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"Beyond the whipped cream bikini...
The whipped cream Dakini..."

"Rather than falling in love, Tantra is rising in love."

by Soror I.U.D.,  ©2002

"Ball Lightning"
Virtual Tantra Introduction


"To the pure all things are pure." --Sir Richard Burton, Arabian Nights
"I am in the creature's desire." -- Krishna
"Sexual love is the purest energy of the divine state, 
for lovers in their embrace form one angel.
" -- Swedenborg
ďThe meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: 
if there is any reaction, both are transformed
." -- C. G. Jung
"Be strong; then cans't thou bear more joy." -- A. Crowley
"In giving and receiving are the forces of life multiplied." -- Denning & Phillips
"The union of man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth. 
It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth lust forever. 
Humans have lost this secret and have therefore become mortal. 
By knowing it the Path to Immortality is opened.
" - Shang-Ku-San-Tai
"The Lotus-flower, the sex organ of the partner, is an ocean filled with Bliss. 
This Lotus-flower is also a transparent place, 
where the Thought of Enlightenment can rise up.
When it is united with the Scepter, the male organ, 
their mixture is compared to the Elixer 
produced from the combination of myrrh and nutmeg. 
From their union a pure knowledge arises, 
which explains the nature of all things.
" -- Kalachakra Tantra
"High is the mountain of the spinal column, and at the top of it, there sits the Bliss-bestowing girl in the form of a huntress.  She is all covered with peacock feathers, and a beautiful garland of flowers around her gazelle-like neck. 'O exalted hunter!  O mad hunter!'  So exclaims the girl on the mountain peak. 'I am your dearest mistress; my name is Spontaneous Wave of Bliss!'  Many are the trees on the mountain.  The huntress-girl, decked with beautiful earrings of lightning and thunder, plays alone in the forest.  The bedstead of the Three Essentials of Body, Speech, and Mind is made ready.  In expectant Bliss, the hunter spreads the bedclothes.  Then the serpent-like hunter and the selfless goddess pass their night in love on that bed.
                                                                                                  -- Mystic Song of Siddha Saraha


The soul abides deep in the heart of the flesh,
Where Body and Spirit long to mingle and mesh.
It forms one willing captive amid the silken pillows,
Twists and writhes as undulating waves and billows.
Talent is a monster fed only by Arts,
Embodied as form, its Splendor imparts.
That narcotic need makes our decisions
Glorious, without final cut or revisions.
In a changing world we have music, art and love
To meld or ground dark and light from above.
Hot desire burns omniscient within the senses,
Weaving a spell of impassioned perfect tenses.
That divine response reflected back from our desire
Is the sole motivation for us to continue to aspire.
It is a resigned, passive act merely to believe,
Only the active stroke of Will can ease or relieve.
Finding us bored stiff,  I'll see that and raise you One.
A cone of power the likes of which was never done.
Nothing matters to Lovers but sex, death, and religion,
All of which reside far beyond gates of human division.
God entreats Goddess, becoming evermore emphatic;
Both now One, growing steadily more empathic.
Power and Light unleashed, more awesome than frightning,
A spiralling energy we now know as Ball-Lightning.

Spiritual Sex

The overwhelming nature of sexual passion has caused it to be deified or divinized or alternatively feared as evil and demonic.  It may seem odd that the same physiological act can raise us to the heights of spiritual exaltation or plunge us into guilt-ridden misery.  The awe-inspiring force of desire and sex has played a role in religion, magic, mysticism, occultism, symbolism, and the whole spectrum of human psychobiological interaction with the transpersonal.  Creation myths are often about divine couplings, and cyclic fertility rites dramatically reenact this original creative act.

In magical theory the opposites which exist at the universal level also exist in us as microcosms or miniature copies of the universe.  Each of us as human beings contains all the opposites, symbolized as male and female, sun and moon, conscious and unconscious.  In balancing and reconciling these opposites we achieve a higher unity.  In marked contrast to the general religious suppression of Eros, tantra does this by glorifying our erotic and sexual nature.

Sexuality is a sacred ritual of union through the sensual and ecstatic celebration of differences.  It is the life force.  Through the sexual act we seemingly transcend our isolation and physical boundaries, share in a greater reality. We discover, if only momentarily, that the Other seems to become part of oneself.  Hence, the erotic language of mystics describing the apprehension of ultimate Unity, the promised reward God offers the righteous.

If this search for the Beloved is the major sexual goal, and if it can be gained only partially and fleetingly with a human partner, then it is quite natural to think of the lasting and blissful union of the soul with God in sexual terms, as many mystics have done.  This concept of the soul's union with God as a sexual union is paralleled in the romantic ideal of love with a human partner as an act of worship.  The overwhelming nature of desire leads us to experience it as a supernatural force.  The soul abides in the heart of the flesh.  In the ecstasy of sexual union we rise to the supernatural level, are possessed by a male or female deity, and mingle with the divine.  Orgasm corresponds to the soul's ecstasy possessed by God.

Virtual Tantra

Rather than falling in love, Tantra is rising in love.  *Virtual Tantra* covers all the bases of theory and practice of sacred sex, from the practical to the aesthetic, to the spiritual in the quest for ultimate fulfillment through the psychosexual self.  This site is a "Ten Talents Cookbook" for the silken pillows of the aspiring Dakini and Tantrika, focusing on the alchemy of sex.  The VIRTUE-alities of Tantra and Sex Magick are outlined frankly, as well as hypnotic, poetic and metaphorical aspects.   Tantra is a path of maximally arousing or filling up the senses creating a true voluptuousness through poetry, imagination, eroticism, sexuality, trance, hallucination and exaltation.  By honoring the sensual self, the metaphysical nature of surrender to the erotic impulse is experientially revealed.

*Virtual Tantra* includes even medical and scientific perspectives on sexuality, ultimately viewing lovers as EmBEDed Holograms, two bioholographic fields melded into one.  Psychological erotic education and emotional pitfalls are also covered.  Why would you be pursuing an ideal or idealized love in a zealous manner -- searching for the Holy Grail, so to speak?  Does the desire spring from personal or transpersonal sources?  How can we escape from the prison of self-obsession?  Real love is quite different from desire, infatuation, lust, or concepts of romance.  Real love means self-transcendence through mutuality and reciprocation, service to self, others, and world.

Ultimately, the refinement of sacred sexuality practices is an artistic expression, a form of creativity, even private performance art.  It is a celebration of life and an end in itself.   You might think the practice of Tantra requires a lot of preparation and props, but ultimately it only requires you to bring your naked authenticity to the process and be spontaneous.  Enjoy the virtual experience of being Shiva/Shakti.  Learn the virtues of erotic education, of sacred sexuality and how to create that atmosphere and inner focus.  Are you done when you are finished?  Not if you remain true to the never-failing ardor of the passionate tantric spirit; maybe you continue transforming into homo spiritus, even homo lumens.

Eastern and Western Traditions

There are both Eastern (Tantra, Taoism, Persian) and Western (Goddess worship, Alchemy, Courtly Love, Sex Magick) traditions around sacred sexuality.  Eastern enlightenment comes in many varieties of spiritual experience and practice.  They all express the pursuit of the One, or the One through the infinitely Many forms of existence, which are actually only different forms of sacred Emptiness.  Tantra presents the ultimate Nondual reality as the sexual embrace of God and Goddess, of Shiva and Shakti, of Emptiness and Form.

Neither Ascent (Transcendence) nor Descent (Immanence) is final, ultimate or priveledged: like yin and yang, dominance and submission, they generate and depend on each other.  They find their own true being by dying into the other, only to awaken together, conjoined in Bliss.  Lovers become the entire Cosmos, finding that eternity is wildly in love with the production of time. The non-dual Heart is radiating as all creation, and blessing all creation, and singing this embrace through eternity.  When we experience this in our own awareness, this union is the Nondual vision.  God and Goddess, Emptiness and Form, Wisdom and Compassion, Agape and Eros, Ascent and Descent -- perfectly and blissfully united.

The God of the Ascenders is otherworldly, usually monastic, ascetic, seeking to flee the Many and find the One.  It is purely transcendental, and pessimistic about finding happiness in this world, shunning time in favor of eternity.  Ascension is generally a via negativa, dampening the senses and strictly channeling internal perceptions through emptying, devotion, or concentration.

In the other approach practioners of Descending find the divine embrace through the Many.  It is in love with the visible, sensible God, and sometimes Goddess.  It is a God of pure embodiment, of pure immanence, fascinated with diversity, and finds its glory in the celebration of diversity.  Great variety is the goal of this God.  It celebrates the senses, and the body, and sexuality, and earth.  It is creation-centered spirituality where All is divine.  Emptiness and form are not-two.  Emptiness is the immanent ground of all Form.

Union of Opposites

Tantra is perhaps the oldest form of Eastern alchemy.  According to tantric philosophy the whole universe is built up of and pervaded by basic forces which are in intimate and intricate union.  These forces, named Shiva and Shakti, are personified as male and female deities.  Of this divine pair, Shiva is the subordinate one, for it is the Female Principle that ultimately underlies all manifestation.  There is a tantric saying, "Shiva without Shakti is a corpse."

The core experience of Tantra is revelation of its sexual secrets.  Sexual union symbolizes the quintessence of the elements.  Sacred sex reveals eternal truth and transcendence.  It is a way of redemption -- union of the personal self with the transpersonal Self.  The Diamond Body is the crystallization or stabilization of the archetype of the universal Self as a permanent part of the individual psyche.

Tantra is a philosophy, a science, an art, and a way of life in which sexual energy is consciously and creatively utilized.  The hidden potency of the sexual act is the blueprint or seed of all creatvity. When we understand the practical teachings of Tantra, a whole new perspective and experience of life opens.  Tantra is a process that fosters the holistic harmonization of the male and female elements of our psychobiological self, ameliorating the war of the sexes.  Through rapport and empathy we come to understand the Other.  Empathy needs a face!  Devotion needs a face.

Psychologically, there is a harmonization of the inner-mate archetypes of Anima and Animus, soul-figures which function as guides to deeper regions of the psyche.  They lead to wholeness, integration, self-actualization.  In Jungian psychology a man's inner feminine self is termed anima or soul; a woman's masculine component is called animus or spirit.  Their merging creates a psychological and spiritual androgyny, another expression of wholeness.

Western forms of Tantra include a series of Sex Magick rituals designed to bring the individual to self-realization.  The central aim of Western magic is to attain or stabilize the emergence of Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, or the daemon, one's true spiritual identity.  This implies drawing closer to the consciousness of one's authentic individuality, in contradistinction to the active conscious personality.  We can achieve a form of sacred marriage with the inner mate, known in alchemy as the coniunctio.  This union produces a Magickal Child that symbolizes our potential for realization of the Higher Self, self-actualization.

These western alchemical goals and procedures paralleled Eastern alchemy, with its concern for the elixer of immortality and the extraction of spirit from matter and its liberation through meditation.  Chinese alchemy is a mixture of alchemy, kundalini and tantric yoga.  Its secret is the great creation of a golden fetus which represents the seed of enlightenment.

The Chinese view is that every individual possesses a central core that is an aspect of the universal Tao.  In the Tao, the principles of opposites yin and yang are united.  Spirit and soul together make up the personality and vie for supremacy.  The goal of Chinese alchemy is to free the spirit from its entanglements with instinctive drives and emotions by providing a place in the human body where the primal spirit may crystallize and gestate.  The beginning of creativity is called prenatal, (undivided yin-yang).

Personal spirit is joined with transpersonal spirit and soul then reunited.  The product of this union is called the Golden Flower or the Elixer of Life, literally Golden Ball or Golden Pill, which ensures the survival of the individual after the death of the body.  "Circulation of the Light" refers to repetitive cyclical mixing of spirit (psychic) and soul (physical) energies, of the the positive and negative principles, to create the "yellow bud" or "mysterious pearl."

Through a coniunctio, inner copulation of positive and negative "crystallization" occurs as the appearance of inner light, white like moonlight.  In the next step, the resulting light is reddish yellow.  The union of the two lights produces the immortal seed.  Golden light within the white light between the eyebrows means primal spirit is forming the immortal fetus and the Elixer of Immortality.  The primal spirit emerges from the fetus and leaps into the "great emptiness" through the gate at the top of the head, forming an indestructible Diamond Body.  In sex magick, the same is known as the Babe in the Abyss (of the Transcendent Immagination).

Inner Alchemy

In magical theory a sexual working will not succeed if the aspirant is swept away in the thundering surf of desire and orgasm.  When partners are in balance, neither strives for pleasure independently of the other.  Mastering the force we have aroused, we can direct it at an objective, such as enhacing integrity, clarity, and wisdom.  The element of pleasure is secondary; any idea of shame is banished.  It is a means to the goal -- sacramental significance, not the goal itself.

In Virtual Tantra,  there's no Reality, only perceptions of flowing process-- and refined perceptions can enhance the ecstatic state for unique expressions of self-fulfillment and spiritual experience.  All attitudes and thoughts are psychobiological events, and a shift to the tantric perspective allows you to enter the virtual realm of sacred sexuality, to break down barriers between the ordinary and the extraordinary, to embrace the Divine.

The acts of the lovers mirror the primordial creation and subsequent fecundity.  In desiring his opposite, the Supreme Being impregnates Nature.  The attraction of the two principles for each other engenders all life.  Neither asleep nor awake the spirit is set free by perfect exhaustion of the body.  Through tantric sex a twilight state is produced.   Then there is a dramatic paradoxical shift from sympathetic arousal to the afterglow of parasympathetic tranquility. This "calmed violence" is the essence of the Real.

Coniunctio is an alchemical term symbolizing the unification of opposites, like yin and yang unite in the Tao.  When the opposites to be united are the masculine consciousness and the feminine unconsciousness, embodied symbolically as lovers, the union is termed the Royal Marriage.  This royal marriage of the Alchemist and his Soror Mystica, the King and Queen, sun and moon energies is a transcendent symbol of the self and embodies psychic totality, or wholeness.  Caresses are a way to wisdom.

Serpent Power

This psychosexual energy is the principle element behind contemporary magic.  It is known as kundalini, or the serpent power.  Sex is the single strongest intensive, euphoric, even hallucinatory natural emotion alterant available, channeling the sexual energy into a mystical process of self-development.  It is the foundation of Tantra.

The spectrum of tantric practices includes not only sexual trance, but physical culture, breath control, superconcentration, mental and spiritual discipline, and the mystic arts.  Much like Western magic, tantra employs candles, incense, bells,  magical wands and chalices, spells, magic circles or mandalas, bodily postures, occult gestures, symbolical designs, and words of power.  These are employed to enhance and bring bodily functions under the control of the will and exert a subtle inner alchemy.  There is a hermetic distillation of a quintessence from the bodily fluids which reinvigorates the physical body.

Tantra presupposes a complex system of subtle anatomy and physiology, based on the chakras, or plexes of the etheric body.  The seven chakras are situated along an axis that passes from tail-bone to skull.  A sympathetic resonance exists between the chakras.  By tantric method the kundalini can be made to blaze up and kindle successively higher chakras, streaming up finally to the Crown.

Thus, the way through bhukti (pleasure) can lead to mukti (redemption).  This mystical belief is the tantric secret that sex can be a Way of salvation.  The ecstasy of sexual union is a state in which we rise to a virtually supernatural level -- a peak experience.  We link ourselves with the great forces of nature and the underlying rhythms of the Universe -- and experience atonement.

Arousal and Transcendence in Tantra and Sacred Sex

The  mystical effects of Tantric Sex are the result of spiritual and sexual technologies which manipulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of arousal in the psychosexual body.  The interaction and paradoxical union of these two systems of arousal is implicated in tantric bliss states.  One system, ergotrophic, energizes us; the other, trophotropic, tranquilizes us.  The E-system is Yang, while the T-system is Yin.  The orchestration of these systems during the sexual sacrament is the essence of tantra.  "Maxing" out your system physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with Tantra can lead through ego death to cosmic consciousness.  As in the case of trance-induced transcendence by overwhelming the senses, at tantric full-body orgasm there is a paradoxical switch from maximal arousal to a profound state of emptiness and deep calm which can be lengthened or deepened even further in post-coital meditation into a direct perception of the mystic Void.

As a metaphor of this process, imagine the fabulously beautiful and infinitely detailed structure of the fractals produced by the Mandelbrot set.  When this form is generated all numbers of the equation either fall into the black void at the center of the figure because they are decreasing; or if they are increasing they wind up as part of the infinitely dynamic fractal set that forms the beautiful filigree around the voids.  Our consciousness does much the same in the flow state of psychosexual expression.  When aroused we expand our sense of self even to the cosmic scale even as our focus narrows (cosmic consciousness).  After orgasm, our focus is free to expand infinitely while our sense of the body and our personal orientation can virtually vanish (the mystic Void).

Tantra works within the natural cycle of ergotropic and trophotropic processes, governed by the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.  They mediate cycles of arousal and calm, and are therefore implicated in a variety of mystical experiences and also disorders which display states of hyperarousal and hypoarousal.  They are mediated by the neurotransmiters noradrenalin and serotonin.  The interhemispheric balancing mediates the harmonization of the left and right hemispheres of the brainmind.  They mediate fight-flight responses, and pain-pleasure cycles.  They can be chemically related to cycles of inflation, desire, acting out, guilt, remorse, high wellbeing, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.  At their extremes, meditative and exalted states reflect as psychological and physiological paradox.

Tantra and Trance

Hypnosis has been used knowingly and unknowingly through the centuries to enhance the pleasure of sexual experience and spirituality.  Natural trance can be used to facilitate transcendence.  The consciousness altering heightened excitement, herbal refreshments, luxurious baths, oils, sensuous massage, sparkling drinks, flickering candle-light, incense and languid atmosphere of the boudoir setting are all conducive to self-suggestion for greater relaxation, sensual enjoyment, and fantasy experience.  By changing your imagery, you can even evoke a more spiritual atmosphere viewing the act as a sexual sacrament.

It is relatively easy to learn the techniques of mutual hypnosis for use with yourself and your lover.  Just begin to imagine the creative possibilities of trance-formations for yourself and your complementary loved-one.  You can begin using the male and female, left and right sides of your brain for whole-self integration, for an inner unification, mythically called the union of the Sun and Moon.

Self-hypnosis can help you create a virtual experience to add another dimension to your sexual life.  When that dimension is spiritual in content, that is VIRTUAL TANTRA.  It helps open the inner eye to a whole new world.  In relation to tantric sex, hypnosis can serve a variety of purposes, from building rapport to enhancing experiences of an influx of Divinity, subtle energies, time distortion, of the Void at the climactic moment, or alternatively of fullness or Cosmic Unity Experience.

VIRTUAL TANTRA reintroduces the safety, nurturing and fulfillment of the original Core Dyad, and allows us to return to the blissful "garden" which we inhabited prior to our sense of separation.  Our empathic experience of another depends on our 'coupling' or 'pairing' with the other.  It is enhanced by sensitivity to psychophysical cues from the other -- a rudimentary form of mind-reading.  To be empathic implies intersubjective openness.  This is the nature of empathy -- a dynamic feedback loop.  We experience another person as a unfied whole through empathy...and the more whole we are within ourselves the more that perception is amplified.  We transpose ourselves to the place of the Other.

This downward causation of spiritual experience, or incarnating energy works from global-to-local and is the basis of our personalized transcendent experience.  It is the alchemical discovery of the Godhead in matter, through the union of opposites.  It heals our cultural mind/body split in a unified experience of shared embodied minds.  From birth our senses are linked to each other by an intra- and inter-personal body schema, or love map, which suggests the possibilities of action at the supramodal level -- cosmic consciousness.

An even deeper, more therapeutic level of rapport available to lovers is a shamanic state we can call co-consciousness.  Through it, you can blend your sacred energies, your soul energies, by mixing your energy fields in the sexual sacrament.  We've seen how hypnotic realities -- spontaneous and induced -- influence us consciously and unconsciously at the physical, emotional and mental or mythic level.  Now we will look at the mystical experiential phenomenon of co-consciousness.

" trance I can feel both "here" and "there", connected with you and disconnected from you, "a part of" and "apart from" an experience.  This... gives rise to a nonconceptual and nonverbal experiential state of unity.  It is a more primary,inclusive way of relating than the separating, "either/or" logic characterizing analytical, conscious process.  In other words, trance processes tend to unify relations ("this" with "that"), while conscious processes tend to differentiate relation ("this" vs. "that")...[These features of trance] suggest trance as a state of deep experiential absorption where a person can operate independently from the constraints of regulatory, error-oriented consciousness process." --S. Gilligan, Therapeutic Trances

In the holographic model of consciousness, the processing of mental forms occurs within the context of a part/whole relationship, where the identified part exists within the code of the whole.  This paradigm can be applied to the tantric hypnotic relationship.  The hypnotic process is thus an undulation of form and transitional states that helps us understand the healing and renewing properties of tantric trance.

Co-consciousness, the shared virtuality of the journey process, is a telepathic rapport wherein both participantís alpha and theta brainwaves become synchronized or entrained, in essence, into a single holographic biofield.  Co-consciousness might be measured via the observation of spontaneously shared, matching or resonating brainwave frequencies.  It is very likely to be present in lovers after mutually satisfying sexual experience, in the "afterglow" or reverie period.

The mind is not embodied in our head, but in our whole organism embedded in its environment.  This embodiment is an emergent and self-organized process that spans and interconnects the brain, the body, the environment, and in tantra, another special person.  The tantric experience thus emerges through the common intentionality and dynamic co-determination of self and other.  Self-other co-determination and co-creation is the foundation of tantra.  Even seeing is a way of acting -- a visually guided exploration of the world.  Inner representations also generate experiences which can guide us and show us a Way.

Western, Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist alchemy have made extensive use of the sexual act as a means of personal transformation, culminating in a celebratory Royal Marriage with the Cosmos.  Like the Taoists, Western alchemists have always worked with a female partner, the Soror Mystica, mystical sister or wife, who is the living embodiment of the Feminine.  The Great Work can not be done without her.

"Sexual union is an auspicious Yoga which, though involving enjoyment of all the sexual pleasures, gives release.  It is a Path to Liberation." -- Kaularahasya
"Lust, the primal seed and germ of the spirits, existed first...The seers, looking into their hearts, discovered the kinship of the existent and the nonexistent." -- Rg Veda 10.129.4 (455)
"Desire, which is known as Kama, or "love", is dangerous when it is considered as the end.  In truth, Kama is only the beginning.  When the mind is satisfied with the culture  of Kama, then only can the right knowledge of love arise." -- Rasakadamvakalika
"In possessing his beloved, man forgets the entire world, at once that which is within him and that which is without.  In the same way, for he who possesses the Me, nothing more exists, neither within, nor without." --Brihad Aranyaka
"Woman is the fire, her matrix the fuel, the call to man the smoke.  The door is the flame, the pleasure the spark.  In this fire the gods form the offering.  From this offering springs the [magical] child." -- Tchandogya V, 8, 1-2
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The Essential Tantra, Kenneth Stubbs
Tantric Massage, Kenneth Stubbs

Temple of Living Light

Show me your mysteries, I'll show you mine
As we embark outside this space and time.
Clasping hands we'll join the dance divine,
Flowing gently toward eternal rhyme.
Tell me your fantasies, I'll tell you mine
Show me your ecstasies that flow as wine.
Together we'll reach the highest peak sublime,
Drinking deeply from the spring of time.
Try as we might...
So many chambers in which to dwell
To reach the heights...
From the bottom of the wishing well
With second sight...
How we ascend only time will tell
To the Temple of Living Light...
Far beyond heaven and hell
Bare your heart to me, I'll give you mine
Though all alone we might be flying blind.
Through embrace fire and ice entwine,
Surging and merging as the ocean tide.


Hereís an invitation to the pillow, my tantric high priest,
As intimate as it is compelling, from your audacious artiste:
A whiff of natural aromas suffusing the air, most succulent,
The apogee of sensuality lies within our joint corporeal embodiment.
We see that Clear Light which insists on shining, lunar and solar,
Rapt souls remember taste and smell alone of a transit circumpolar.
Responding to the scent of universally seductive jasmine and hyacinth,
Come join in a dance, part the curtains, come explore my labyrinth.
This love taps all our primal emotions like a long-forgotten moonrise;
Slavishly aroused by chemical messengers, volatile molecules atomize.
We imagine from the distance echoing strains of a musical rondeau,
Round and round, Bacchinalian delights lead to amorous vertigo.
In a hazy reverie of past encounters, bent over backwards romantic,
Reveals that emotions which lie below conscious thought are oceanic.
The heart of sweet remembering is all too precious, red as garnet,
Recalling the rush of emotion and memory until it is incarnate.
Reaching into our emotional lives is this bewitching call of the siren,
She who has been exposed to everything by the likes of a Lord Byron.
Once we begin emerging from the deepest caves in our minds, shyly,
Revealing ourselves, all manner of things can happen, wild and wily.
A combination of scent and embodied sensuality is unusually attractive,
Involuntary powers interact, whether dominant or submissive, co-active.
The chemical essence of animal communication is distinctive and flagrant,
A residual aroma suffusing the air leaving it so redolent and fragrant.
Lubricating sticky fluid runs down my cheek, liquified and milky,
Preparing the way for a symphony of sensations, elegant and silky.
The master and mistress of this plan, God and Nature, make it brilliant,
It helps us cope with the problems of life and keeps us ever-resilient.
Hereís a strong sensuous signal: come and lay your head on my pillow,
To your incarnating power I will voluntarily bend like a sapling willow.
In olden times, divine courtesans gave their all to the Magna Mater,
To sacred hierodules came one and all to worship that holy krater.
They sought fertility and fruition, a salve regeneratively creative,
The real pleasures in life help us bond with joys so cumulative.
Some still know the muskiness of sex without guilt or soap, soul bathing,
In which each is the extension of the other, each the otherís plaything.
Licked and pumped from deep within, a draught so rich and creamy,
Comes from the south, from that fertile crescent, hot and steamy.
Smells are surer than sound or vision, sensory input incessant,
To make our organs respond in tune and grow infinitely tumescent.
Tastes and smells can be sensuously heavy or light as a feather;
They make our heartstrings sing, while we are writhing together.
Initiated by the ardor of hot-blooded Mars, the ďprospector,Ē
Answered from the core of emotions, dove-like Venus, the reflector.
Sweep me up in your arms, my beloved, be my morningís highlight,
Or take me in the ever-dimming glow of the dwindling twilight.
Universally gifted, both gleaming now, all radiant and smiling,
The emanations of sacred bodyís manifest form is oh so beguiling.
All of these aspects reflect the divine virtues of complete arousal,
Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical declarations of espousal.
Stimulating associations evoke, frighten, arouse and scintillate,
A roaring cascade of sensations and imagery they begin to initiate.
Lovers create an astral temple all their own, deep inside a starry vault,
Whose canopy is held aloft by a singular sturdy column of basalt.
We fall together like the Walls of Jerico, breaking down our ramparts,
Eliminating all restrictive barriers between the worlds of sweethearts.
The rush of that confluence is downright irresistable and torrid,
Then our human scent trail dissipates, left behind in sheets now florid.
Is this an intimation of evolutionís goal to shortly realize homo lumen;
Are we possibly on the long winding road to becoming superhuman?
No human experience can surpass our most sacred and holy function;
Mere friction cannot replace the mystery of the mystic conjunction.
Tentative signals formerly crossed now become highly convergent,
That most elusive of senses is now primary, charged and resurgent.
After such yearning for full baptism in that precipitated ablution,
You canít fail to recognize filling up, becoming the ultimate solution.
Some say that the single light-filled eye is the strongest creative force,
Outranking privileged and intimate access freely granted, of course.
But light, rare innermost odors, or flavors canít be kept sealed in a phial,
Letís exchange molecules, bits of ourselves, not just light like a sundial.
Through our many senses all of natureís given pleasures we imbibe
Stilled, the mysterious ode of the universe is not hard to hear or transcribe.
image: Knot by Iona Miller

The languishing eye
Puts in connection soul with soul,
And the tender kiss
Takes the message from member to vulva.

                                       --The Perfumed Garden

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