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    OLD WAREZ   

In the following list you will read the names of the so-called 'Old Warez' games. This term comes from the fact that these games are old ones, apparently ready to be left even if at the moment they are still fully supported by the software houses and therefore on sale. Often many self-defined Abandonware sites make this games available for the download, but they are unawarely (or not) putting online still-on-the-market games, therefore WAREZ and totally illegal. Close to the games names you will find the links to get to the pages of the companies that still support and distribute them.

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1942 Capcom
7th Legion Epic Classics
Addicition Pinball Crucial Store
Adventure Math Epic Classics
Airbus '98 Crucial Store
Ardennes Offensive, The SSG
Armor Command Sold Out Software
Army Men 3DO
Atomic Bomberman Sold Out Software
Bad Toys 3D TIBO Software
Baldur's Gate Virgin Interactive
Balls of Steel 3D Realms
Baseball Pro '98 Crucial Store
Battle Chess Interplay
Battle Chess 2 Interplay
BioDomes SoftDisk
Birthright Crucial Store
Blake Stone 3D Realms
Blood and Magic Interplay
Brix Epic Classics
Brix 2 Epic Classics
Broken Sword Sold Out Software
Broken Sword 2 Sold Out Software
Caesar III Sold Out Software
Cannon Fodder Sold Out Software
Captain Quazar 3DO
Carmageddon 2 Virgin Interactive
Carriers at War SSG
Carriers at War 2 SSG
Carriers at War Construction Kit SSG
Carriers at War European Scenarios SSG
Castle of the Winds Epic Classics
Castles II Interplay
Catacomb 3D SoftDisk
Catacomb Abyss 3D SoftDisk
Catacomb Apocalypse 3D SoftDisk
Catacomb Armageddon 3D SoftDisk
Catacomb, The SoftDisk
Championship Manager 2 Sold Out Software
Chaos Overlords 3DO
Civilization I Crucial Store
Civilization II Infogrames
Claw Monolith
Colonization Crucial Store
Comanche Gold NovaLogic
Commander Keen 2 3D Realms
Commander Keen 3 3D Realms
Commander Keen 5 3D Realms
Commando Capcom
Commandos Eidos Interactive
Conquest Crucial Store
Conquest Deluxe Edition Interplay
Cosmo 3D Realms
Crime Killer Interplay - Rental
Crystal Caves 3D Realms
Curse of Monkey Island Lucas Arts
Curse of the Azure Bonds Interplay
Cyber Chess SoftDisk
Cybergladiators Crucial Store
Cydonia: Mars: The First Manned Mission DreamCatcher
Dangerous Dave Haunted Mansion SoftDisk
Dangerous Daves Risky Rescue SoftDisk
Dare to Dream Epic Classics
Dark Colony Sold Out Software
Dark Forces Lucas Arts
Darklands Ultimate Darklands
Dave Goes Nutz SoftDisk
Day of the Tentacle Lucas Arts
DC-3 Expansion Crucial Store
Death Rally 3D Realms
Deathtrap Dungeon Sold Out Software
Delta Force NovaLogic
Descent: Freespace Virgin Interactive
Diablo Blizzard
Die By The Sword Interplay - Rental
Die By The Sword & Limb From Limb Virgin Interactive
Dig Dug EB Games
Doom I & II ID Software
Duke Nukem 3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3D 3D Realms
Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium PAK! 3D Realms
Duke Nukem II 3D Realms
Dungeon Hack Interplay
Earthsiege 2 Crucial Store
Earthworm Jim Virgin Interactive
Electroman Epic Classics
Elvira Adventuresoft
Elvira 2 Adventuresoft
England & Wales Expansion Crucial Store
Epic Pinball Epic Classics
Exile II: Crystal Souls Spiderweb Software
Exile III: Ruined World Spiderweb Software
Exile: Escape from the Pit Spiderweb Software
Expendable Rage
Extreme Pinball Epic Classics
Eye of the Beholder Interplay
Eye of the Beholder II Interplay
Eye of the Beholder III Interplay
F-16 Multirole Fighter NovaLogic
F-22 Raptor NovaLogic
F1 Grand Prix Crucial Store
F1 Grand Prix Manager Crucial Store
Fallout Interplay
Fallout 2 Interplay
Feeble Files, The Adventuresoft
Fighter Pilot (Blue Pack) Electronic Arts
Final Doom ID Software
Flight Simulator '98 Microsoft
Football Pro 96 Crucial Store
Frontier: Elite 2 The Elite Club
Frontier: First Encounters The Elite Club
Full Throttle Lucas Arts
Galaga EB Software
Galaxian EB Software
Gangsters Eidos Interactive
Gateway to the Savage Frontier Interplay
Get Medieval Monolith
Ghost n' Goblins Capcom
Gods Crucial Store
Grand Theft Auto Sold Out Software
Haunted Hyjinx SoftDisk
Heartlight Epic Classics
Heretic ID Software
Heroes of Might and Magic 3DO
Heroes of Might and Magic II GOLD 3DO
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of ... 3DO
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession... 3DO
Hexen ID Software
Hexen II ID Software
Hidden Agenda Jim Gasperini
Hillsfar Interplay
Hocus Pocus 3D Realms
Hovertank 3D SoftDisk
Hugo Trilogy for Windows David Gray Associates
Hugos House of Horrors 2 David Gray Associates
Hugos House of Horrors 3 David Gray Associates
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream HERC Store
Inca II Crucial Store
Incoming Rage
Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures Lucas Arts
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Lucas Arts
International Rally Championship Crucial Store
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