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A South American Account of Sacred Sex

by Johnny Appleseed

We see the THREE YOUNG WOMEN in various situations, gardening, processing food, etc.

They are always very close together, touching, talking, and throwing mischievous flirting

glances at Manuel. There is one scene where they are trying to move a vine out of the way of

their taro patch, and Manuel is there. They drag him over and make him help them with much

giggling and touching. Afterwards, they talk animatedly.

During this, the older woman are aware of what is going on, and one evening, they all come

together in their sleeping groups and gradually drift together and surround the three young

women and lead them off into the jungle.

They are led along a trail to a hidden cave. Outside they are smudged, given a drink of a herbal

potion, and then led in with chanting. Inside we see a very dark image of an enormous woman

sitting on a kind of throne. There is a large hole leading down from the main room and we see a

faint light coming from there, just enough to know it is there.

The woman arrange themselves in a circle around the large woman, keeping together in their

sleeping groups. The three young woman are curled up next to the large woman, the others in

a circle gathered all around them. It is like a large mandala.

Chanting is started, and we see energy start to be generated as a network of blue lines of

energy radiating over the surface of the woman. Then it concentrates as a ball of this blue

energy in her hips. This spreads out to envelope the three young woman, and then the whole

group. It gradually starts to pulse and knit together until the whole group is one humming pool

of energy. They lie like that for some time, and then the scene fades out.

The next morning we see the group of the old women taking the group of young woman into

the forest and showing them certain plants. We also see them talking earnestly to Xumu. The

head old woman says, "Manuel has been chosen by the young women, it is time for a joining

ceremony." Xumu says, "How did the session with the old one go?" The second old woman

says," The energy was very strong. They will carry Manuel very far." They all break out


Preparations are shown for a feast. A new house is built by the village, and the young women

move into it. Game is brought in and dried, firewood gathered, herbal preparations are made.

Towards evening, Xumu comes out of his house dressed in his ceremonial clothing, followed by

his old women. They circle around the camp, and other families join them. The circle goes into

the new house and brings out the three young women, who join in the dance . Then they lead

the circle into Xumu’s house and the bring out Manuel, who finally joins the dance. They spiral

inward with Manuel and the three woman in the center, until they are in a tight group. The

chant builds to a climax until there is a loud shout and then silence. The rest of the people

wander off and Manuel and the three young women go to the new house.

It is getting dark by now and we see them by a small fire sitting in a circle drinking an herbal

preparation, chanting, and then getting into a large hammock. Manuel gets in first, and the

girls briefly confer among themselves in native tongue, then one gets in first and cuddles with

Manuel, and the other two lay one on each side of the couple.

As the first girl rolls over on top and the other two cuddle up close, we start to hear the hum

and see the energy radiations of the herbal effects. The energy starts to build between the girl

and Manuel in the sexual centers, and then radiates out over the bodies of everyone. As the

blue energy knits them into one now slowly spinning pool of energy, we see superimposed on

this scene the faces of all four of them facing inward toward one another, their faces open with

ecstatic delight. These faces are of the same people we see huddled together in the hammock,

but they are made of energy, sort of a bluish outline. They throw their heads back and the faces

slowly start to spin until they blend together into one composite face. This image slowly starts

to rotate.

This composite image slowly starts to raise above the intertwined bodies, moving up through

the roof and into the night air over the village. The large trees surrounding the village also

have an energy glow around them, and the composite image slowly drifts toward one of them,

enters and moves up through it, and emerges out the top of the canopy into the night sky. The

stars are bright on a jet black background, and we see hovering over the village other

composite images, slowly spinning. In the background we hear the words and music of a

ceremony. The composite images start to move toward each other and revolve in a slow circle

over the village that eventually becomes a ring of light. Slow dissolve.

The next morning we see the girls and Manuel slowly stirring from their hammock. The girls

act shy around Manuel, but laugh and giggle amongst themselves as normal teenagers would.

When Xumu approaches the house to get Manuel for a day of plant hunting, they become

instantly stoic and impassive.

As Manuel accompanies Xumu around the village he notices that all the women keep together

in their groups, something that we have seen in the movie before, but not in a noticeable way.

This morning however, they seem to be more than ordinarily close.

As they go out into the forest to gather herbs, we see groups of women also gathering herbs,

something that is not usually done in view of the men. When they get back to the village, the

men and the women extract their batches of ayahuasca and other herbs separately.

That night, there is a long round dance in the village, and then a procession off to the cave of

the old mother. They file in and take up places around the old mother in a circle, with Xumu in

the center with his women around him. They take their potions, and the chanting and energy

flashes start to flow over their bodies, starting from the old mother and Xumu, and then

spreading over everyone. Manuel and his young women are part of the group.

We see from the viewpoint of the old mother and Xumu that they become a flow of detached

energy seen as faces of energy. These merge into a composite and the composite slowly

rotates with the other sleeping group composites until there is a ring of light. This slowly lifts

off of the now trancelike pile of bodies, and slowly moves into and down the hole in the cave


We are shown scenes of the cave walls going by, and then giant crystals. Then we come to

great tree roots glowing with energy. We merge into these and follow them up and out of a

great tree and into the night sky. We keep going up until the village is left far behind, and we

can see the curvature of the earth. Then other rings of light come into view, and our ring

slowly moves into formation with them, forming a ring of rings. Views of deep space. Views of

ancestors of long ago, cavemen, etc, sitting in circle and drinking the same potion. Views of

DNA molecules inside the body twining around each other and exchanging the same kind of

blue energy. Views of futuristic technological cities of the future that we swoop into and

through the walls of and find groups of people sitting in circle and taking ayahuasca. These

people are some of the same people in the tribe. Views of deep space. Fade out.

Back in the cave. Very early morning. Xumu is speaking, we catch him in mid sentence. "

that is why it is so important to keep our tribe together, to keep the sacred knowledge intact.

As long as we keep doing these ceremonies of merging together and contacting the ancestors,

they will continue to have an energy vehicle to to come back to, and they will not diffuse and

dissipate, and we will continue to have their knowledge and wisdom of how to live. We will

have a home for our spirits, and immortality when we die. We must teach our young people to

continue these sacred ways, so that when we pass beyond our bodies, we too will have a place

to re-form our consciousness once again. Otherwise we will be like the animals, and our minds

will dissipate when we die. We must find some way to teach other people how to do this.

Perhaps young Manuel here, will play a part in this. The old great mother here , the one who

does not speak, is the one that keeps us in constant communication with our ancestors. They

live in her, and she in them. When we all go to join them like last night, then they come into all

of us and we are renewed and our minds are filled with new knowledge. Then we know our

world, and what we need to do next. None of us can make this journey by ourselves, it takes all

of us, men and women, to combine our energies to make the connection across the stars to the

place of the grandfathers and grandmothers. They live there together as one all the time. We

must strive to be able to join them."

                                Later with Xumu


"Xumu, what do you call this thing that we did last night?" asked Manuel.

"What thing?" asked Xumu. They are both sitting in front of Xumu’s house peeling bark from a

pile of vines.

" You know, lying together and seeing the, the.."

"The Hõna, all of you together?"

"Is that what you call it, Hõna?"

"Yes, the Hõna is what we call the image, the energy body, the experience of that which you

become when you join your essence with others. It is something you see, you feel , you

experience. Did you enjoy it?"

"Enjoy is not the right word, it was more like a feeling that for the first time I was in my right

place, that I was truly home and at peace for the first time. So we see this thing you call the

Hõna. But what is it and how do we do it?"

"What it is is part a mystery, and part a natural thing that happens when we bring the right

conditions together. You must want to join your energies together. It happens much easier

when there are two different sexes involved. And of course the sacred plants are intimately

involved. Ayahuasca and some other mixtures we add in just for this experience is our way of

evoking this experience. But the most important part is the part your energies and will play.

You must want to join with another and participate and hold the experience together.

Otherwise the visions and energies all go their separate ways. You have a very interesting

time, but you do not join with the others, and have access to the all, the realm of the

grandfathers. It is at the heart of everything, this wanting to join.

Rocks want to join together with other rocks of their kind. The drop of water always wants to

join with another drop of water. If I drop a piece of earth, it always wants to fall back down and

join its family on the earth. All creatures want to join with their kind and form a family. Our

people have found a way to join our soul or essence or spirits, through the use of ayahuasca. It

is very natural, it is just following the way of all things that want to join together."

"But grandfather, why do we have to use ayahuasca, and why do we have to want to do this?

Shouldn’t it happen very naturally by itself?"

"All these things we do are very natural. We must eat to stay alive, we must take medicines to

keep our bodies strong and healthy. This ayahuasca is a medicine for our mind. With it we

receive information that helps us see how to live. It is what allows us to join our minds to

whatever we see. The reason that we have to have the intention to join with others of our kind

is that ayahuasca allows us to join with whatever we want to, be it a plant to find out what is

good for, the animals of the forest to learn their ways so that we can feed ourselves, or other of

our own kind so that we can be one tribe and live together in peace, and fly to the stars.

Without our own will guiding us we would be wandering around lost. That is why it is important

to have the training and the support of those who know this experience well. They help you

join together."

But grandfather, what about when all of us joined together at the cave of the great mother.?

We seemed to all join together as a larger group, journey out beyond the stars, and there

seemed to be others of our kind. What is that called?"

Old Xumu looked thoughtful for a moment. The he finally said, "It is true that when we all join

together in the larger group we can travel beyond where we can when we are only in our little

family group. Although with practice one can go quite far. And what we find out there is very

strange. It is true there must be others that journey such as we do. We know there is a wide

world beyond the bounds of our forest. Perhaps some others of us in other hidden reaches of

the jungle in other lands have found the vine or other plant medicines that release the spirit to

join together and journey such as we do, but we have heard that the majority of people of the

so called civilized world actually prohibit this. This is very strange , and we do not understand

it. How can your tribes stay together and have good will for all if you do not journey together?

This is not the way we were meant to be.

We call this joining together of all in the village the Great journey, or Hõgan. It is something

great and mysterious. We join with our ancestors who have gone before us, and they come

alive again. We also sometimes see what must be things in the future, things that do not exist

on this earth and are very strange. But most of all we share with other groups that have been

able to come together as we do. Perhaps some of them come from some of the stars that fill the

sky at night, who knows. We meet together and share our being, but we do not actually

communicate as we are doing here now. Perhaps some day we will."

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