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The truth machine............. who's telling the truth???

Who's lying and who's telling the truth. Truth seekers throughout the years have developed many methods to gauge a suspect's guilt or innocence. During the 1960s the American military sponsored research to develop a convert lie detector and some of the research was directed at detecting stress levels in voice.

In the mid seventies, American scientists developed the Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE) and the Voice Stress Analyzer (VSA). Today, Daka Research has taken these two prominent principles and developed the Truth.Machine. The Truth.Machine detects the resulting frequency modulation produced by micro tremors and at the same time it measures the amplitude of upper and lower sidebands from voice modulations. The result can be analyzed through the bar graph comparator as shown visually by a band of LED lights. The degree of detected tension from green (low), to yellow (medium), to red (high).

Although no machine can absolutely tell true from false, this interactive device is fascinating to watch as you engage in conversation through the day. You can even test it with TV personalities, actors in films, newscasters, politicians, your salesman and friends.

You can even test it with:

- TV personalities,
- actors in films,
- newscasters,
- politicians,
- your salesman,
- friends.

The Truth Machine Model No: 5065

- 18 LED bar graph comparator
- Istantaneous result indicator
- Auto sensitivity adjustment
- Use 9V battery (not included)
- Built-in phone tap capability
dimensions cm. 13x15,3x3

Always on Manager's Desk

Prezzo Euro 290,00

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a: Standard Production - Via Borsieri,28 - 22100 Como
per altre informazioni tel 031261261 fax 031261622


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