Concert Tour 2001

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David Lo's Report Part 2

31st March, 2001 (con'd)

  • The second evening's concert opened at 8:40pm. The stage set and the band's wardrobe were identical to previous evening's concert. In between songs, people from the audience would shout "Tama-chan" to the stage. In return, Tamaki would answer back in cat call. I shouted Takezawa's name, too. However, the stage lighting was too dark so I am not sure if he heard me. There were two songs' arrangement that are slightly different from the previous night.(*1) Other than that, the concert was pretty much like the evening before.

    1st April, 2001

  • I ate and drank until 5am. Although I got practically wasted, I woke up not long after I dozed off, knowing Tamaki et al. would be leaving Naeba today. I hung out at the lobby for a bit. Then, at 11:20am, Noriyuki Takahashi was the first to emerge, followed by Takezawa, Yahagi and a few people from BMG Funhouse.(*2) Just as I was wondering about Tamaki, he came through the crew's exit to the tour bus. I rushed towards the tour bus, along with others, to bid farewell. Everyone in the bus (Tamaki, Ando, Yahagi & Takezawa) waved goodbye to us. Then, the bus started moving. By the time the bus was about to make its first turn (about 50 meters from us), Tamaki and everyone else in the bus all turned around and waved to us again.

  • See you soon, Koji Tamaki.

    ****End of David's Naeba report****


  • *1: In David's original Chinese manuscript, he did not clearly identify the names of the two songs. From the Chinese characters he wrote, I could deduce one of the songs being "Samishinbou" (Nisemono, track 8). As to the second song, David wrote the Kanji "Boku" being the partial title. Well, from what I understand, "Boku Rawa" was not in the Naeba set list. And there is not a song in the set list that has the Kanji "Boku" in the song title. Due to the very cryptic nature of the original manuscript, and the fact that David is unreachable by phone, I had not been able to confirm exactly what are the two songs. Therefore, I decided to leave them unspecified.

  • *2: The whereabouts of Nobuyuki Takahashi and Carlos Kanno were not mentioned. It is quite possible that David lost his marbles when Takezawa and Yahagi showed up, subsequently turning himself into a state of hysteria (which is not very difficult to imagine, haha!) and missing the two band members altogether. Can anyone who went to Naeba confirm this? You can email me privately about it. Hahaha!

    Translator's epilogue

  • Since it was written in a rather cryptic form, translating David's report posed quite a challenge to me. While I tried hard to translate David's report into something coherent, I am sure some of the essence of David's sentiments were lost in the translation.

  • There are various parts of David's report that I omitted. The events and names were omitted since either they were irrelevant to the concert itself or there was simply not enough details. However, David's nagging of my giving him incorrect information about Tokyo's weather conditions (ad nauseam) remained pretty much intact (well, I did "sanitize" it by taking out the profanities used there and elsewhere in the report!). At any rate, I hope you enjoyed reading the report.


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    Written by David Lo and translated by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: September 24, 2001
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