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Elettronica Avanzata - Advanced Electronics


From the master of innovation whose products for 30 years have been at the forefront of tecnological advance.


Only the size of a 10p coin, it offers the full performance of a VHF radio yet with its unique design fits discreetly in your ear.
From the master of innovation, comes an astonishing breakthrough in electronic miniaturisation - the Sinclair X1 Button Radio.
A receiver that fits snugly in your ear with state of the art circuitry that gives it a specification which will top radios many times its size.
The result of year of research using original Sinclair technology the X1 radio is unique, and in line with Sir Clive's wish to keep its price to under 30.00 Euro, it is only available direct from Standard Production.
Caratteristiche chiave di questa meraviglia della tecnologia sono:
- FM autoscan push button tuning
- FM frequency (88MHz - 108MHz)
- Built in aerial
- High quality ABS construction
- Weighs only half an ounce
- Hands-free operation
- Unique sure grip ear design
- Powered by a tiny lithium cell
- On/off button
- One year guarantee
- The size of a 10p coin

Fits comfortably in your ear

Tune in and listen

The X1 is totally hands free and has virtually no weight.
You can run, dance or pedal your bike without fear of the X1 getting in the way. Its unique sure-grip ear design will ensure it fits snugly and confortably in your ear at all times. Never again need you miss your favorite programme or live sports broadcasts. Ideal for all locations, it can be discreetly used in your car, on the train, bus or while you're at work, without the person next to you being aware.

You've never heard it so good
Powered by a tiny lithium cell which lasts in normal use for up to 12 months, (replacement batteries readily available in shops) the X1 uses push button autoscan touch tuning as found on expensive car radios. Simply push the button and it tunes automatically to the next station.

Use in anytime, anywhere, any activity

Sinclair X1 Button Radio

La radio più piccola del mondo con ricerca automatica FM
The world's smallest radio with FM auto scan

Prezzo Euro 30,00

Acquistare? Semplice. Pacchetto in 72 ore all'indirizzo indicatoci (Italia, via Cai Post)
inviare vaglia postale di euro40,00 (euro30,00+euro10,00 spese postali)
a: Standard Production - Via Borsieri,28 - 22100 Como
per altre informazioni tel 031261261 fax 031261622


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