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:: TITLE :: :: DESCRIPTION :: :: OS :: :: SIZE ::
WINRAR 3 (Shareware) allows to create, manage and check the compressed files Windows
970 Kb
TURBO lets you to slow the speed of your computer Windows
50.2 Kb
3D CONSTR. KIT 4 language avaiable: Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais Ms-Dos
521 Kb
CRACK 3.39 defeats various copy-protection MS-Dos
156 Kb
DOS BOOT if you don't have enough conventional memory, try this app MS-Dos
375 Kb
FAKE CD tool to simulate a CD-Rom from a special directory MS-Dos
5.4 Kb
GMOUSE Universal Mouse Driver MS-Dos
13 Kb
MO'SLO lets you to slow the speed of your computer MS-Dos
8.6 kb
RAW COPY defeats various copy-protections Ms-Dos
139 Kb
THE PATCHER 6.5 defeats various copy-protections MS-Dos
27.4 Kb
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