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You say cycling
should be effortless......


A decent bike, a good road, a fine morning - and cycling's just what it should be: effortless. But when the hills pile up, there's a headwind blowing, and you're tired, cycling can be downright hard work. That's when ZETA II makes all the difference. It's a near electric drive that fits your bike, and gives you instant power assistance. The latest version of the highly successful ZETA electric power unit from Sinclair Research, it's even easier to fit, costs even less and makes sure that cycling stays fun.

How ZETA II works

ZETA II consists of a rechargeable battery pack, which powers a lightweight motor unit over the front wheel. Touch a lever, and the unit pivots to bring a pulley-mounted belt into contact with the tyre. Press a switch, and the belt drives the wheel. This belt system, patented by Sir Clive Sinclair, dramatically increases drive power compared with a wheel-to-tyre drive. When you no longer need power assistance, a flick of the handlebar switch takes the belt out of contact with the tyre.

It's as simple as that.

The belt driving
the wheel

The power it gives you

Without any pedalling, ZETA II can zip you along at speeds up to 12.5 mph (20 kph). And - again without pedalling - it will take a typical cyclist along for about 5 miles.
But most people do pedal, of course, and than ZETA II typically carries you on for 10 or 15 miles.
Hills and headwinds make a difference, but ZETA II still does half the work required to carry a 10-stone person at 8 mph up a 1 in 12 hill. (That's a lot steeper than it sounds - try it without a ZETA and see!)
The sealed 12 V battery can be recharged around 500 times, which means a life of around 5 years. A spare costs only £30.
Security? The motor unit is moulded to take a D lock or a cable lock. You can unbuckle the battery bag and take it with you - it's very light. In fact, the battery and bag together weigh under 6 lb.

Neat battery bag
in position

Who can use it, and how to get it

ZETA II is a huge help for commuters and every-day cyclists - particulary on the way home, when a little power assistance is often welcome.
It's also great for family riding, and it's quite legal for anybody aged over 14: no road licence, tax or insurance required.
But because ZETA II is fun, it's actually a product for anyone with a bike, and anyone who wants a bike.

Quite simply, it adds a new dimension to cycling.

Front hub struts
and retaining bolt

From Sinclair Research...

power assistance for cyclists

How to fit your ZETA II
ZETA II fits almost any kind bike (even folding bikes), with a wheel size that falls between 16 in and 27 in.
All you need is a bike spanner, and screwdrivers.
You buckle your battery pack to the frame.

You fits a strut at each front hub and secure the motor with a bolt through the hole at the top of your forks (or the bold that holds your brakes). A handlebar clip holds the unit clear of the wheel until the lever lowers it to make contact.
Your bike shop can fix it for you, but doing it yourself takes about 20 minutes. Honestly!

Prezzo Euro 390,00

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