexist at separate, measured points in the frame.  It differs from the vacuum in that, rigorously, vacuum has no existing definite lengths (vectors) and no existing definite time intervals (scalars).  These appear only after measurements/detection, and are relative to the observer and to the detection process.
A separate reference frame may be assumed to exist for any fixed or moving object, or entered on any point in another frame.  When a type of frame is assumed, the entire class of physical interactions that can occur has been restricted to an assumed set or type.
In other words, given the frame, the physics have been assumed.  One of the greatest restrictions of an assumed "frame" is to rule out the consideration (existence) of other higher dimensions.  In the new theory, higher dimensions are permitted and an orthogonally rotated frame can be equated to a field and vice versa.
Hyperdimension, hyperspace, hyperframe, hyperworld, and hyperfield are all synonymous terms.  ANY KIND OF FIELD CAN BE TURNED INTO ANY OTHER KIND OF FIELD, MERELY BY CORRECT AND PRECISE TIME SYNCHRONIZATION.
Mass is determined by the resistance an object poses to an accelerating or disturbing force.  Mass is also tied to three-dimensional objects.  A photon, moving at the speed of light, can neither be speeded up nor slowed down; hence in one sense it exhibits infinite mass, but it loses a dimension when it intersects the laboratory frame. Due to orthogonality it appears two-dimensional with zero mass.
This is because at the boundary opposites are identified.  At the orthogonal boundary of three-space, zero mass and infinite mass become identical, so the photon exhibits both zero mass and infinite mass simultaneously when it crosses the threshold of the mass exhibiting world.
The Diamond Body and VEM are manifolds of enfolded in-form-ation.  The relationship between mind and matter is not mutually exclusive. The VEM is a means of engineering the transition from virtual to physical space, from concept to reality.
Mind and matter are either partially or totally one and the same thing.  They are of exactly the same nature, but only partially intersecting.  Mind is an entire physical world, but it only minutely intersects this physical frame, and then only in a portion of this physical plane.
The single dimension parameter generates the second, third, fourth, fifth, and up to Nth dimensions of the manifold, by repetitive operations on itself.


The primitive observer or "natural man" is conditioned to perceive objects and relations between objects.  This is the basis of logic, mathematics, and physics.  Set theory is simply the synthesized and abstracted game of elementary perception of the macroscopic world.  This is why mathematics can be used to perceive physical phenomena.
This macroscopic, intuitive perception is the basis of our concept of objectivity, and of our physical concepts of "observed" and "observable."  What we see as an object has interacted with photons of light through absorption and emission.
Light itself is only detectable in its interaction with matter.  The concepts of object, mass, three-dimensions, and observation are directly correlated to the photon-mass interaction, and ultimately to the photon-electron interaction occurring in the human retina.
The ideas of boundary, surface, and change in primitive perception thus involve two contradictory and simultaneously mixed interactions, absorption and emission.  Because they are constantly intermingled, primitive perception cannot separate the two.  Thus the primitive concept of a boundary consists of a simultaneous duality.  Here the object both begins and ends.  Here opposites are identified.
The dimensionality and orthogonality (spatially) of the primitive perception process are also interesting.  Photon absorption constitutes spatial integration for the photon: one additional dimension is gained by the two-dimensional light wave turning itself into the three-dimensional mass state.
The photon also adds its piece of time to the absorbing mass, converting the mass particle to mass time or space time--adding the fourth dimension.  Photon emission constitutes spatial differentiation, dimensionally speaking.  One spatial dimension is lost by a little hunk of three-dimensional mass turning itself into a two-dimensional wave.
Going from outside the object toward the inside (to track with photon absorption), the boundary marks the end of the two-dimensional wave region, so the object (or, more precisely, the interaction region) is spatially two-dimensional on the outside, and spatially three-dimensional on the inside. [So is the Vector Equilibrium Matrix and the Tree of Life].  It also occupies the time dimension on the inside, but not on the outside. [Ditto].  This directly accounts for a difference in the spacetime inside and spacetime outside, and is why mass may be regarded as a curvature or change in spacetime.
Going from inside the object toward the outside, the boundary marks the end of the spatially three-dimensional region and the beginning of the spatially two-dimensional region.  So the object is now spatially three-dimensional on the inside, spatially two-dimensional on the outside.  The inside now does not occupy the time dimension, while the photon emitted outside does.  So on the boundary, one spatial dimension is gained going in, and one spatial dimension is lost going out.  Time is gained going in and lost going out, by the mass absorber-emitter.
Gain or loss of a dimension is accomplished only by orthogonal rotation between 90 degree nested spatial frames.  The photon interaction may be modeled as orthorotation of an entity spatially in a five-space. Einstein showed that velocity can be regarded simply as the measure of rotation of an entity in a higher dimensional space.  Sincelight is orthogonal to the entire space, the speed of light is the same to every observer in that space.
Velocity also represents a statement of the switching of time into length, and length into time.  It is therefore a rotation of the spatial three-dimensional frame.
The photon interaction process is monocular.  Each photon must attack matter individually, and live or die in the process.  Each photon born from matter is also born independently.  Thus the primitive observation process is monocular, since it is totally in one-to-one correspondence with photon interaction that is monocular.
Thus the observed world is monocular, quantized, discreteized.  This why quantum mechanics seems so irrational and counterintuitive.  It is difficult to comprehend that which cannot be verified by our senses and experience.  But, macroscopic (observable) causality may be violated by control of hidden subquantal (virtual state) variables.
Everett's theory of the universal wave function incorporates multiple simultaneous observation, and hence direct insight beyond the limitations of the monocular correspondence to the photon interaction.
Photon interaction must be excluded whenever the so-called quantum effect is exhibited.  If photon interaction is invoked, classical reality emerges.  Photon interaction creates classical objectivity.  Photon interaction is a time-differentiating operator imposed on four-space.  Since light carries time, photon emission from an entity strips away the time dimension converting it to a spatial object.  The time portion of an entity can interact with any number of time portions of other four-law entities if the time aspects of all of them coincide.
To the laboratory observer, orthorotation constitutes pure dimensional integration and dimensional differentiation, and constitutes or creates an object in the first place as three-dimensional reality.  OUTSIDE THIS PRIMITIVE PROCESS ALL EXISTS IN THE OMEGA NOTHINGNESS VOID, WITHOUT FRAME OR FORM.  Ultimate reality (specifically, action) is dimensionless in the objective sense: for the objective sense exists only after an operation has been imposed.
A quantum itself is lengthless (and has no exclusive energy, time, or momentum) until differentiation is imposed upon it.  Fission and fusion of action quanta involve orthogonal rotation between orthogonal three-spaces sharing the same fourth dimension (time) in common.  When a quantum is observed as manifest it exhibits changes in length, time, energy, mass, and momentum.  It can be modeled as a vector.
A vector is a mathematical entity which can be characterized by a magnitude and direction.  They are formed by a difference in potential between two spatial points.  Thus inductance and capacitance are merely (electromagnetic) vector statements of amounts of rotation, one in a positive direction and the other in a negative direction, toward an orthogonal axis in higher dimensional space.
Vectors are characteristic of particle motion, and do not observably exist in the absence of a particle.  IN THE VACUUM, ONLY AN UNZIPPED (DISINTEGRATED) VECTOR PATTERN EXISTS, ONLY THE POTENTIAL FOR A FORCE VECTOR EXISTS THERE.
The vector field is the assigning of a magnitude and direction (vector) to each point in space. [Reference the Isotropic Vector Matrix].  The entire set of vectors and their spatial points is called a vector field.  In Bearden's approach, such a vector field cannot observably exist in a vacuum, since only disintegrated things exist there.  There each potential vector patterns exists broken into virtual bits, ordered in line to form the bits of the observable vector but not joined.
In the presence of a detecting/integrating mass, such as a spinning charged electron the virtual bits and the spinning charged mass couple into a system that identically comprises the observable vector.  In other words, the spin of an observable particle simply integrates the ordered virtual bit pattern, just as an old spinning wheel twists and integrates individual fibers into a stranded thread or rope.


All fundamental particles--photons, neutrons, protons, electrons, etc.--exhibit the same behavior.  So things, nothings if you will, can be processed in the multiplistic two-states-identified-as-one-so-no-single-exclusive state (paradox, boundary, threshold), as virtual and unobserved entities.
From ordinary, objective lab space nothing is processed, and indeed nothing is there, because these virtual hidden-variable nonthings are unobservable.  Yet, this processable, structurable, nonobjective reality exists outside objective, three-law spacetime and is the basis for all psychotronic phenomena.
To our present monocular detection devices and monocular theory, such multiple-state entities are unobserved and hence are zeroes.  They are pure vacuum, pure space, pure nothing, pure emptiness.  But they are very real indeed, and they do physically exist, but multiocularly rather than monocularly.
The virtual state is that part of physical reality consisting of changes (particles, waves, and other entities) smaller than the least detectable (quantum) change.  Disintegrated changes.  A thought or thoughtform is also virtual.  Virtual entities may be visualized as consisting of real, dynamic "pieces of vacuum" or "pieces of nothing"--called quitons by Bearden.
Every ordinary observable particle (photon, neutron, electron, proton, etc.) contains or consists of a dynamically changing cloud of virtual objects.  Exchange of virtual objects is thought to generate almost all forces of nature.  Conservation of energy need not be conserved in virtual interactions, and generally is not.
In the new approach, the mind may be considered a special virtual universe, and a thought a virtual object.  The virtual state consists of multiply nested levels, each level progressively finer and more subtle.  THESE SUBLEVELS ALSO CORRESPOND MATHEMATICALLY TO HIGHER GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS.
Virtual particles in the vacuum flux arise out of nothing spontaneously (creation) and disappear into nothing spontaneously (annihilation).  Since this is random, at any instant any sort of pattern imaginable is "just appearing" and "just disappearing" in the vacuum.  Thus a ghost-pattern of everything exists in the vacuum at any point or region, at any time.
THE VACUUM IS THUS A GIANT VIRTUAL-STATE HOLOGRAM.  INTEGRATING (KINDLING) ONE OF THESE FORMS WILL RESULT IN IT BECOMING FIRST A NEUTRINIC PATTERN, THEN A PHOTONIC (LIGHT) PATTERN, THEN A MATERIALIZING PATTERN, AND FINALLY A MATERIAL PATTERN.  Discharge of the "potential" of this pattern then reverses the process.  These two processes--charge-up and discharge--constitute materialization and dematerialization.  Anything at all--living or dead--can be materialized or dematerialized.
The vacuum, as scalar field, is also the rigorous identity  of a massless charged field, of--for example--the electrostatic scalar potential, 0.  Also, the scalar field is considered to be composed of two time fields: one in positive time and one in negative time that is the phase conjugate replica of the first.
Thus the timeless, lengthless vacuum exists both in positive and negative time, and its potentials are scalar potentials.  When the vacuum is uncurved, equal amounts and components of positive and negative time exist.  When it is curved at a point, the positive and negative time components are unbalanced at that point.


Zero is a relative term--relative to an observer.  An observer who perceives nothing, registers nothing--but subtle reality can be quite different.
An observer sees his own frame, and intersections in that frame, nothing else.  He does not necessarily see the entire reality of any object, and if an object is in a frame that does not intersect the observer's frame, the observer cannot detect that object at all.
Photons behave like massless particles.  A photon has zero mass because it is a two-dimensional object and only three-dimensional objects have mass.  A photon also has an infinite mass because it cannot be accelerated along its direction of travel, i.e. go faster than the speed of light.  A photon is a perfectly ordinary three-dimensional particle existing in a normal three-space that is one orthogonal turn away from the laboratory three-space.
Localized mass is merely the result of orthorotational flux in and out of that localized space.  This flux does not move through laboratory three-space, but rotates into and out of it, at and for each fundamental particle of mass in real-time three-space.  This hyperspatial flux is actually flowing or rotating in hyperspace.  This is where the ordinary spin of a fundamental particle comes from.
Hyperspace flux lines are jittered because of modulations made by higher-frequency components.  This jitterbugging, as Fuller calls it, relates to paranormal phenomena.
We can look at hyperspace flux from the point of view of matter or mind.  Materially it is a continual direct coherent collection of virtual subquanta to reach the quantum threshold, breach it and become observable quantum change.  Virtual photons kindle and create electric fields and the charge of an electrically charged particle.
From the point of view of our consciousness, hyperspace flux is a continual direct coherent collection of mind virtual state subquanta to reach the quantum threshold, breach it, and turn into observable quantum change (physical phenomena).
THUS ALL MATTER IS TOTALLY MIND AND ALIVE--INERT MATTER IS JUST NONPREFERENTIALLY ALIVE.  The resultant flux vector in an inert mass is ZERO since there exists as much flow out as in, and vice versa.  THUS, WE ELIMINATE THE CLASSICAL DICHOTOMY BETWEEN MIND AND MATTER.
Channels of least resistance exist to translate from one dimension to the other.  It is easiest to establish them through the paths of least resistance--the magic frequency windows.  Magic window induction works like a transducer.
Modulation of the primary flux happens through jitter or dither.  In the continual,virtual, subquantum, orthorotational flux (crosstalk), rotating into and out of a fundamental mass particle, only the components that are coherent are additive.  Only those that add to the quantum threshold and breach it become observable quantum change.
This is the threshold where it is possible for virtual mind to effect virtual matter and real time.  It is the basis of all magic, sympathetic response, synchronicity, invocation, visualization, correspondences.  The translation comes through the process of kindling a response in the primary medium of expression (the virtual state entities).
So be careful what you imagine, visualize, or even think of yourself.  Because we can physically confirm that thoughts become things!  Our self-image is perhaps one of our most important creations.  Our early experience of the environment conditions this image greatly.  It imprints fundamentals such as whether the world is a safe place to be or not.
Trauma locks up energies in the body, and the self image can become "frozen" and inhibit growth of the personality, especially in its expression of one's Higher Self or H.G.A.  This image can be de-structured or liquified, (solutio), eliminating the old holographic pattern, and returning all elements to a chaotic state.  From this chaos, the new image automatically emerges in regenerated form.  This death/rebirth is commonly referred to as healing, and may be the mechanism of the placebo effect.
Self image is locked up in identification with a multi-sensory image of self.  It conditions the body and its state of health.   The process of detachment from one's body, emotions, thoughts, and even the notion of self is a way of dis-identifying with the old outworn model, and creating a non-localized impression of oneself as contiguous with the universal consciousness.
The "self-simulation," (Tart, 1990), carries consciousness from moment to moment, even though that "self" fluctuates through a variety of states and conditions.  These are "internally generated virtual realities," according to "altered states of consciousness" expert, Charles Tart.  He postulates a mechanism for self simulation and world simulation by boldly declaring that "we all live inside a world simulation machine." (1).
Time is produced by the fission of the quantum of action.  All remaining statistical subquanta which have not collected to the threshold level are virtual subquanta of action possessing unfissioned, unseparated time.  Each and every piece of time contains dynamic, nested, virtual subquanta.  Time in observable changes may thus be said to possess an internal dynamic structure filled with such virtual subquantum mental, neutrino, and photonic entities.
Mind becomes matter, it matters, when virtual-mental entities cohere frequency wise until they breach the quantum threshold and discharge into observable quantum change.  It is much like the accumulation of a static charge until sufficient potential is reached and a spark occurs, discharging the accumulation of charge.
The same relationship exists between virtual-mental state and observable state.  The only diference is that virtual-mental state accumulates by frequency or time phase.
At the quantum level, a physical change is totally statistical to a monocular observer, but this is not so when many minds are involved.  It is why the quantum world is statistical rather than causal.  This mind/matter interface is not a causal model--your mind doesn't cause matter to change per se.  The virtual entities you fantasize manipulating are mind or consciousness themselves--stuff that is not different from matter or yourself in its deepest essence.
We can regard a fundamental particle as simply a complicated three-space tuning pattern existing in the orthorotational crosstalk flux between orthoframes.  Our bodies are composed of nothing more than that.  Thus we are "vibrations" just as the ancient Indians, Theosophists, psychedelic movement, and physics reveal.
Thus each fundamental particle is a set of tuning frequencies in the flux.  A stable particle is a stable spectrum comprised of standing waves.  And again, we are that.  And yet the fabric of our being constantly comes and goes.  We shed skin cells, and rotate our whole inards every seven years.  Our atoms are continually being created, destroyed, or exchanged with the environment.
Unstable particles are unstable sets, comprised of some standing waves, which account for the duration, and some not-quite-standing waves, which account for the excited state or degree of instability of the object.  Particles can be destabilized by such subliminal thoughts as "I am a bad person, and deserve punishment."  Core issues like this can lead to thought patterns which de-stabilize systems in the body and lead to a diversity of diseases ranging from those described as psychosomatic to those which pronounce a death-sentence, such as cancer.  Every fundamental particle is a tuning.  We know this fundamentally when we speak metaphorically of being in and out of "tune" with our real-time life situation.  Paradoxically the flux tunes and is the result of its tuning.


Current speculation about the nature of sub-quantum reality bears on the philosophical nature of the vacuum, the Void, and the persistent notion of a fundamental "ether."  Our approach is that of the alchemist who would unite psyche and matter.
Nature has no absolute laws, and nothing is absolutely prohibited a priori.  At the microscopic level, there is no such thing as a "fixed" or "static" anything.  Everything is in incessant motion.  What we see macroscopically as a "fixed" object is actually composed of very small parts that are always in violent motion.
Macroscopically static "force" actually consists of a myriad of microvectors, each moving and doing work against resistance.  The macro static force is composed of micro work.  Any vector can be replaced by two scalar fields.  The interference of two scalar EM potentials constitutes a vector EM field.  Any vector EM wave can be replaced by two scalar EM waves.
Waves of potentials (electrostatic and magnetostatic) exist in vacuum, and the coupling of a spinning charged particle to these potential waves constitutes the force field waves actually detected and measured by our instruments.


The vacuum -- and spacetime -- can now be considered to be made of photon-structured gravitons and supergravitons.  In other words, the "graviton" can be regarded as a "piece of the vacuum/spacetime medium."
Gravitation is simply infolded and trapped electromagnetic energy, and electromagnetic energy is simply the outfolded contents of gravitational energy.  Gravitational potential is "locked up" electromagnetic field while an EM field is "unlocked gravitational potential."  Vectorially speaking and roughly put, gravity is operationally zeroed or "trapped" electromagnetics, and electromagnetics is operationally broken-out or "bled off" gravity.
In the modern quantum mechanical view, the vacuum is not an emptiness, but instead is a plenum or fullness (Puthoff, 1989).  Today the vacuum is considered to be filled with incredible virtual particle activity.  From nowhere, virtual particles continually arise -- even with fierce energy -- then disappear again into nowhere, so raapidly that they cannot be individually observed.  However, these virtual particles are quite real, for they cause all the forces of nature when they interact in the aggregate with observable particles.
Thus the vacuum is viewed as a seething inferno of virtual particle fluxes, and the concept of an ether is again accepted as referring to this "virtual plasma" or "virtual flux" vacuum -- which is a far different ether than the old material ether that was theorized prior to relativity.  CONTINUALLY, EVERY TYPE OF PARTICLE IMAGINABLE SPONTANEOUSLY ARISES (CREATION) AND DISAPPEARS (ANNIHILATION) AT EVERY POINT IN THE VACUUM, ACCORDING TO MODERN QUANTUM MECHANICS.  The rate of this virtual particle creation and annihilation in the vacuum is essentially unlimited.
Further, any virtual particle created has a flux of even finer particles associated with it, and each of those has a yet finer flux associated, and so on without limit.  The vacuum's virtual particle flux is thus comprised of nested levels of ever finer virtual particle fluxes, in the modern view.  Each deeper virtual level may be modeled as a higher dimension (hyperdimension), to yield an infinite-dimensional vacuum spacetime (hyperspace) that is identically the infinite nested levels of virtual state.
At the same time, every nucleus in the universe is continually absorbing and emitting scalar EM (electro-gravitational) waves, and these waves of pure potential are waves in the stress and structuring of the vacuum itself.  HENCE, AT EVERY POINT IN THE VACUUM, AN INTENSE FLUX OF THESE SCALAR EM WAVES, WITH CONCOMITANT INTERFER-ENCES, EXISTS AND CAUSALLY DRIVES (CONSTITUTES) ALL THE ENORMOUS QUIVERING OF THE VACUUM SPACE-TIME MEDIUM ITSELF.
To the observer, from a purely statistical viewpoint, in this violent vacuum flux any and every finite patterning of particles is also continually being momentarily created and destroyed -- and at every level and in every hyperdimension.  THUS, IN THE VACUUM THERE CONTINUALLY EXISTS -- AT ANY AND EVERY POINT, AND IN ANY AND EVERY REGION -- THE GHOSTLY IMAGE OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, WHETHER IN THE PAST, PRESENT, OR FUTURE; AND WHETHER POTENTIAL, PROBABILISTIC, OR ACTUAL.
Rigorously, the universal vacuum may be taken to be a sort of giant hologram, for the whole is in each part, albeit in ghost-like manner.  Everything that is, or was, or shall be; and everything that could be but isn't, wasn't, or shan't be: already exist at once, anywhere and everywhere, in this ghostly, holographic, virtual state.  This image of reality is directly implied by quantum mechanics.  It is not metaphysics.
There has been a problem of missing chaos in QM theory.  Scalar waves seem to be the missing ingredient.  The hidden order in the vacuum fluctuations shows them as chaotic instead of random, though still statistical.  Chaos theory describes nonlinear dynamic systems, far-from-equilibrium.  Chaos displays certain qualities, all of which apply to scalar wave theory: nonlinear, dynamic, deterministic, far-from-equilibrium, disintegrated, negentropic systems of potential energy.
WE CAN FURTHER EXAMINE THE FLUX OF ONE TYPE OF VIRTUAL PARTICLE THROUGH A POINT IN THE VACUUM. Virtual particle flux creates a charge at that point.  Various kinds of fluxes constitute various kinds of charge, and comprise various kinds of potentials.  One type of charge may always be decomposed (disintegrated) into other kinds of charge, as can potentials.
The magnitude of the electrostatic scalar potential at a point in vacuum represents the magnitude of the flux of virtual photons through the point, and hence the electrical charge at the point.  The vacuum is filled with (and consists of) many types of "potentials."  The overall vacuum potential remains the same from point to point, though individual potentials may vary.
We can view the vacuum/ether/spacetime as a special sort of gas, where the "gas" is actually a mixture of many, many gases.  This peculiar gas exists in five or more dimensions and is composed of very strange, fleeting particles which spontaneously are created and destroyed, each arising out of nowhere and returning to nowhere almost immediately.
There is only miniscule (negligible) time overlap (integration) of the existence of these virtual particles in the main.  Mostly each virtual particle -- along with its associated energy, movement, momentum, charge, and increment of time -- exists almost entirely as an individual.  Thus the energies, movements, momenta, charges, and time increments of the individual virtual particles do not integrate or sum to any appreciable degree.
These are densities of disintegrated energy, momentum, and time flow.  In scalar EM, the disintegrated energy of vacuum is termed ANENERGY.  Virtual energy is disintegrated, observable energy is integrated.  The integrating agent is usually the spin of an observable particle of mass.  The vacuum contains enormous anenergy, but essentially no energy.  The "energy density of vacuum," "stress energy density," and "vacuum energy," are misnomers.  The Russians describe it as "the information content of the field," but not in the sense of normal communications theory.
Maybe we should call it the "unformation content."  The realm of the vacuum is pregeometric.  It has been described as vector zero summation, and described extensively by R. Buckminster Fuller in SYNERGETICS 1 and 2.  But vector descriptions are wholly inadequate to describe something that is more fundamental than vectors.  Fuller spoke of the VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM MATRIX because that was the most sophisticated language available then.  He noted the weird mathematical anomaly at the center of the figure where normal space/time breaks down.
But there are shortcomings in vector analysis.  The concept of vector has both direction and magnitude, but a scalar has only magnitude, since it does not exist in the 3-space of Cartesian coordinates.  Vector space is abstractly defined as a space which can contain objects called "vectors."  Fuller called this system the ISOTROPIC VECTOR MATRIX, an omnidirectional grid of tetrahedra filling all space.  If scalars have any relationship to vectors, it is that they are perhaps the essence of disintegrated vectors -- chaos.
"Zero vector" is an entity defined in vector analysis by a set of operations.  It is simply "the absence of any vector of finite magnitude."  By implication, in abstract vector theory, all zero-vectors are defined as identical.  But this doesn't include the influence of the real-though-intangible stress gradient in the vacuum.  In the abstract mathematical model, vector space has no such thing as stress, and a zero-vector has no structure.
That is why Vector Equilibrium is a "system" not a structure.  Its anomalous center is a chaotic, disassembled system.  The presence of summing vector component forces creates a stress and macroscopic structure in the physical medium in and on which the forces are acting.  Even in a vacuum, the stress of the medium and its structure must be preserved and accounted for as charge and energy conversion between one kind of charge/potential and another.


Because the energy density of vacuum is unintegrated, an integrated physical body -- including one's own personal body -- can exist "in" the vacuum medium of incredible "energy" density, yet observably exist in a medium of zero energy density.  The unintegrated vacuum ether has enormous spatial density of virtual energy, but essentially has zero spatial density of observable energy.
In the hyperdimensional interpretation of the levels of virtual state, the vacuum spatially does not exist in the normal 3-space of observable matter.  The vacuum occupies the 4th dimension (time) and all spatial dimensions (hyperdimensions) greater than the third -- it occupies all levels of virtual state, but not observable state.
Exchanges occur between normal 3-space and the hyperspatial vacuum, through the common connecting dimension, time.  Exchanges of virtual particles are integrated by the spinning observable particle into the first quantally excited state -- "collapse of the wave function," the production of unitary quantum change, and the discretizing of observable change.
Time is the only "dimension" where everything can be considered to occupy the same "point"  or interval, but it is discretized and chopped into pieces, quite different in nature from the familiar three spatial dimensions of the observable universe.
The dimensional separation (spatially) of the seething vacuum "energy" (anenergy) and the 3-space of normal matter allows a physical body to interact with the vacuum (chaos) at or near equilibrium at the microscopic level, but maintain its macroscopic form and stability.  Vacuum/spacetime consists entirely of potentials, nothing else, and these are hyperspatial a priori.  The vacuum does not contain force fields per se, nor any other non-potential entity.  No vector force exists in vacuum.  Force is an effect not a cause.
A differentiating operator must be applied to (coupled to) a potential in order to produce a force field.  The most usual is an observable spinning charged particle which couples to the stream of virtual photons.  Its spin integrates the unobservable, disintegrated anenergy of the gradient flux into integrated, observable energy of the particle.  This translates into the observable electric field which is only a potential in vacuum.
If potential exists as an unintegrated virtual particle flux (VPF), it can be "zipped" and "unzipped" as force.  The electrostatic scalar potential is composed of a myriad of little individual virtual-particle "electric force field" vectors, the smear of the virtual particle moving over time.  When these little virtual vectors are essentially separate and unintegrated, the electric field is unzipped in vacuum, the E-field vectors are unintegrated.  A potential is always an unzipped vector field of unintegrated virtual vectors.
The spin of an observable charged particle zips or integrates an energy.  The spin of the observable particle acts as the "zipper."  Vacuum is unzipped; observable mass is zipped.  Any zipped entity exists observably in 3-space; any unzipped entity exists in hyperspace, and is unobservable and virtual to the 3-space observer.
This interpretation is still consistent with the quantum mechanical view, where ultimately all observable forces are considered to be generated by absorption and emission of virtual particles by/from an observable particle (mass).  So force becomes an effect, not a cause.  The primary causative agents are potentials, not force fields, as is now firmly established in QM.
Zero-summed EM force vector systems stress the vacuum.  A patterned system of oppositive forces forms a stress in the vacuum medium.  It is the alchemical "holding the tension of the opposites."  This stress is oscillation.  This oscillation which we call a scalar electromagnetic wave is a GRAVITATIONAL WAVE, since the local curvature of spacetime is being oscillated.
This internal stress in the medium has several characteristics which identify it as chaotic in essential nature.
 1) it has a DETERMINISTIC pattern or substructure;
 2) it patterns or "polarizes" the vacuum;
 3) it constitutes local curvature of spacetime
 4) it deterministically engineers the virtual state and local spacetime;
 5) it affects the Schroedinger wave and the probabilities of the states propagated forward, leading to the possibility of engineering the emergence of quantum change;
 6) the scalar wave can accomplish direct and localized change of the rate of flow of time (even to its reversal) and variation of mass and inertia without translation of matter;
 7) since excess negative time flow may be locally produced, NEGENTROPY may be locally produced.
When the vectorially zeroing components are dynamic, the scalar resultant is dynamic.  The dynamic scalar term is the scalar EM wave.


A "vectorially zeroed" EM system (Vector Equilibrium Matrix) stresses and deterministically structures local spacetime.  It changes the energy density of the local vacuum, and curves local spacetime.  Spacetime curvature must be of such direction that a local energy "source" exists.  This curvature affects the local flow of time.  Negentropy is a direct result of a local curvature of spacetime.
The "locally trapped energy" constitutes a potential.  This vectorially zeroed EM system, which has trapped its dynamic energy inside a local area, creates and constitutes an artificial potential in the local vacuum.  This potential means dynamically structuring the vacuum, the virtual state through hidden variable theory.
With this technology we can directly engineer quantum change, skew or change the probabilities propagated by the Schroedinger wave, and engineer the atomic nucleus directly with  miniscule power.  One simply oscillates each component of the zeroing structure in common phase, always maintaining the overall zero EM vector resultant as a scalar wave or gravitational wave.
Scalar EM theory makes it possible to model the mind and its relationship to physical reality.  It is the mechanism allowing mind to affect matter, for example in healing.  Mind consists of EM fields.  Passage of an electromagnetic wave through the vacuum leaves an invisible trace.  The vacuum "imprints" everything that happens in it.  This imprint is electrogravitational; i.e. the imprinting process structures the substructure of vacuum spacetime (the artificial potential of vacuum).
The vacuum/ether/spacetime is composed of gravitons.  This means that the mind/memory/personality are centered in dynamic photon structures inside structured gravitons, which in turn comprise artificial potentials that are centered in the atomic nuclei of the matter in the body.
In the late 1960s, Lisitsyn reported that the Soviets had broken the "genetic code" of the human brain.  He stated the code had 44 digits or less, and the brain employed 22 frequency bands across nearly the whole EM spectrum (note the 22 Paths of the Tree of Life, 22 Tarot Trumps, 22 primary archetypal modes of information transfer and feedback).
However, only 11 of the frequency bands were independent.  This work implies that, if 11 or more correct frequency channels can be "phase locked" into the human brain, then it should be possible to drastically influence the thoughts, vision, physical functioning, emotions, and conscious state of the individual, even from a great distance.
The human brain and nervous system use highly complex substructuring of gravitons and supergravitons, rather than photons to perform mind functions.  Thought and personality are directly explainable in terms of scalar EM.
Chemistry is based totally on charge and charge distribution.  If you control charge and charge distribution in the body, you can control all the biochemistry of the body, with miniscule voltages and currents.
Engineering the vacuum may lead to true transmutation of the elements.  If two weak monochromatic EM waves are run together 180 degrees out of phase, and run through a nonlinear medium so that they modulate each other and lock together, they make a strange "scalar EM wave" that is an electrogravitational wave of pure potential, and one that you are controlling.
Such a wave goes down through the electron shells of the atoms, and is absorbed in the nucleus.  If you choose the right mix of waves in the scalar wave, and just keep irradiating the nuclei with that "pattern," the nuclei will gradually rearrange themselves.  For example, they will be transmuted into another element, given the proper signal mix.  That is how biological systems transmute elements using millivolts and microwatts of power (Kervan effect).
The scalar EM wave passes through the electron shells of the atom essentially without interaction, entering the nucleus.  There it is dephased and absorbed, exciting the nucleus in a particular, structured manner.  The nuclear potential is increased by assuming the imposed deterministic substructure.
The nucleus will slowly charge up with the impressed pattern, steadily "kindling" (linearly integrating) a common virtual pattern until the observable threshold is breached and observable change occurs in the nucleus.  Depending on the structure imposed on the scalar wave and in turn upon the charging nuclear potential, various actions--like transmutation can be created directly in the nucleus itself.


A point can be considered to be, and modeled as, a line in a frame one orthogonal turn away, and simultaneously as a plane two orthogonal turns away, and simultaneously as a solid (in fact, an entire three-dimensional physical world) three orthogonal rotations away.  THE LATTER MAY ALSO BE CONSIDERED TO BE, AND MODELED AS, A MIND, OR EVEN AS AN IN-FOLDED SET OF MINDS.  The concept does not stop at three dimensions, but proceeds into higher realms indefinitely.  However, three dimensions plus an orthogonal time dimension are sufficient for our purposes.
TIME IS MIND.  In time differentiating, mass loses the time dimension.  Therefore we cannot see time with a mass perceiver, but we can see spatial extension (Cartesian coordinates, Lorentz frame, Cube of Space).  But time is the only so-called objective dimension occupied or shared by mind.  Therefore we also cannot normally perceive the mind because the dimension time is lost in the perception process.
Time does not exist except with respect to between one spatial extension perception and another, if the only output signal is the 3-space of natural perception.  PHYSICAL TIME IS TOTALLY RELATIVE, TOTALLY MENTAL, AND EXISTS ONLY IN MEMORY.  Mind is thus present in four-dimensional physical phenomena and is discretized along with time discreteness in the Heisenberg uncertainty relation.
Mind creates time by establishing and comparing 3-space realities.  The only place the former perception of 3-space can rigorously be found is in memory.  An event, once occurred, is in the past and is forever gone to the observer.  Only in his memory can it be said to exist.  But then so is the observation also of the most recent event.  Thus rigorously, OBSERVED  PHENOMENA MAY BE SAID TO EXIST ONLY IN MEMORY, and there is only a past, never a present.  THUS A FULL FOUR-DIMENSIONAL MIND IS INSEPARABLE FROM PERCEIVED PHYSICAL PHENOMENA, AND MIND IS QUANTIZED ALONG WITH QUANTUM CHANGE IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD.
On the boundary interface (such as skin), one type of field may be turned into another.  The psychotronic field (biofield) may be turned into an electromagnetic field and vice versa.  The boundary interface serves as a transfer function mechanism for translating one kind of effect into another.  Both ends of the transfer functions are excitonically united in and on the interface.  Man, earth, and cosmos are psychotronically and coherently linked. The boundary of an object is a transducer coupling internal and external dynamic changes in one-to-one correspondence.  The transducer effect applies to both living and nonliving systems.  Through tuning and resonance, internal patterns can be incepted externally, and external patterns can be incepted internally.  (For more on resonance effects and consciousness, see, STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM, Itzhak Bentov, E.P. Dutton, New York, 1977).
Local curvature of spacetime means a thing in one frame can be something quite different in another frame, in respect to the observer's static frame.  What a thing is, is totally relative to the perceiver and his perceiving frame.  It can even be nothing in a great many frames.  THIS IS HOW NOTHING CAN CONTAIN EVERYTHING.  So we really can turn nothing into something if we are clever.  We can tap zero-point energy, psychotronically (mentally) and physically.
We have a scheme of multiple worlds and multiple realities from which we may construct living systems, thoughts, tulpas, etc.  And we may also turn one type of field into another, simply by virtual state collection or separation, as the case may be.  Some frames are mental or virtual, yet they are just as real as 3-space entities.  In this system mind is modeled in terms of physics and physical reality is modeled in terms of mind.  The only difference between any two entities in the various worlds is a matter of orthogonal rotation.
EVERYTHING IS A THOUGHT IN AT LEAST ONE FRAME.  EACH ENTITY IS A PHOTON IN AT LEAST ONE FRAME (LET THERE BE LIGHT!).  By orthogonal (90 degree) rotation, a thing can change its face with respect to an observer, appearing to change into a totally different sort of thing with respect to a fixed object in one frame.  Reality is quite plastic and absolutely unlimited.
Materialization of an object, by three receding orthogonal rotations, exists.  In such a case the dematerialized object appears the same as a thought object or virtual object.  A perfectly valid mechanism thus exists for tulpoids, materialized thought forms (U.F.O., Bigfoot, etc.).  All that is needed is a sufficient virtual state collection mechanism (such as Vector Equilibrium Matrix).  An object may be kindled from a remote frame to one that is less remote.  Two successive applications of kindling turns thought into electromagnetic field.  Three kindlings turns a thought object into a materialized object, a tulpoid (a Tibetan Buddhist term).
"Biofields and Tulpoids"
Such a materialized thought-object may be of an inert object or of a living, breathing, biological being.  The model we are working in has eliminated any superficial difference between living and nonliving because it is a four-law model.  A materialized living being will be just as real and physical and functional as any other person on this earth.  Ultimately, that is all that we ourselves are -- tulpoids. NOTHING EXISTS BUT THE THOUGHT OF THE INFINITE CREATOR, AND WE ARE SIMPLY PART OF THAT THOUGHT.
The coherence in multiple stages necessary to accomplish kindling is often referred to as tuning.  Tuning sufficient to enable two orthogonal rotations results in thought turning into electromagnetic field or light.  Such a kindled field may be additive or subtractive to existing electromagnetic fields.
Thus kindling can cancel an electromagnetic field that already exists, or it can create one where none previously existed, or it can shape, modulate, or change one which already exists.  Kindling can also wipe out the charge on a charged particle, or it can build up a charge on an object which previously had no electric charge.
Any changing entity in any frame crosstalks a tiny amount into any other frame, but it may be so small as to be virtual, hence unobservable.  Coherent virtual crosstalk, integrates and can breach the threshold between virtual and observable state.
Another point to notice is that most fundamental particles in a frame rarely move with contstant velocity.  Instead, they normally accelerate and decelerate continually.  Thus the actual velocity vector of one of these entities is continually changing, usually quite erratically (chaotic?).  But for microscopic particles in regular atomic or crystalline formations, the change pattern is quite regular.  (Ref. the DIAMOND BODY, Iona Miller, 1981).
The constant changes on the velocity induce a jitter component on its crosstalk into other bioframes (see Fuller on "jitterbug" transforms of V.E.M. and octahedron).  So the crosstalk into a frame is jittery.  Thus a fundamental particle is jittery or wavelike.  The fine structure constant of an electron encompasses this hyperspatial jitter or wavelike state of the electron.
The fine structure constant is about 1/137.  Thus an electron actually spends about 1/137 of the time in hyperspace.  Because of jitter, an object is partially in every hyperframe a minute but finite part of the time.  So are all minds and mental objects, and so are all virtual objects.
The identity coefficient shows how much the fundamental particle pervades another frame.  For an electron to orbit in an atom (or for any other electron, for that matter) there is a small but finite probability that the electron may be at any given position in the universe when its detection occurs.  In other words, there is a finite probability of collecting an electron at any point (Hadit) in the universe (Nuit), and the collection may be made from multiple points simultaneously.  Space-point, mind, and thought are virtually synonymous.


By proper coherent tuning through time synchronization, an object from a maverick world of fantastic possibilities can be orthorotated into our own frame and objectified.  THIS IS WHAT TIBETAN MONKS CALL A TULPA, AN OBJECTIVE MATERIALIZATION OF A THOUGHT-FORM.  The tulpa will hardly ever be closed entirely in phase, however, and so it will almost always be unstable.  UFO's, angels, and imps go away.
But the materialization of one of these can be entirely objective and perfectly objective traces can be left, such as photographs, broken limbs, scorched asphalt, indentations, and depressions in grassy fields.  Any thought object can be so orthorotated and objectified.  Beings, religious figures, angels, fairies, imps, UFO's, and monsters can all appear.
At death, the now disembodied mind finds itself in its own deep, unconscious world constructs.  Reincarnation is simply the resonant coupling which automatically establishes itself in the flux.  The disembodied, confused mind will simply be coupled again to a new physical body pattern.  This happens at the instant of conception, for the genetic pattern--the complete tuning pattern--is present at that instant.  The coupling is quite tenuous at first, and increases in degree as the embryo develops.
So, the cycle of rebirth can be broken completely--simply by dying with a totally detached mental framework.  The cessation of all tuning attachment results in structureless, hence all-structured being, part of universal Godness.  THE MAJOR POINT IS THAT ALL THIS CAN BE MODELED PHYSICALLY. THERE IS ONLY LIFE; ABSENCE FROM ONE PLACE STILL LEAVES PRESENCE IN ANOTHER.  Absence from any and every one place exclusively leaves presence at all places, each nonexclusively.
CONSCIOUSNESS -- THE THREAD OF THE RELATION BETWEEN CONSECUTIVE CHANGES IN THE TWO RESPECTIVE FRAMES -- AND TIME ARE IDENTICAL.  Time is a duration of consciousness.  Thus time and mind are identical.  So are time and universal mind.
Consciousness is simply the functioning of coherent crosstalk between a mind frame and a physical body.  Each biosystem's consciousness has all other consciousness interwoven with it.  The entire universe of universes is totally in communication with each part of itself, continually.  Incepting a change from pure causality changes the past.  The past is causally inferred or projected backward from the new vectorial direction.  Inception of course also changes the future slightly.
Hidden variable theory (chaos) which causes a radioactive nucleus to decay, is also a mechanism which can directly amplify the virtual-mental state into observable state.  It is the fundamental mechanism that causes kindling and thus orthorotation.  It can be used to materialize tulpas, accomplish psychokinesis, clairvoyance, precongition, etc.
The effect is based on the concept that a human being must accomplish a minute inception onto his phsycial system.  Specifically, he must incept the movement of three or four electrons in the brain.  This input signal into his physical system amplifies the movement of several electrons into powerful movements of the entire body.
Intelligence may be viewed as the ability to adapt behavior, and increased intelligence represents a decrease in the portion of behavioral control that is genetically programmed or "hard-wired."
The common crosstalk in all minds constitutes the collective unconscious.  Since the common crosstalk is in a sense a mind, and since it is connected to a "body" of many cells, i.e. of four billion humans or so, then this collective unconscious is a living, breathing entity.  Most of what we term physical reality is prescribed by the collective human unconscious.  And if the collective human unconscious is changed in its conception of reality, then four billion stages start kindling with the hyperchannel effect, and immediately the new conception is physical reality.
BORROWING FROM JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY, LET US CALL EACH FORM THAT IS IN EACH HUMAN MIND AN ARCHETYPE.  Let us also realize that there are shallower levels of unconsciousness between the total collective unconscious and an individual mind.  An archetype that is kindled from the collective unconscious is kindled through such a mechanism of unconscious levels of tuning, and the reality format that is kindled is determined by the type of pressure and the content, biases, or tuning of all the levels between it and the conscious minds of the individuals who observe the phenomena.
All tulpoidal manifestations are kindled through this mechanism.  All of them are shaped by the multilevel unconscious tuning.  ALL OF THEM ARE CAUSED BY AN UNRESOLVED CONFLICT IN THE DEEPER UNCONSCIOUS LAYERS.  Though short-lived because of unstable tuning, any tulpoidal materialization may be physically real during its stable period.  This includes angels, imps, Virgin Marys, UFO's, sasquatches, Loch Ness monsters, lake monsters, sea monsters, mystery lights, fairies, elves, devas, devils, ogres, men in black, goblins, monster birds, and cattle mutilations.
An infinite number of reality channels exists.  The total instrumental characterstics, genetic, psychological, and physiological, of the observers who tune in the channel determines the noise content and actual channel selected.  A reality is simply an orthogonal frame or world.  All possible realities exist.  A channel is a set of tuned and timed orthorotations communicating back and forth between two orthogonal frames or worlds.  Tuning is a complex of mind and matter, and of many unconscious levels.
By time coherence in the virtual state, a virtual entity can be amplified into observable state.  From sheer nothing (Nuit) we can produce something (Hadit).  And since every possible something exists in nothing and is available for cohering, we can get anything at all by this process, at least hypothetically.


Everything is essentially mind.  Mind forms layer after layer of overlapping zones of shallower and shallower unconsciousness (multiple simultaneous consciousness), all the way from the universal allness to the personal unconscious.  It culminates in each conscious mind.
JUST AS THE DREAMS OF AN INDIVIDUAL SHOW HIS UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS, SO THE MATERIALIZED TULPOIDS OF THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN UNCONSCIOUS SHOW ITS UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS.  At the other end of the spectrum, a human culture seeks and "obtains" a godform or god-image consistent with its own level of understanding and belief.  The resulting tulpoidal activity conditioned into the collective unconscious and the cultural unconscious, and tuned in from them, will be consistent with the cultural desires and expectations.
So in a sense we are the creators of our own reality and our own tulpoidal expressions of higher reality.  But in addition to tulpoids, the present character of spacetime and dimensionality, and the very laws of the physical universe, are largely proscribed by the collective human unconscious.


VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM AS ZERO MODEL; ZEROPHASE:  Being the zerophase of energy the vector equilibrium is inherently invisible and non-empirically-discoverable, which accounts for its having been for so long unrecognized as the spontaneous equilibrious model.  As specialists, scientists seek only the somethings.  The vector equilibrium is the only model of nonbeing zero-inflection at the nomoment of omniintertransformabilities, where anything can happen and must happen single-atomically within and multiatomically without.  Specializing science, seeking only somethings, inherently overlooked the nonthing vector equilibrium.  Vector equilibria in isotropic vector matrix produce the discontinuity of particles, while the vector-weaving around the VE nucleus produce the continuity of wave phenomena.
The vector equilibrium is the most abstract of all the always-and-only abstract scientific generalizations, for it is the heart of all interrelationships existing between -- and not in or of -- any of all the empirically apprehended intertrans-forms of the every-and-everywhere intertransforming Scenario Universe.  The vector equilibrium is the zerophase--ergo, inexpressible--interrelationship of all Universe events.
The word vacuum relates specifically to gaseous phenomena.  Nature's abhorence of a vacuum induces physical relationships only in respect to the gaseous states.  The vector equilibrium is the nothingness phase of all states of physical Universe: it is the generalization of nothingness, within which generalization the absolute vacuum is a special case event in the gaseous state.  The vector equilibrium is such a physically abhorred nonstate as to be the eternal self-starter--ergo, the eternal re-self-starter, ever regenerating the off-zero perturbations, oscillations, and all the wave propagation of all humanly experiencable physical and metaphysical phenomena.
                                                                               --R. Buckminster Fuller, SYNERGETICS 2


In physics today there are two separate kinds of reality: observable changes, which can be detected by instruments; and virtual changes, which cannot be detected by instruments, even in theory.  Changes smaller than the quantum level are said to be "virtual" and undetectable, and changes larger than this are said to be observable and detectable.  Virtual changes are not bound by the conservation of mass law.  And virtual photons can have nonzero mass.
Rotation just past the critical angle corresponds to a Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction into the virtual state below the quantum threshold of the detector's observable universe.  But there is a jump effect which happens during the orthorotation of light, or acceleration to the speed of light.  Mass turns into photons during the final part of orthorotation which is in the virtual state.  This is the missing link between relativity and quantum mechanics.
Continued rotation into hyperspace passes through successively finer, nested virtual sublevels or subthresholds of lab space. (of the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction).  The successive breaching of deeper thresholds is due to continued Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction.  Higher hyperspatial frames constitute nested sublevels in the virtual state with respect to the laboratory observer.
Thus a direct connection exists between virtual levels and hyperspace frames.  HYPERSPACES AND VIRTUAL SUBLEVELS ARE THE SAME THING.  Every "virtual" object in lab space is an "observable" object in some hyperspace.  Hyperspatial engineering and virtual state engineering are one and the same thing, and this is what PSYCHOTRONICS and SYNERGETICS are all about.
For physical, observable systems, we can model six vectors for every point (Hadit).  This is the natural geometry of nuclear structural systems.  The most economic system is 12 around 1, closest packed spheres--the intertriangulated geometry of the atomic nucleus.  The vector equilibrium is the prime, nucleated structural system of Universe.
Fuller says, "The behavioral interpatterning frame of reference of the six degrees of freedom in respect to omnidirectionality is of course the vector equilibrium, which embraces the three-dimensionality of the cube and the six-dimensionality of the vector equilibrium.  Experience is inherently omnidirectional; ergo, there is always a minimum of 12 "others" in respect to the nuclear observing self."
Time must be "nothing," much like the void of the purely spatial dimension.  Time may be considered as a sort of box containing all observables and virtuals.  Indeed, time is neither observable nor virtual; time is simply a parameter in quantum mechanics.  Rigorously, time may be said not to exist.  Indian philosophy identifies universal mind with time, and calls it Kal, Lord of Karma.
TIME ITSELF IS NOTHING, TOTALLY NOTHING.  Therefore by the fourth law of logic (identity of opposites at the boundary--paradox), it can be said to be or contain everything, the total mishmash of virtuals and observables.  Since in the absolute sense there is no such thing as time, then all modeling of space, mind, thing, and nonthing must be done spatially.  Relativity theory attempts to use time as an existent dimension of the same kind as length, limiting rotation in lab space only in the direction of the time axis in Minkowski geometry of spacetime.
Spatial modeling requires an infinite dimensional space (NUIT) and an infinite number of orthogonal angles.  The time axis that can be drawn in such a hyperspatial model has no meaning except with respect to a relationship existing between two or more hyperspace frames or objects.  Specifically, the time axis represents the totality of all the hyperspaces and their objects, hence all the relationships that can be separated from the hyperspace.
The charge on an electron is due to the continual emission and absorption of virtual photons (little electromagnetic pieces of vacuum, the space/time flux, or little pieces of nothing.  The simple movement of the electron is actually composed of a virtual cloud -- an infinite number of an infinite number of an infinite number of things (manifold), all happening in a mad tangle of nested substrata in the virtual state.
Each of these virtuals with respect to lab space is in fact an observable in some particular hyperspace.  Many other sorts of virtual particles are emitted and absorbed and born and extinguished, in addition to photons, by various observable particles in free space.  EVERYTHING IN EVERY POSSIBLE WORLD OR HYPERSPACE IS RELATED TO EACH AND EVERY OTHER THING IN THE LABORATORY WORLD THROUGH ORTHOROTATIONS AND NESTED VIRTUAL STATES.
Cross talk between hyperframes is the emergence and disappearance of virtual particles in a particular frame.  The universe is holographic.  IF ANY PART OF THIS VIRTUAL CHAOS CAN BE COLLECTED AND COHERED IN EVEN THE SLIGHTEST DEGREE, ANY AMOUNT OF OBSERVABLE FREE ENERGY CAN BE OBTAINED.
But back to our electron.  If we now remove the electron, leaving empty vacuum, all sorts of virtual madness is still there and occurring.  Vacuum is infinitely dense and filled with stupendous "zero point" vacuum energy;  IT IS TOTALLY CHAOTIC AND VIRTUAL.  Space itself is an infinite tangle of virtuals -- virtual projections from real observables in associated hyperspaces -- and these dynamic interactants make up any three-dimensional space and hyperspace itself.  They are also what cause space itself to exhibit the finite nonzero parameters or values that must be accounted for in our physical equations.
We now know something quite unusual about an electromagnetic wave and about a photon.  Because it oscillates with respect to time, the wave moves along the axis of velocity in lab space for single wavelength, then repeats itself again and again.  The oscillation actually represents an orthogonal, rotating etheric or hyperspatial flux about the velocity vector.  All three vectors of an EM wave are comprised of nested tangles of virtual subvectors.
This spinning (exploding and imploding) flux is coming into lab space from outside it (from virtual states) and returning into virtual states.  It is a nutrino flux.  (See Fuller for the synergetics of explosion/implosion; they relate to VEM).  If the sine-wave cycle has enough energy, it leads to pair production, the creation of an electron and a positron.  The positron is an electron traveling backward in time, just as Dirac predicted.
During any time interval--including the period of a single oscillation of a photon--a photon may be considered to consist of an infinite number of virtual happenings, each consisting of an infinite number of subhappenings, and so on.  It is much like the fractal nature of self-generation and self-iteration in nature.  It repeats itself at all levels of organization.
The photon itself may be considered to have a direct, nested virtual substructure, and this substructure is directly hyperspatial in nature as well.
ACTUALLY THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD IS NOT THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL FIELD, BUT IS SOMETHING THAT IS TORN OUT OF, OR SEPARATED FROM, A MORE FUNDAMENTAL FIELD: THE VECTOR POTENTIAL.  Maxwell's equations and the normal concept of an EM wave and single frequency thus represents only gross envelops of the actual forms and structure of waves and fields.  The personality covers and distorts the essence or soul in much the same way.
NEUTRINIC WAVES CAN BE REGARDED AS A CIRCULATING OR SPIRALING WAVE IN AN EM FIELD.  This may well be the spinning wave of orgone energy identified by Reich.  Neutrinic waves interact more strongly with strong electrical or magnetic fields.  The degree of interaction increases nonlinearly with the intensity of the fields with which the interaction occurs.
We presently regard an EM wave as a wiggle of nothingness, existing in time.  This is precisely the same as saying that a photon is an oscillation (wiggling) of spacetime itself.  Specifically, it oscillates in two directions spatially, one being the electric field direction and the other the magnetic field direction.
But since an EM wave itself constitutes a regular bending and flexing and curving of spacetime, including both space and time, then the flexing spacetime inside the photon can itself be further bent or twisted, and that constitutes a kinked or curved photon--a modulated photon.
It is nonlinear, but our lab space instruments demodulate such a kinked photon into its linear components.  Still the modulation of a wave results in direct changes in the virtual structure of the formerly unmodulated photon, relativistically warping or curving it.  A mixture of waves and frequencies must automatically possess, carry, or represent hyperspatial-virtual patterns in the correct nonlinear medium that absorbs them.
When we modulate a wave, we impress a time change on it, we differentiate it.  We impress a differential operator function on it.  In other words, to modulate an electromagnetic carrier wave is to add a hyperdimensional aspect -- specifically, neutrinic vector aspects of mind aspects.  The whole affair can be thought of as merely shifting or altering the particular distribution of nested virtuals transported by the basic carrier wave.
When we form a mixture of waves, we are adding virtual aspects (and hyperspatial aspects) in so doing, because of the phase differences.  This is extremely important: COMPLEX MIXTURES OF WAVES AUTOMATICALLY CONSTITUTE AND CARRY HYPERSPATIAL COMPON-ENTS.  Complex, dynamic mixtures are chaotic.  And if we can accurately control these hyperspatial components, we are in effect doing direct hyperspatial engineering and virtual state engineering.  By using two orders of modulation on a carrier, we can directly affect mindstuff itself.
Time spikes can be introduced across the body as pulsed voltages.  They are modulated directly on the dendrite firings of the brain and nervous system, providing direct and pulsed modulation of the neutrinic and mindfield component channels of the mind-brain-consciousness-life loop itself.
Hyperspatial engineering, virtual state engineering, curved space, photon kindling, mind-life-consciousness engineering, and nested modulation are all the same thing.  We directly engineer the virtual state, hyperspace, curved spacetime, and the life-consciousness loop itself, including the mind, with relatively simple devices that accomplish, transmit, and receive nested orders of modulations.  For each modulation pattern, a particular virtual structure is impressed on the photon, which is the same as impressing a particular hyperspatial pattern upon it.
Fundamental CHAOS shows up in cellular biology.  In studying cellular electromagnetic bioactivity, the cell behaves as a system far from thermal equilibrium (deterministic chaos).  In such a system negative entropy can result, and order can emerge from disorder.  For a wildly disordered system, large-scale order can emerge and stabilize, and THE MORE CHAOTIC THE DISORDER, THE GREATER THE STABILITY OF THE ORDERED PATTERNS THAT EMERGE.  TOTAL DISORDER MUST INEVITABLY TURN INTO TOTAL ORDER.  LIVING CELLS PRODUCE COHERENT LIGHT WITH A LASERLIKE ACTIVITY.  THIS COHERENCE SERVES AS A CONTROL FOR THE METABOLISM OF THE CELLS, REGULATES GROWTH, AND FIXES THE REPRODUCTION RATE.  The cells exhibit superconductive behavior.
Every living organism possesses a living aura, with a virtual photonic flux.  In this field, virtual photons are stored.  The field continually receives inputs (virtuals) from the environment and is continually outputting biophotons, particularly in the near ultraviolet.  THIS FIELD, IN WHICH ALL CELLS ARE BATHED AND WITH WHICH THEY ALL CONTINUALLY INTERCOMMUNICATE, TENDS TO STABILIZE AND COHERE THE ORGANISM (Popp).


Stress-producing metaphysical gas stretches and strains nature to yield into social-evolution conformations such as the gas-filled plastic tube of Universe.
                                                                             --R. Buckminster Fuller
The secret of the universe is that it's alive.  Einstein's spherical model of the cosmos is a primary example of a holographic universe.  In such a closed spacetime, each point inside the universe is also at the extreme end of the universe in any direction.  Thus the entire physical universe is totally outside any of its internal points, and totally inside each internal point as well.  THE TOTAL INTERNAL IS IDENTICAL TO THE TOTAL EXTERNAL.
It is proposed that each fundamental particle having electric charge represents a dual closure of the entire physical universe.  The gravitational field closure is slow and weak, and it is that closure which results in the so-called external physical universe.
Harking back to quantum cosmology, we can speculate that our universe has many of the traits of a living thing.  It was in a sense born from a hyperdimensional black hole in another stretch of spacetime, in another geometric realm.
Physicist Lee Smolin of Syracuse University has postulated that universes are born to strive and live and die.  They change form little by little--or evolve.  A universe may give rise to a number of new universes, throughout its individual history.  As in natural selection, the offspring with the most successful survival strategies prevail.  The whole collection of universes may be said to evolve.
Drawing inspiration from the Gaia Hypothesis, he extrapolates that the universe may be a mother, hatching baby universes that live and die, and, like the organic species of the earth, evolve. (See OMNI, Oct. 92, "The Bubbling Universe").  The universe, galaxy, and earth sustains life through a series of interrelated feedback loops.
If one applies quantum theory to the geometry of spacetime as described by Einstein's theory of relativity, one can conclude that very tiny fluctuations in spacetime are taking place around us all the time.  As a result, occasionally, a piece of our universe might bulge out, like a weak spot in an inner tube.  Extending via a thin wormhole, the blob would stretch until the frail link snapped, leaving an isolated entity of space and time disconnected from our universe--a "baby cosmos," where the laws of physics might be quite different from our own.
Coleman, Hawking, Baum, and Strominger have proposed that our own universe may "give birth" to offspring of a sort.  Most are submicroscopic entities a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a centimeter across.  A great proportion would pop away from the parent cosmos only briefly before being reabsorbed.  But a few might have the potential of turning into something much more vivid and impressive.  Such "buds" can suddenly and extravagantly "flower," turning swiftly into gigantic, rapidly expanding entities massive enough to contain billions of galaxies; each entity constitutes a full-blown universe of its own.
HOW COULD A TEENY-WEENY QUANTUM FLUCTUATION BOOT-STRAP ITSELF INTO A FULL-FLEDGED COSMOS?  (Ref. the "butterfly effect" of chaos theory, pumping from micro- to macro- effects).  With help from the dense, virtually inescapable center of a black hole, where the density of matter and energy becomes infinite.  Just before matter in a black hole reaches singularity, a baby universe begins to expand.
Our universe could have grown from the inside of a black hole in another universe.  This reflects the mythic Qabalistic creation story of emanation of Kether, the Source, from the three negative veils of existence.  Darwinism applies not just to organic life forms, but over megacosmic dimensions as well.  We owe our existence and physical laws to the trial-and-error evolution of untold generations of prior universes, a chain of mother-and-child cosmoses, each of them spawned in the nurturing depths of black holes.
1999 Update:  All is motion, without and within.  There is no force field in the vacuum, as such.  But we can think of it as "virtual," rather than "observable."  A virtual electric force field exists in the vacuum, comprised of accelerating virtual masses, but not an observable field.  This is beyond the physical, and into the metaphysical domain.  Observable particles can exist only in a physical medium.  The ambient vacuum stress (potential) has a hidden internal wave structure.  Its synergetic compressive stress reacts internally against atoms with their inner and outer parts.  Reaction from the nucleus induces a tensile stress, which can be decomposed into opposing forces.
The vacuum may become the central ingredient of 21st-century physics.  It is technically metaphysical -- beyond the realm of physics because it is virtual, rather than manifest.  These causeless fluctuations in energy create force fields that emerge from nowhere.  Particles flit in and out of existence at the threshold of matter.  Virtual subatomic particles pop out of nothing and instantaneously disappear.  Therefore, so-called "empty" space is not empty at all, but a seething sea of activity that pervades the entire Universe.
The vacuum "sea" is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy.  Its permanent positive energy density is synergetically balanced by a negative pressure (a tension).  This relates directly to the newest concepts about cosmic inflation in cosmology.  Inflation predicts that the density of mass-energy in the Universe is right on the borderline between expansion and collapse.  Vacuum energy can account for some of the missing mass predicted for the Universe.
The rest is accounted for through inertia.  Inertia is generated by acceleration through the vacuum.  Fluctuations in the vacuum give rise to a magnetic field through which all objects move.  As they accelerate, each particle feels the grip of this magnetic field, and that resistance is inertia.  The larger the object, the more inertia.  By altering the vacuum state, it could be possible to alter the inertia of objects.  This opens a host of engineering possibilities.
The vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe.  Astrophysicists says that the vacuum accelerates charged particles, sweeping them up to form concentrations of matter surrounded by vast cosmic voids.  Philosophers were right:  Nature does abhor a vacuum.  Even empty space is seething with activity.  It is the vacuum energy fluctuations which cause "white noise" in electronic circuits, and limits the level to which signals can be amplified.  Might this be the metaphysical basis of the audible life stream, the Sound, the Word in mysticism?
*     *     *
In an interview with Megabrain Report (1991), Bearden has some interesting comments on the collective unconscious:
"Jung's collective unconscious, for example, consists of archetypal infolded EM structures acting in common in an overall bio-quantum-potential for the entire species.  Gaia, the living earth/biosphere, really does scientifically exist as a common bio-quantum-potential with infolded living EM structures for the entire earth biosphere.  The bio-potential in a single body is an overall quantum potential that links and joins all the atoms and cells of the body.  The "spirit" of the biosystem, if you will, is its "living biopotential"--its living quantum potential.  We already know that a potential is everywhere nonzero all the way out to infinity.  So the spirit of the living system is--in the virtual state--everywhere in the universe--and everywhen as well.  It's all a giant hologram, not only in space, but in spacetime.
The entire universe is everywhere alive, with everything.  Note that if you simply examine the "ghost forms" requirement of quantum mechanics, this conclusion is inescapable.  All life is eternal.  Nothing is ever lost.
A thought or thoughtform is just a specific, dynamic Whittaker structure in the hidden EM channels of the biopotential.  Thoughts and thoughtforms are real.  They are virtual spatially, but they occupy one "real" spacetime dimension, time.  Physics and metaphysics share one common, nonobservable dimension: time.  So long as physics continues to have to have time, which is nonobservable a priori, then it also must contain everything that is a structure or action in time.
With Whittaker EM engineering, you can conceivably "make" thoughtforms to order, and input them directly into the mind and longterm memory.  If we view the conscious mind as a special serial computer, we have now found where the software is--for mind, longterm memory, and personality.  As scalar EM technology develops, we will have direct access to the software, so to speak, for the very first time.  And we will be able to engineer it at will."

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